Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly May 10

The Moon is in Aries, square to Pluto overnight.  Aries is the sign of self and how to direct our will and act in our own best interests is in the forecast today. Moon square to Pluto is an inner process in many ways.  Inner struggle might be part of that. Today is good for getting motivated. It's a good idea not to bee too impulsive while Mercury is still retrograde for another day. However if things have been delayed or static, plan for changes and decisions soon. Power struggles are probably not worth the trouble since new information and brand new news is likely by the end of the week and may change your perspective.  Capricorn and Cancer, family things or home related work may seem pressing. Aries, career moves and your image are on the line. Act responsibly.  Today's color is orange.

Aries Moon in sync with Mars in Leo and Venus in Gemini. It's a high energy, enthusiastic day in the zodiac.  All of these signs have energy to burn! Mercury retrograde ends at 6:27 pm. This isn't the day for a big change or decision, but get ready!  Announcements and moves are better timed for later in the week since the New Moon is in Thursday night.  But if Mercury retrograde has gotten you down or put things on hold, the light at the end of the tunnel is evident as soon as now!  It's a good day for performances, study, physical workouts and healthy competition.  Do what you need to do for yourself without being too inconsiderate.  Keep the erngy moving and flowing.  It's a fast paced attitude that will make the day.  Taurus, get ready for a change in appearance, plans and direction as the New Moon arrives Thursday night.  Wear gold.

The Moon is void of course from 12:12 am to 2:48 am and then in Taurus, the sign of tomorrow's New Moon. With Mercury retrograde in the past for now, and a New Moon this week, changes, new information and opportunities are very appealing.  The Moon meets Mercury this morning making it a better day to schedule or reschedule.  Travel plans or college plans make sense for Virgo, for example.  Aries, it's a good time to accept a job or seek new work.  Capricorn, a change in luck and new friends are in the forecast for you if you play your cards right.  Taurus, this is very much a planning day and it's not a bad idea to lay low or save news for later this week or next.  This is also a good day for outdoor work, gardening, building and other hands on projects.  Wear yellow today.

The Taurus Moon starts a new lunar cycle at 9:04 pm. This New Moon is meant to be very constructive, geared toward creating more security, investing, and also improving our physical bodies.  For Taurus it's a birthday gift from the heavens and a change of image, appearance or direction is favored in the next two weeks especially.  Mercury retrograde is also over, so it's a better time for any sign to make a move or break news.  The Moon squares Mars in Leo today which is a challenge to work hard to make progress. We don't grow and change without squares that force us to reconsider, look at other perspectives, and integrate other people's experiences and knowledge with our own.  In this case, Leo and Taurus are most directly involved, but Scorpio and Aquarius, the other fixed signs, feel this vicariously through partners and relationships.  Clean the slate and get ready for fresh starts. Today's color is white.

There's a very short void of course Moon from 8:28 am to 9:18 am, and a Gemini Moon comes next!  After last night's New Moon and the end of Mercury retrograde we are all systems go today!  Go forward with plans and changes!  Saturn in Virgo calls for some constructive organization and encourages us to let go of the past.  Cut useless ties now.  Expect news and surprises, new information, and word from brothers, sisters, cousins, and family in general.  It's a good day to travel back home, visit friends, study, write, and even sign on the dotted line.  Today may not be very routine, but can be very productive. It's a multi-tasker's kind of day.  Wear blue.

The Gemini Moon is in harmony with Mars. We might feel scattered and changeable, but mainly today should be fun!  Gemini and Leo host the action and are two of the social instigators in the zodiac. Expect your outgoing, active friends to entice you to join in!  It's also a good time to try something new in the wake of Thursday's New Moon.  Get out and have a good time! Wear yellow! Again!

Today is very mixed with alot of planetary activity and a change of Moon sign mid-day. In the 1 pm hour the Moon moves void of course and then to Cancer all within half an hour.  The Cancer Moon will bring down some of the high or anxious air sign energy. Hopefully there will be no big energy crash involved, but it's possible especially for the fire and air signs!  Family dinners, visits and other activities are favored.   So is cooking, cleaning and making things comfortable and inviting at home.  Wear light blue today.

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