Saturday, July 10, 2010

Solar Eclipse July 11, 2010

Solar eclipses explode with the energy of New Moons, propelling us forward, drawing upon the fire of the Sun!  Leo properties are activated and may include changes in relationships or circumstances with fathers or other male figures in our lives.  In tarot, the qualities of Sun and Strength characterize solar eclipse activity. Strength manifests if you're wrestling the beast that once again rears it's head. Trying to master or gain control over a recurring pattern, trait, or enemy is the theme of Strength.  The Sun, in contrast, is about good times and self expression.  A well aspected solar eclipse might trigger some child-like joy and get you out of a boring rut.  This solar eclipse is also fed by fiery Mars, so inactivity is not an option! Get ready to move on things. However this eclipse differs as it occurs in the Moon's home sign Cancer.  Yes, this month it's really all about the Moon.

Your Moon sign is your sub-concious, intuition, child like side, dreams and desires.  The Moon can also represent fears, anxieties, confusion, and latent traits.  Sometimes it's the side of yourself you keep hidden.  The things you don't say, the ideas you express through your art, music or poetry, the connections you feel with "the other side" and your ancestors.  Sometimes the Moon represents parts of yourself you're not even really aware of, the themes that surface only in dreams.  This particular solar eclipse in Cancer pushes forth all the the qualities of the Moon!

Feelings, instincts, and our most psychic selves activate! It will become impossible to ignore those deep undercurrents you try to push down, as if to keep them underwater. Eclipses can be very unsettling since they push for change. Let that happen naturally. Don't fight the currents.  Cancer eclipses are connected to our families and homes.  Dealing with family issues will be common this summer, and the pull toward childhood homes and people and places from the past could be undeniable (whether by choice or by circumstantial events).

Be "in" or "with" the Moon in the weeks ahead.  Let yourself sleep and dream, express through art, and expect that you may feel very sensitive to situations and the environment around you. Make your home feel comfortable or search for a new one now!  Fighting changes brought on by eclipses only means revisiting them later. Mars in Virgo favors a practical, pro-active attitude instead!

Some themes by sign include:

Cancer-self and individuality vs. relationship, change in appearance, image and how you feel
Leo-dreams, imagination, slowing down, taking care of your health and well being
Virgo-active participation, friendships, wishes, social life
Libra-how others see you, how you present your self and your strengths, career moves
Scorpio-opportunities, re-examining philosophies of life, reason to travel or entertain new ideas
Sagittarius-financial partnerships, psychic intuitions, passions, privacy
Capricorn-relationships, adversaries, dealing with personal issues
Aquarius-changes in routine, taking care of health, work and productivity
Pisces-romance, luck, wheel of fortune
Aries-family, home, changes of residence, people coming and going
Taurus-communication, short term travel, family visits, time away
Gemini-work, money, financial dealings, acquiring possessions, selling or trading

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