Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekly June 7th

Mars moves to Virgo after many months in Leo! Mars in Virgo activates our practical nature and acts to organize, analyze, and produce.  There's a trend toward perfectionism, attention to details, and also a certain amount of judgmental behavior that goes with this.  Fine tuning and doing things that serve order and serve others is in the forecast for the weeks from now until July 29th.  Leo this activates your work life and money making may seem very important now.  Cancer, you may feel like both writing and traveling more but need to be careful not to be too outwardly critical of others and their work.  Virgo, sexual chemistry is strong when Mars is in your sign and you should use your physical body more and not live in your head this summer. Start exercising and moving!  Today the Moon is in Aries, Mars' home sign. It's an active, dynamic, competitive day.  It's a day to be busy, not bored or unproductive.  The Moon and Sun work together for confidence and good judgment.  Tonight the Moon is square to Venus in Cancer and there's likely to be a conflict of interests between home and adventure, traditions vs. the lure of the new.  Family obligations may seem problematic to the fire signs and relationship expectations an issue for Capricorn and Libra.  Wear black.

The Moon is in Aries and Jupiter meets Uranus starting off today with a bang! It is a time of great discoveries and breakthrough and we'll notice this world wide as well as in our personal lives. Resistance to change is most likely a waste of energy and everything points toward the new and uncharted.  The Moon moves to Taurus, a sign that often resists change, in the late morning.  Today is full of different pushes and pulls some of which may seem to be in conflict with each other. The best way to approach all of this is to harness strong energy that pushes you forward or helps structure life changes. Today is about progress and persistence, but also about getting out of a stubborn rut.  Breakthrough can often mean breakups and breaking things down.  Decide what's right for yourself and follow your passions.  Jupiter and Uranus in Aries is opening doors, is a huge burst of fire that can finally motivate or initiate where things have been unclear or stagnant.  Feel the rebellious streak! Wear red.

The Moon is in Taurus and Mercury in Taurus squares Neptune in Aquarius. A challenge to our ideals is in the forecast today. This is a time of rethinking and changing courses. Taurus Moon likes to do this in a methodical way, with few surprises.  Jupiter and Uranus have really stirred things up! Think bigger! And more inventive! This is about brilliance and enormity. Globally huge shifts are likely but the effect will last many months so it's not all at once.   We may hear about scientific breakthroughs and discoveries with enormous impact.  Perhaps there will be an unforeseen way to deal with the oil spill crisis! We can only hope! This conjunction is hopeful, but we have to be willing to change and accept new things.  Innovation and invention are key words now.  With the Taurus Moon, take a steady approach, but avoid closing your  mind to things that seem unfamiliar.  Assimilate the new into your routine.  Wear blue today.

This is a very busy day in the zodiac! The constant is change! Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, moves to Gemini. Who needs a new vehicle? Cars and bikes and other modes of transport as well as new phone plans and other gadgets that help us keep in touch or communicate will be very attractive to us for the next few weeks.  Gemini and Aries may especially be ready for this!  Many planets are involved in today's action but Mercury is the mover and shaker so Gemini will be a leader and instigator today.  The Moon starts in Taurus, is void of course from 3:51 to 6:11 pm EST and then in the sign Gemini for two days. Resistance to change may melt away or turn to excitement tonight! Convince someone to make a change for the better! Present the positive side of change.  Taurus, changes in work are in your forecast.  Leo, new friendships may be part of the picture for you.  Libra and Aquarius will appreciate new friends and opportunities for travel and other changes of scenery.  Cancer you will appreciate some calm and quiet.  Wear yellow.

The Moon is in busy Gemini. Sometimes all the activity of Gemini Moon time makes us jittery! Mercury and Mars are out of sync with each other and our brains and bodies may give  us very different messages! Do you need to work or have fun? Take a carefree road trip or sit down and figure out something practical?  Mars in Virgo and Moon in Gemini may cause us to over-analyze things.  Today's downfalls are anxiety and over thinking.  There's a duality about the day. Weigh pros and cons and take a path. You can always change your mind tomorrow when the Moon is New! Leave that option open! Rethinking and changing course is not a bad idea since major retrogrades are out of the way for now.  Sagittarius and Gemini rethinking your life and your relationships is natural now.  Leo and Aries will thirst very much for adventures and fun!  Cancer, think before you speak and do leave lots of room to change your mind! Cancer might prefer a quieter night and Capricorn, work may really be necessary before you can have any fun.  Wear pink today.

The New Moon in Gemini arrives at 7:15 am. It's a decision making day. The Moon and Sun together should help us feel confident about changes.  Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Virgo are in harmony providing some structure and resolutions in relationships. It's practical more than romantic however.  The Moon forms aspects with a variety of planets today, and the tone of the day is very changeable. Leave yourself flexibility with plans.  Step into new situations knowing both sides or the story and form your own opinions.  This is a good day for a new car, bike, cell phone, or computer, but this is not the only day to take action on that! Investigate some options and do it in the next two weeks when the Moon is not in void of course hours. The Moon is void of course from 7:35 pm to 9:50 pm before moving into Cancer.  Tonight could be a bit confusing. Don't commit or take unnecessary chances then.  Wear white.

The Moon is in Cancer. It's a home and family oriented day.  The Moon is opposite Pluto and family situations may need to be confronted or brought out in the open.  Otherwise, cooking, planting, enjoying the water and the outdoors, or time with those closest to us is time well spent.  Gemini and Sagittarius, be conservative and thoughtful in business and money matters.  Libra and Scorpio, make some future plans and look into new possibilities.  We're powered by the New Moon and so change and progress are favored.  Wear light blue.

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