Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekly June 21

Happy Summer! The Solstice arrives at 7:30 am EST as the Sun moves into Cancer. The Moon is void of course in Libra at that time and will make her way into Scorpio at 8:14 am.  The Moon and Sun work together in water signs so our inner and emotional worlds take center stage. There could be some drama but this is a mostly agreeable day. Let people handle their own business and affairs and avoid interfering or gossiping. Our intuitions should be very strong and our passions, obvious.  We'll tend to act with feeling. If you have strong intentions, act on them today.  The Sun now in Cancer stirs things up with Uranus in Aries later on, and brand new feelings may be overwhelming.  Uranus in Aries is out to shake up the norm and Cancer is a little reluctant!  Cancer and Capricorn will experience the lunar eclipse most directly at the end of this week and tonight could feel like a precursor to that!  Tonight contains over stimulation for some and the pull of comfort and home too.  Find your comfort zone and celebrate Solstice! The Scorpio Moon pulls for passion and intensity and enhances psychic ability. Read some cards or the coals in the fire. Wear dark reds.

The Scorpio Moon is square to Venus in Leo. Figuring out where a relationship is going or how to make it work is in the forecast and affects at least half the zodiac but especially Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius who are already in relationships. Getting too concerned or serious about it is one issue today. Venus in Leo likes love and romance to be fun and happy. The Scorpio Moon is deep and intense and possibly obsessive. Try not to obsess, and if you do try not to hold that all in today.  Scorpio Moon is also very passionate and intuitive. Tap into those feelings, but leave out the jealousy especially if you are a Scorpio.  Also Scorpio, Venus makes this a good career time so look for opportunities this summer. Aquarius, that should be a priority for you today and this week.  Leo, home is your castle and this is a good day to work on, appreciate or enjoy that! The Full Moon may seem to be heating up early with the Moon in some a strong feeling sign.  Do relaxing things and don't get too sucked into the dark side of Scorpio.  Tonight is a mixed night with strong feelings present. Avoid jealousy and possessiveness.  Wear indigo blue.

The Scorpio Moon works with Saturn in Virgo, reminding us to stay focused and add some organization to all the emotional energy of this week. Get some work done this morning. The Sun also squares Jupiter pushing for progress. Full Moon due dates loom this week and by Monday, so don't put things off. The Moon is void of course from 11:33 am to 2:10 pm EST. Siesta would be nice then.  Do routine things and avoid major actions and decisions for a few hours.  If someone is waiting for an answer give yourself time, especially Virgo, Aries with financial matters, and Scorpio with personal decisions.  The Moon moves to happy go lucky Sagittarius at 2:10 lightening things up some. This is a fun, adventurous night out!  Get out of your usual routine tonight and try somewhere or something out of the ordinary.   Road trips and field trips are favored this afternoon and tonight. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries you are in your element tonight. Wear red.

There's such a mix of action in the heavens today, and add to that we are warming up for a Full Moon and lunar eclipse on Saturday in Capricorn. Today the Moon cruises Sagittarius, a changeable and free spirited sign that likes to explore both places and ideas.  Mercury is very active today in Gemini, square to Saturn in Virgo and working in tandem with Neptune. Friendly and open  minded in the air signs, Mercury urges us to meet new people and encourages friendships and relationships, especially new or romantic ones.  But Saturn in Virgo can put on a damper on some plans today and force us to face reality even if we'd rather play.  Some of what's happening right now could feel fast and out of control too. The eclipse is about to shift things quickly, with Cancer and Capricorn deep in the mix.  Tonight is fun but changeable. Do new things and seek adventures if you're up for it! Wear purple.

The Full Moon and lunar eclipse is tomorrow morning. For all purposes consider this a Full Moon day too. The shift to Capricorn happens tonight at 10:27 pm EST. Until then the Moon is in Sagittarius and will be void of course in the evening beginning at 7:34 pm. Tonight changes of all kinds are likely.  The Sagittarius Moon and Mercury's move to Cancer both signal movement! Cancer is sign of family, home and people dear to us so getting together, reuniting, and even unexpectedly having someone come back into your life is likely now! Lunar eclipses tend to catalyze changes with the girls and women in our lives, and this one is in Capricorn, also affecting Cancer from across the zodiac.  Today is busy and mixed in the heavens and knowing that a multitude of possibilities are open may help or at least give you the right attitude. The best laid plans or most well reasoned decisions may suddenly not make sense anymore.  Philosophies of life can shift easily now. Expect to see the world in a different way this weekend.  A certain amount of work is called for and deadlines can't be ignored.  Wear green.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is a lunar eclipse at 7:30 am EST.  The Moon is opposite Mercury in Cancer and near Pluto. Facing realities, going through changes, and experiencing things beyond our control is in the forecast.  Capricorn like to have control and a good grasp, but the eclipse is a shake up. In some cases this could be very good news, for example changes and breakthroughs in stuck situations. It may not come easily or in a neat package though. People announcing moves, separations or marriages, job changes or unemployment, and other such things is in the forecast not just today for the next few days and again in two weeks and one month.  This is a continuation of a series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses that were also active last summer.  Think back to early July of last year and see if a pattern or new development is at work.  Read the June blog two entries ago too, for more on your sign.  Wear silver.

This Full Moon can be alot of work or just plain serious. With the Moon in Capricorn stay practical and put plans into action. Try not to overreact to surprises. Be calm and assertive in situations that require it. Drama gets us nowhere. Mercury is opposite Pluto, still close to the Moon making for serious discussions and decisions that need thought.  If cleaning or organizing makes you feel better or grounded, the energy is right for it!  Outdoor activities are good. Keep stress levels in check and don't be overly demanding. Even if your world is just fine, alot of people will be going through significant things. Wear white.

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