Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekly July 12

The Moon is void of course from 7:48 am to 8:53 and then in optimistic, fun seeking Leo for two whole days.  All the Moon's planetary action indicates an easygoing day.  The Leo Moon works with Uranus in Aries for newness and surprises.  Let go of control and expectations to enjoy this most!  The Moon/Jupiter action is adventurous, open minded and favors expansion and good times!  Both of those planets are in Aries, the first sign, and first tries, new experiences and beginner's luck are in the air!  Sagittarius will be in a "go for it" sort of mood, and Gemini will make new friends quickly and easily.  Tonight the Moon and Mercury meet for a very outgoing, expressive attitude.  This happens in Leo, so Leo is the center of attention, but Cancer is favored for new work and in money matters.  Libra, surround yourself with Leos and other fun people tonight!  There are still lots of adjustments and a-ha moments happening as a result of that eclipse. Keeping an optimistic, action oriented attitude is the best plan! Be assertive today. Wear gold.

The Leo Moon sails smoothly with no interruptions or obstacles! Leo is about children, learning, creativity, and fun! Mercury is also in Leo reminding us to show and develop our talents! It's a great time to take up an instrument, sport, or craft.  Mercury in Leo is also expressive and acts and speaks from the heart.  Leo is good at this anyway, but particularly right now.  Gemini, it's a good time for you to write, draw up a contract, or send invitations.  Aquarius, communication in your long term partnerships in both love and business is very important this month.  Venus in Virgo is in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn and there will be lots of negotiating between partners. Taking a practical, realistic stance is favored.  Virgo, as you host Venus, be gracious and fair. You may find yourself needing extra tactfulness in complex situations.  Cancer, remember that this is a time of change as a result of the eclipse. Don't lose sight of what you want or be distracted from your goals.  Tonight is free and clear for fun and games. Wear purple.

The Moon moves from Leo to Virgo at 9:15 am after approximately 3 void of course hours early on.  Between 6 and 9 allow yourself a slow, easy transition time if possible. At least, put off any promises.  The Moon opposite Neptune puts us in a fog and makes the truth elusive this morning.  Don't be overly trusting.  The Moon works with Pluto for a continuation of reality checks in relationships and partnerships. Also double check facts and data before decisions today.  In the evening, the Moon meets Venus which is good for getting along and favors romance and friendship for Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces, and Taurus. This also includes those with those Moon signs since the Moon often draws us to those we connect with most! Wear navy blue.

The Virgo Moon met Venus last night and connects with Mars today! This indicates, for one thing, an eventful time in  relationships. With the eclipses propelling us, many will make relationship changes and have important realizations now.  Virgo is a mutable sign so a go with the flow attitude is good, but today is also about being pro-active, not passive.  Virgo should feel energized to take action in relationships that need direction, an ending or beginning.  The Moon also harmonizes with the Sun in Cancer for a caring attitude without being a pushover.  Finding that middle ground between understanding and drawing the line is in the forecast. Pisces, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn are likely to be feeling this.  Aries, motivation for work and work-outs is likely for you and routine may feel really good.  Today and tonight, aim for decisive moves, practical and productive steps, and a relaxed but focused approach.  It's not a bad night out, but it might make more sense to get work done.  Wear black.

The Moon meets Saturn in Virgo for a strong reminder about responsibilities this morning.  Put business first along with a health conscious attitude.  The Moon is void of course for only about half an hour from 9:46 to 10:24 am and shifts to Libra then.  Two oppositions and a square indicate plenty to be worked on and figured out.  A fair, balanced approach including equal time and division of labor will be helpful.  Being at odds will not be uncommon, and Libra and Aries are in the midst of that action.  Capricorn, deal with your career and the roles you must play or obligation you must fulfill.  It's a bit serious and potentially stressful for a Friday.  100% effort and willingness to compromise will yield the best outcomes.Wear lavender.

The Libra Moon is in harmony with Mercury in Leo. Festivities are well timed! We'll want to relax, meet people, connect with friends and have fun! Both signs enjoy clothing and other adornments so it's a good day to shop, make-up or dress to stand out!  Do something nice for yourself, and do accept invitations!  Best friends, couples and other twos are favored. Don't be a third wheel if you can help it. It's a great date night! Wear pink.

The Moon and Neptune start us in a foggy or romantic mood. Forgetting about problems for a while is likely this morning. Take a slow, easygoing approach to the day and avoid big decisions.  The Moon is void of course from 10:26 am to 1:42 pm then moves on to Scorpio. We might obsess more or feel anxious as the day goes on. Old problems resurface and things are likely to weigh heavily on our minds as the Moon and Pluto align. Leaving the past in the past is the best idea right now.  We're meant to be moving forward not backwards as a result of the New Moon last Sunday and the recent eclipses. Scorpio Moon time can pull us down. Try to channel that emotion into friendship, love or creativity. Avoid dwelling on things that haven't worked out, and move ahead with focus.  Wear indigo blue.

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