Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly May 24th

The Libra Moon is in harmony with Mars in Leo. Both signs are outgoing and people oriented. Dressing the part and making a good impression is important. Libra Moon time highlights the surface of things so appearances count. Today is a good day to form teams and decide who is best for each role. Work with people's strengths and talents with Mars in Leo, sign of the performer. It's also a creative day and kids wll be active! Libra is the sign of music and dance and Mars in Leo likes to move! Quiet activities may not work out so well.  Keep busy and try to make work fun.  Anything you can turn into a game or set to music should be done that way!  The Moon will be Full in Sagittarius on Thursday and though we're just getting into that energy, things may start to fire up and deadlines and conclusions are approaching as the week goes on. Can you prepare? Wear red.

The Moon is void of course from 12:01 to 2:17 am EST and then in Scorpio.  The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Pluto and Venus, lessening some of the impact of a heavy hitting Moon sign.  A realistic approach is called for though.  The Moon and Pluto want focus and organization.  The Moon and Venus in Cancer encourage intuition and psychic hits will be common. It's a deja vu day and predictions may turn out to be accurate.  Trust your instincts.  Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius have intuition full on today!  Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus should feel good about relationships, but we need to avoid the possessiveness Scorpio Moon can bring on.  For a Scorpio Moon day, it's pretty cool and not too complicated. Tonight though, the Moon opposes Mercury for stubborn disagreements especially between or with Taurus or Scorpio.  It may be very hard to find the working solution that pleases both of you this week.  Tonight is good for focusing on personal business, organization and solo projects.  The Full Moon warm up is on and people may act out emotions and feel a little bit anxious as we get closer to Thursday.  Wear maroon.

The Scorpio Moon is square to Mars and the Moon is almost full! Tempers will be on edge! Today is much less easygoing that yesterday. Mars in Leo and Moon in Scorpio can lend good creative tension from which beautiful things are born! But this requires patience and work!  Personal and business issues can be very frustrating today. Take lots of deep breaths! It's good to think things out before overreacting today.  Leo and Scorpio may have especially quick tempers and Taurus very frustrated with partners, especially in love or at home.  Aquarius may be dodging bullets or criticism.  Aquarius your career sector is activated though and you can put on a good performance or show your abilities today!  Avoid letting someone diminish your potential.  Capricorn, try not mix business and friendship. The stars are not aligned for that today.  The Moon is Full tomorrow night so emotions are peaking. The Full Moon brings due dates and things that cannot wait any longer have to be paid attention to and resolved!  Take it easy on each other. Wear indigo blue.

We have a two minute void of course Moon from 7:13 to 7:15am! Two minutes of twilight zone then the Moon is in Sagittarius and Full tonight at 7:07 pm EST. Today is meant for field trips, adventures and spontaneity! It could feel a little bit out of control with so many aspects in the zodiac and the Moon Full in Sag, a changeable, fiery sign! Take aim for what you want! Meet deadlines. One danger is just blowing things off that have to be taken care of! Sagittarius tends to be a carefree sign, and square to Uranus in Pisces, we tend to just shirk responsibility and hope for no consequences, but the result of that may not be fun by Saturday or Sunday when things look serious in the heavens.  This Full Moon is a mover and a shaker and stirs things up. It's not very trustworthy either as Neptune gets involved, coloring things in a rose colored or otherwise tinted shade.  If you have no worries, it's a fun, live in the moment Full Moon. If you're ignoring a big issue, it would be best to seek the truth, as Sagittarius is in fact a seeker.  It's a travel Full Moon too!  Don't be on a rigid schedule as things will tend to not go as planned, but go at their own pace.  Plan for distractions and going off course!  Planete Uranus, planet of chaos and rebellion, planet of originality too, moves to wild fire Aries tonight. Watch out! Things are going to get crazy with the pre-weekend and weekend festivities.  Wear white.

The Sagittarius Moon is free and clear of any aspects with other planets today.  Going our own way and doing whatever seems right in the moment is favored.  It's a great vacation day. If you are at work or dealing with other pressing matters the Full Moon brought on, it may be very hard to focus, pin people down, or give someone your word on a matter.  It's not a very reliable day. It can be alot of fun if you can let go of worries!  There's nothing to get in the way of solving problems or taking care of business other than the usual Sagittarius carefree attitude. There's likely to be a feeling that everything will just take care of itself.  That lasts through tonight, but tomorrow things get a little bit serious and tests and challenges await so if there's something you can do to prepare for it or finish up business, tomorrow may be easier.  Tonight is fiery and fun. Last minute plans may work best.  Wear purple.

The Moon moves to Capricorn this afternoon after a fairly short void of course Moon from 12:40 to 2:44 pm EST.  This morning the Moon and Saturn tangle for a strict reminder abot irresponsibility and important things left undone. For some it will be a rough wake up call just when thought the weekend was all about fun.  Some will get called into work or have to deal with an unexpected event.  Capricorn, take things seriously. Leo you and Sagittarius may need to put some hours in. Gemini, look over your finances. Did you or are you about to overdraw an account or make a financial mistake? We are in the wake of the Full Moon and still feeling it. Today is meant to be more grounded and practical.  The Moon squares Jupiter in late Pisces and Uranus early in Aries. Don't gamble today or take unnecessary or dangerous risks.  The energy is teetering and unpredictable.  Capricorn Moon is looking for some stability. Be in a comfort zone. Get a little bit of work done if necessary. Being busy will probably feel good. Socially it's not the biggest night of the weekend. Have a home based party or small gathering or stick with usual places.  Wear black.

The Moon is in Capricorn across from Venus and in harmony with Mercury. Trying to find middle ground and agreement is in the forecast today. Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn experience this most in relationships. There's a bit of tug o'war happening. Agreeing to disagree can be the outcome and that is still an agreement! Try not to just avoid things that will crop up again since Mercury in Taurus is looking for a plan of some kind now.  Saturn stations direct after a long retrograde!  This Full Moon may have been a big chance to put something to rest and move on, and today could be the day! Saturn is in Virgo and will now move toward Libra where the retrograde began. Those of us near or in Saturn return time will feel this retrograde and forward movement a lot! That's the 28 to 31 age group basically. It's a time of reversals in terms of feelings, patterns, and changes of course.  We'll be retracing these degrees for a while.  Others who experience this quite directly are those born in the later dates of the sign Virgo, earlier degrees of Libra and you who have Virgo and Libra rising-the Virgo rising first! Pisces and Aries experience this through relationships and partners.  It's not a very forgiving or comforting time. It's more a time to get clear and  move ahead and create boundaries. Some relationships, even with people you care alot about,  and negative or destructive habits will not make the cut.  If it doesn't serve you anymore, make your move.  It's kind of a serious forecast for the eve of Memorial Day, I know! As far as the party goes, traditions rule. Home over away. Wear green today.

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