Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekly July 19

The Scorpio Moon aligns with Venus in Virgo.  Attention to the fine points and details and a creative edge is in the forecast. Get creative with things that could otherwise be mundane.  Doing skilled work, making things more beautiful, or even getting creative with finances is favored!  The Scorpio Moon is buoyed by Venus, feeling lighter than some other Scorpio Moon times. Dealing with relationships can be easier. If you're in love, especially new love, the connection is very strong especially for Taurus and anyone with strong Scorpio or Virgo influence in their chart.  In our work lives, the Scorpio Moon provides focus. It's looking like a pretty good Monday.  The Moon is square to Mercury in Leo tonight. This can make it hard to make decisions, particularly with strong personalities involved.  However, the creative tension can produce great things if you put lots of effort in and have patience with each other.  If you have social plans tonight, you may notice people are a little bit moody. Sagittarius might need happy, fun friends to pull him or her out of a mood.  Scorpio and Cancer are likely to want company.  Leo, there could be a bit of tension at home, but it's nothing you can't manage.  Wear maroon.

The Moon is in Scorpio until 7:48 pm EST. If you need to focus and finish up something, close the door and shut out distractions! The Moon is energized by both Mars and the Sun for taking action and making solid moves.  It's a good day to work on either personal or business interests.  Neptune is the only planet that could mix things up a bit, with half truths or secrets.  It might be hard to tell if someone is being honest. Don't blindly follow.  Tonight the Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries fire things up with surprises, adventures, and new experiences!  Fire signs and air signs are all systems go!  Leo and Gemini won't be able to resist a night out, and Aries and Sag make perfect companions if you're in an adventurous mood.  Wear purple.

Today is about movement! No slouching or procrastinating! Saturn moves back into Libra after months of retrograde and then more Virgo time.  Saturn in Libra is discerning, has good and balanced judgment, and urges us to do the fair thing. This may impact Libra most, along with those near or in Saturn return time (age 28/9 to 30 in particular).  It's an outer planet so the influence is more long acting and not just about now.  You may find yourself revisiting some things from last fall or winter now.  Consider this a chance to make different decisions or move on. Virgo, you may be relieved to see Saturn leave your sign!  This planet can be quite a challenge!  Sagittarius Moon pushes for action and fun today, but there's also a philosophical influence in the air with the Moon trine to Jupiter in Aries.  We're still urged toward the new over anything old or past its time.  Try something on for size! No commitments are necessary, just play with ideas and go with the flow.  Tonight the Moon is a little bit out of sorts with Venus, and what's most likely is one friend or partner wanting to venture into new territory or desiring more freedom while the other wants to hold back.  Try not to be too critical and give each other space.  Wear red.

The Moon is in Sagittarius  in harmony with Venus in Leo.  Both are fire signs, craving excitement and activity.  Networking, travel and social plans are favored. Take a field trip or do something fun. Plan good times with friends and meet new people too. It's also a good day to learn and try something new. The Full Moon warm up is on by tonight, and the Sun moves to Leo at 6:21 pm EST.  Mars is in a confrontational spot in Virgo. If you don't have work done you'll be hearing about it. Though we are also likely to battle with ourselves over imperfections.  Try to take it easy. Cancer, gifts or other good things are likely to come your way! Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra and Leo, you're totally in your element.  It's the beginning of Leo birthdays. Wear gold.

The Moon moves to Capricorn at 4:38 am EST, and it's a very busy day in the zodiac.  The Sun, newly in Leo, connects with Uranus in Aries which is nothing less than combustible! We're close to the Full Moon so reverberation (feedback possibly!) from last month's lunar eclipse is in the air! This means change, upheaval, and also progress if you can let it happen! Go forward not back now before Mercury retrograde starts its' impact in mid August!  The Moon meets Pluto for potential resolution of emotional issues, and since this is in Capricorn, take an orderly approach.  Scorpio, this implies communication in both (or either) your personal and professional life.  Capricorn, you are right if it seems like one thing after another in your world.  Ease into things, but don't fight the current.  Cancer, relationship things are up for discussion again.  Tonight it might be hard to get in exactly that right mood to party or even relax! If you do go out take it easy with the Full Moon making some of us edgy or anxious.  Saturday may be the better night if you are choosing one or the other for plans.  Wear black.

The Moon is in Capricorn, nearly Full.  Jupiter is square to Pluto in Capricorn, and power struggles can be the result!  The whole idea is to make progress, but traditional versus new and improved points of view square off!  Business will be difficult but not impossible to negotiate.  In personal relationships, Venus is more easygoing in harmony with the Capricorn Moon.  Couples making practical plans and decisions are favored. It's also nice for social plans especially for Pisces, Virgo, and Taurus.  Tonight we're in the Full Moon zone for sure. It's exact at 9:37 pm EST Sunday night.  Keep a clear head. The effects of last month's late June eclipse vibrate again, and can range widely! Capricorn and Cancer this affects you  most directly, however with a Full Moon in Aquarius coming, Leo and Aquarius are also feeling the tide come in! Wear green.

The Moon is void of course in Capricorn from 10:20 am to 3:38 pm EST. It's a good time to lay low, take it easy, do routine work, or goof off completely.  Don't take on major decisions yet!  The Moon is Full in Aquarius tonight.  It's the sign that brings us together, in groups we belong to and in our "communities" whatever type they might be.  Like minded people can really connect strongly around a cause, a commitment, or even for friendship with this Full Moon.  The Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries shines light on all that is new, and in the wake of last month's lunar eclipse, moving ahead (not back) is the idea!  In some cases we may feel there is no choice and in others, we should make decisions in our best interests and the interests of a lrger group as well.  Trying to hold onto things the way they were is like fighting the current!  Tonight's Full Moon has beautiful aspects compared to June's Capricorn Moon and the harder angles that accompanied it.  Enjoy good things! From the company you keep to the prosperity you've created to the open mindedness and joy of friends!  Wear white.

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