Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly May 31

The Moon is in Capricorn in harmony with Jupiter and Saturn. This is good for either work or play. If you have to do business today has a nice aspect for prosperity and ambition. In fact it might be worth putting some time into a money making endeavor or personal project. Now with Saturn direct in Virgo organization and getting back to things may be easier than in any month so far this year!  Overall today's energy is practical, traditional and fairly easygoing.  Wear brown.

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 1:08 am. It's a forward thinking time and a day to make things happen.  Group and community efforts are favored by the Aquarius Moon. Collaborate and share vision and ideas.  The Moon is working with Aquarius's ruling planet Uranus newly in Aries. It's action strating and rebels against the normal or outworn. Fresh new inspiration is in the forecast! Uranus in Aries shakes things up and looks for originality, and in harmony with Aquarius Moon gives Aquarius unique ability to communicate and create compelling writing or ad campaigns (for example). Aries and Libra,  you may connect with unique, new friends.  Taurus, use this as a career day, to plan and take actions that propel you forward.  Wear brightest blues today.

The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with the Sun in Gemini, both air signs ruling the mind! Our brains are firing at high speed today (or should be!).  New ideas are plentiful! Decide which ones to act on. Use an objective and creative point of view, blending both sides of the brain. Aquarius tends to be good at this!  The Moon is square to Mercury and we may need to work hard at convincing others around us about any changes being made.  Gemini is favored for the job of persuading and coaxing.  Capricorn, it's a business day for you. Have good work ethic.  Today is also very social, for both meeting new people and reconnecting or establishing business partnerships. Communicating is the key, so don't keep it all to yourself and don't assume.  Wear yellow.

The Moon starts out in Aquarius. Collaborating, thinking and acting objectively, and being part of group efforts is favorable this morning. Decide or act before 10:56 am. It may not be entirely easy with the Moon opposite Mars in Leo. The tug o'war is whether to act in your own best interests or whether to consider the global effect and impact on other people. The Moon is void of course then and we tend to lose track of good judgement and daydream for a couple of hours. The Moon moves to Pisces at 1:32 pm and the mood is likely to shift too. We'll become  more enveloped in personal concerns and emotional situations with others. Tonight the Moon is in harmony with Mercury in Taurus and the people in our lives and plans we need to make with them become high priority.  Heart to hearts happen tonight. Wear green.

The Moon is in Pisces square to the Sun in Gemini. Mars is opposite Neptune in Leo and Aquarius.  Neptune is the planet of dreams, wishes and water and is Pisces ruling planet. How to act without stepping on someone else's toes and without raining on someone else's parade is the question today. Change is both favored and resisted!  Energy concentrated in the mutable and fixed signs suggests struggle, working through, and complications.  Today can be very creative! But there's a challenge to the norm and a potential shattering of ideals.  Be ready to adjust accordingly.  The less scheduled the better. We need a little room to move. Leo and Aquarius, unrealistic expectations of your significant other will only be frustrating.  Tonight, keep good boundaries with anyone who tends to overstep them. Wear blue today.

The weekend is packed with astrological action in the form of sign changes and conjunctions in Pisces and Aries.  The Pisces Moon in harmony with Venus in Cancer pulls us toward family and other people we care alot about today. It can be sentimental or romantic, and either way is likely to activate emotions! The Moon also works with Mercury helping with plans and resolutions. It's a good day to have a heart to heart, talk things out,  and write or make agreements.  It's a good day for a date or time with family and friends.  The Moon opposes Saturn in Virgo later and finding flexibility and structure both is called for! So it's not about giving in to one side, but about making things work on both sides, with balance.  Correct imbalances in relationships. Avoid being one sided or expecting someone else to shoulder all the responsibility.  If you can't find that balance, it could be time to end a relationship.  Pisces Moon time can be too forgiving, hoever today Saturn plants a firm "No". Learn that word if necessary.  If you live in Pacific time, tomorrow's forecast is relevant too since there's lot of action on this overnight. Today's color is light blue.

The Moon moves right into Aries with only a minute of down time, at 1:50 am EST.  The Moon meets Jupiter at the tail end of Pisces. It's a creative, potentially prosperous conjunction that also activates strong emotions.  Jupiter then moves to Aries, following the Moon, at 2:29 am. The Moon also meets Uranus overnight, less than an hour later.  This conjunction is fiery and rebellious. It's a very volatile meeting, attempting to overthrow and change everything!  Power plays and struggles play out this weekend, and Aries is at the center of the action.  Scorpio and Capricorn coul dbe a big part of this too as Pluto squares the Moon and both are looking for domination, change and groundbreaking, which usually involves running over someone else or overriding someone's else's opinion or agenda.  Challenges, tests, an battles of will are in the forecast. But if you are free of anyone interfering or contesting your will, exciting change is in the air!  Wear red.

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