Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly June 14

It's a very Venus like day! Venus moves to Leo which is more flirtatious and exciting in love!  Venus is sexy, outgoing, and sparkling in Leo! Some signs may take that as a threat-for example possibly Cancer and Scorpio who liked the comfort of Venus in Cancer.  Getting out of your shell, letting someone know you're interested, socializing and flirting in general are in the forecast now!  Aquarius and Aries like this much better, and for new love Aries is especially favored.  Venus aligns with Uranus, disturbing the balance and the norm and instigating new ways of being in relationship. Nothing is sacred with this aspect!  How much can you think outside the usual relationship norms? The Moon is in Cancer, void of course from 8:34 to 11:54 pm.  Tonight is not alot of fun, as Saturn and the Moon urge seriousness and organization.  Once the Moon moves to Leo the mood shifts to fun! Wear purple today.

It's a fire signs' time as the Moon in Leo meets Venus newly in that sign! Flirting, fun, vacation and recreational activities are favored.  Shopping is well timed especially if you want to look or feel more glamorous or make upgrades! The Moon works with Jupiter newly in Aries too, which is very generous and has the air of royalty! The queens and kings are in favor!  Make moves, take initiative and be assertive and confident today! Earth signs are not left out as Mars now in Virgo is in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn. This brings a bit of the outrageous energy back to earth with a bit of structure and need to resolve things practically.  For the most part though, our hearts and passion will drive us!  Scorpio concentrate on career, while Leo you take center stage and should not have to share that spot!  Libra, it's a great time for friendship and spending time with those you love as well as seeing some wish fulfilled!  Today's color is red.

The Moon is in Leo working with the Gemini Sun for an expressive and extroverted day. Learning, writing and communicating are favored.  It's a good day to study and commit other things to memory.  Combine business with pleasure, be in the spotlight, and meet new people or network with one you already know.  Getting together with like minded people is favored.  Ideas and projects get fired up!  The Moon opposes Neptune so avoid being unrealistic or making plans with people who are all talk.  Today is meant for fun, collaborations, and any kind of self expression! Gemini is a show off today!  Aquarius, Aries, Libra and Sagittarius enjoy this kind of astrological action! Get out and see what the world has to offer! The Moon is void of course from 11:24 pm on. Tonight is a fun night out!  Today's color is gold.

The Moon moves to Virgo at 1:41 am EST. Pluto is in harmony with the Moon, and the two work for organization and basically straightening things out today. Clear up misunderstandings, get it all out in the open and go for flexible plans and solutions to issues. End procrastination and try to be timely and prompt.  Progress is in the air!  A straight forward attitude is called for. You may also feel more health conscious and likely to clean the house or your desk without anyone nagging you about it.  The Moon meets Mars for energy both mental and physical. Put energy into finances, analyzing data, or organizing your home. Try not to succumb to nervous energy to the point where you can't function, especially if you're a Virgo or an Aries worried about work and/or health.  Sagittarius, put effort into all you do since the right people should be paying attention. It's a career type day for you. Avoid that overwhelmed feeling by taking things step by step.  Taurus, feel that chemistry in the air? Meet an attractive friends, even if it's just a new workout partner. Wear brown.

The Virgo Moon is square to Mercury and the thing that matters most is planning and discussion today. Working out details will require patience and communication!  Deal with what's been on hold or pushed aside.  Figure out what to do in situations that have been confusing.  Virgo is a flexible problem solver.  Mercury is in Gemini so it may require more talk and discussion than you really want, but Mercury encourages exploring more than one possibility before deciding.  Gemini may drive Virgo crazy or vice versa!  Sagittarius will have had it with both of you!  But the end result is progress and plans we can all live with. Work through things.  Travel is likely to be delayed or more complicated so leave extra time. A whenever approach will help!  The Moon squares the Sun overnight so again, decisions may not be easy and there's a lot of coming and going and changing plans.  Today's color is black.

The Libra Moon takes over for the weekend at 4:13 am. Saturday may feel overly busy. Oppositions to Aries planets mean the pros and cons may not be easy to sort out and compromise may be necessary but difficult. Libra will want to keep the peace. Aries will hope it doesn't take all day to decide. The Sun squares Saturn in Virgo and again, Gemini and Virgo are at a loss when it comes to understanding people unlike themselves.  There's a judging, critical element to the day.  Music, yoga, dance, decorating, and other things that bring out our balanced, calm natures will be helpful.  The brain may race today. Unfairness will create problems! Tonight is outgoing and last minute.  Wear pink.

The Libra Moon is calmer as Mercury in Gemini aligns.  Friendship, times with brothers and sisters and other family is favored.  Solutions may be easier to find and agree to. Generally the busy-ness is yesterday's news.  Social events are better timed today.  Relax, play games that require cleverness and intelligence. The "smarter" team is favored over the stronger, mental over physical, and talk over quiet. It's a great day to be with a best friend but also a nice day to meet new ones.  Wear light blue.

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