Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly July 26th

Today might feel a little wacky with Mercury opposite Neptune and Saturn opposite Uranus. It might be hard to determine which end is up! The Aquarius Moon was Full last night and lots of changes and news continue to develop!  Have vision and try to ride the waves!  Leo and Aquarius, Mercury opposite Neptune energizes your relationships and sparks romance and other chemistry!  However make sure you're saying what you really mean and avoid misunderstandings!  Aries and Libra, you might feel more chaotic and rattled. The pressure is on and you may want to get out of a "hot kitchen". The Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Aries are very optimistic for new endeavors and favor the fire signs most! Sagittarius, you may like this as much as your Leo and Aries friends and collaborators!  Gemini is in an expressive mood today and while Mercury and the Sun are in Leo!  We might not believe what we hear come out of some people's mouths today, but it could be entertaining! Try to act with honesty and integrity! Tonight, act on an impulse if you're feeling lucky!  Wear turquoise today.

Mercury moves to Virgo today, and the Moon meets Neptune in Aquarius.  All of this can confuse communication and create a "foggy" atmosphere. That's nice if romance is involved, but it's not great if you're trying to make a practical, informed decision or do business.  The more you can keep today relaxed and free of long term implications, the better!  When Mercury changes signs, it's best not to make a big decision.Information and perspective changes in the days ahead! Neptune and the Moon combine for  creativity, vision, and a dreamy atmosphere.  Friendship and the dynamic between us is enhanced, but don't ask for commitments or expect the whole truth and nothing but!  The air and fire signs like this for social plans, dates, and love lives in general. That's Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius.  Tonight is a great night for music, film or some other kind of escape from the usual!  Wear blue.

The Moon is void of course from 11:47 pm Tuesday to 4 am EST. The overnight, or those hours in your time zone, are spacey and may seem strange or confusing. Keep your wits about you. The Pisces Moon is opposite Mercury in Virgo today, and the tendency is to be critical or overstep boundaries. In truth, a laid back approach is called for, but do have clear limits and boundaries in situations where you need them!  The Moon works with Pluto and we draw upon our reserves of emotional or creative energy. It might be hard to harness energy and motivate, but it can be done, step by step. Try not to be overwhelmed before you begin!  The Pisces Moon helps us empathize with others and helping out is favored but doing things FOR other people is not as good as showing, collaborating or pitching in!  Taurus, you may realize your limits with a friend!  Scorpio, it's a good day for you to be on vacation or have a "field trip"!  Tonight is more about close friends than bigger gatherings. Wear green.

Mars moves to Libra, an interesting spot for the warrior planet! Libra is about peace and balance. Mars will meet Saturn on Saturday and oppose planets in Aries in the next few days.  Justice is the goal and me first versus we, together, is one of the issues or challenges.  In the wake of a Sunday Full Moon, partnership challenges and reevaluations are ongoing and further fueled by this Libra activity!  The Moon is in Pisces. Keep very good boundaries.  Show compassion.  The danger is getting sucked into drama that is not your own.  Know your limits and stick to them!  The Moon is opposite Venus in Virgo and there are lots of conflicting pulls and energies in the air today and tonight too!  Flexibility helps. Take a fair, reasonable approach.  Arts and musical events are favored and the creative energy is flowing. Wear pink.

The Moon is in Pisces void of course until 4:42 pm EST, and the heavens are full of oppositions! This does increase the chance we find ourselves in conflict and the need for compromise is strong. It's equally strong to just go your own way and not engage in situations that seem futile or negative. Try to put off decisions and lay low today until at least 4:42 pm.  The Moon moves to Aries then.  Let's focus on the good stuff!  Mercury aligns with Pluto in the earth signs favoring practical problem solving.  Virgo and Capricorn, you host this action.  Tonight the Moon meets Jupiter in Aries for new starts, high energy and potentially good fortune! Sagittarius, Gemini and Leo enjoy this along with Aries! Wear red.

Mars meets Saturn in Libra. This is an intense conjunction between the warrior planet and the planet of structure and challenge.  In Libra, the big ideas are justice, fairness and balance especially between partners, and legal matters.  It's time to take a look at what's unjust or one sided and try to make things right.  This meeting is not your usual, everyday astrological action and it may seem serious or just plain difficult. The effects last far beyond today.  On the upside, the Moon and Sun energize us in Aries and Leo, lending some optimism and encouraging fun and good times for those of us not in the midst of the upheaval.  Those of us who can support and give good advice may need to be available and give out some positivity!  Wear yellow.

The Moon is in Aries in harmony with Neptune in Aquarius. Friendship and new alliances make today enjoyable. It's not a great day for serious business, but a day of fun and games.  Imagination is inspired.  The Moon is void of course at 11:55 pm EST. Wear orange.

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