Sunday, June 6, 2010

The June Stream

You are about to get a very stream of conscious, non consecutive view of June 2010. On the cusp of an overseas trip this week, I'm feeling the urge to tell you more while also feeling a little bit of "attention deficit disorder" distracting me from the consecutive or sign by sign forecast you might expect.

June is a VERY significant month this year that will bring huge and unexpected changes, discoveries and opportunities! We will all be impacted since much of this will affect us globally through scientific breakthroughs, inventions, and more than likely, rebellions.  Jupiter and Uranus meet in Aries on June 8th for the first time since 1927! July 15th of 1927 to be exact.  The majority of people alive today were not even on earth then, and those who were probably don't remember much about that time.

So here's what's up. Jupiter and Uranus. both newly in Aries, erupt like a volcano on the 8th.  Aries, woohooo! I hope you wanted a huge shift because it's happening in your sign and there is no escaping!  It's exciting if you don't mind being unprepared, surprised, and possibly thrown off balance.  Catch your breath and go with it because the effects are long lasting. For all signs, this is not about one day but about events that begin new trends, pioneer new territory and ways of being. Changing everything. 

Jupiter is luck and prosperity. growth and philosophy, spirituality and expansion. Uranus is a rebel, an over thrower, and completely original and maybe unorthodox.  Rulers of Sagittarius and Aquarius, respectively.  For Aquarius, communication and entirely new learning, marketing, and travel opportunities are sparked! Sagittarius, you love Aries energy. It's lucky and often brings love and important new friends in your realm! With a Gemini New Moon this makes love even more likely and more in favor whether you're single or attached! Jupiter is you in your element, traveling the world and gaining higher education and knowledge through life experiences!  June signals a great new trend for you Sagittarius, and also for you with Sagittarius as your rising sign.

Getting back to Aquarius, you will experience this in similar ways, but maybe more in the form of friends who lead you to big opportunities or lovers that you connect with because of projects or collaborations you have in common.  The fire and air signs, including Leo and Libra can expect both love and options opening in dramatic and unusual ways! 

Gemini, you have the added element of a New Moon on June 12th, urging change and new experiences for you! You can use this New Moon energy to shift courses, start a new career or make a change in your appearance or image.  It's a chameleon of a New Moon, making it easier to alter things, and in harmony with imaginative Neptune, assuring that you won't fall back on the ordinary, but will aim for the stars or for far away places or your most creative possibility! Tap into your dreams and follow a romantic impulse in the month to come.

Cancer and Capricorn, do not feel left out!  The first of two eclipses in a series that began last July, occurs with the Full Moon of the 26th. Honestly, it's a difficult, tumultuous eclipse, but the long term aspects are changes that were inevitable.  Pluto is involved and Jupiter is not in sync with this Capricorn eclipse, so the future of long term plans and partnerships, both love and financial, are in the balance.  Both signs will continue to experience changes through July and into August. There's not much you can do to prepare or direct the events of an eclipse. Just hang on and ride it out, making any necessary choices as the time comes. Expect old ghosts to reappear, truths to come to light, and very direct reasons to take things in new directions.

On the upside, for you two, the Jupiter/Uranus conjuction brings great opportunities especially in Cancer's career and public life, and the effects will last for years! Present yourself as an innovator and trail blazer, Cancer!  You could be the next president of your company or the next big star of stage or screen, or an important authority in your field after this June 8th "big bang".

Capricorn, you may have a reason to pick up and move, and it's not unlikely that will be for a career opportunity! However it could also be a sudden deal that's too good to pass up or an event in your family life that causes this to occur. Regardless, keep your home and family a priority and be assured you will end up exactly where you belong!  Sometimes we have to be shaken up before we can settle down, and this is the Capricorn effect of this Aries activity! June is a pivotal month for you Capricorn, and July will bring the follow up news.

Who hasn't been mentioned? Let's take a look.

Taurus: Unusual and interesting opportunities are in the forecast for Bulls. However, expect to work in a very solitary manner, perhaps unready to bring your news to the forefront as you refine and change things.  The June 8th conjunction in Aries could be a major breakthrough for your career, but you need to follow creative ideas and carve out time and space for uninterrupted work.  Add fire to what's been slowly simmering.  Uranus rules your career sector and Jupiter, your financial partnerships as well as higher powers that guide you.  Get in a flow. Expect some disruptions especially with situations regarding law and finances at eclipse time June 26th. There's a reality check in the air then and it won't be easy for any sign.  The more you can have finances and partnership ventures orderly and organized the better.  Meddling from family, more likely extended family such as in laws can be expected and unwelcome.  The July 11th eclipse will follow up late June events, which are mostly out of your control.  The planets are angry at eclipse time. You may feel the same, and you may need to express that to a partner.  Leaving this on an up note, your endeavors are so strongly sparked this month, there will be no distracting you for very long from what's burning bright this summer.

Leo: You got a brief mention, but the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction cannot be underestimated! It's excitement, opportunity and reason to explore the world. Venus will also move to your sign, creating sparks in your love life and boosting your magnetism and creativity! You are entirely  in your element with all except the June eclipse which may create obstacles and issues at work, but not enough to bring your down or take you off course for long. Let the earth and water signs battle it out and keep your Leo power and charm on full tilt no matter what they do or say!

Virgo: Of all signs, I think you will be okay with the somewhat ugly June 26th eclipse. I think you will see events for what they are and maybe will even feel like saying "I told you so! All of you!" It's enough removed from you and still in your earth element that you may see "the forest for the trees" and be able to let things take their course. If you are in relationship or close with Capricorn or Cancer you may take a bit more of the brunt.  The Aries conjunction on June 8th could benefit you financially or disrupt your financial partnerships.  One thing you can expect is any joint ventures, personal or business, will change greatly and forever.  More financial independence is likely and may come in ways you had never expected! Good luck!

Libra: Libra, you and these last two signs might be mad at me cause I'm burning out. That's one thing you have to be careful not to do this month. It's so much energy you could feel drained or very excited. Extremes. Particularly in your primary relationship, where your significant other may be going through so much or gaining alot of attention. The New Moon in Gemini is liberating for you though, fro the 12th on, and you may feel like breaking away.  The eclipse at the end of the month brings unforeseen opportunities, but perhaps not without a price.  Wait and see how this all shakes out and enjoy the good times and shake off any problems you can't do much about.

Scorpio and Pisces: June's actions have much less direct effect on you, unless you have a rising sign or pivotal chart point in Aries, Cancer or Capricorn. The Jupiter/Uranus Aries meeting on the 8th may lead you both into new ventures that involve brand new technology or discoveries. You may get only an inkling of this now, but it affects your future.  The Capricorn eclipse relates to your alliances, friendships and communication. It's a tough eclipse and Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet, is front and center in the action. Scorpio, even if harsh or surprising realities come to light, you will benefit over time. For example, if a break up is what needs to happen, so be it. You get a chance to shine on your own.  Family news is also in the forefront for you.  Pisces, colleagues and friends may experience tough times and you can be there to support.  You may also realize a wish through hard work. 

For all signs, the Jupiter/Uranus Aries blast has long term, global implications. Hopeful and powerful, initiating the new and original, this planetary conjunction's initial impact begins this week.

Bon voyage!
Robin Ivy
June 6th 2010
10:18 pm

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