Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly May 3

The Moon is in Capricorn in harmony with the Sun and Mercury retrograde aligns with Pluto. All of this happens in Taurus and Capricorn so taking a practical, realistic approach is the best plan.  Restructuring, making things work more efficiently, and being productive is favored.  Rearranging, rescheduling, and rethinking may all be called for.  Reversals will be common, so changes of mind, heart and plans are in the forecast.  Mercury and Pluto combine for revisiting the past as well. People may seem detached and unwilling or unable to deal with emotional things.  Take a step back and reevaluate something.  Sagittarius this is likely to relate to work and possibly situations with your coworkers. Taurus, this relates to you very directly and involves opportunities possibly for travel or school.  Capricorn, friendship matters and how you spend your free time may be something you need to rethink.  It's not a good day to take unnecessary chances or a gamble.  Keep things sane and practical.  Wear brown.

The Moon is in Capricorn until 4:51 pm EST.  There's a fairly short void of course Moon from 3:07 to 4:51 which is a time to avoid shopping, arguments and discussions that are important, and any kind of big decision.  The Sun squares Mars today which can be very difficult and stubborn.  This happens in Taurus and Leo and for those two signs will bring up relationship, family, and career challenges.  Aquarius and Scorpio may experience this too, possibly through or with their significant others.  Saturn in Virgo, retrograde, throws in a word to the wise and says do the mature thing.  Try to keep tempers in check today. With Mars involved our threshold for frustration may be very low!  The Moon moves to Aquarius in the late afternoon and closes in on an overnight square to Mercury retrograde.  The stubborn streak continues tonight, but we may generally feel more social.  Keep conversations and plans simple and friendly.  Wear blue.

The Moon is in Aquarius squaring Mercury retrograde and opposing Mars during this 24 hour period.  It's important to have vision and not lose sight of what matters. We'll tend to get in petty arguments, say things we wish we hadn't, act stubborn and competitive and possibly even want revenge.  Old business, past relationships, and former rivals are likely to trigger these feelings and actions.  Again, the fixed signs are directly involved so Scorpio and Taurus, Leo and Aquarius need to keep even tempers and not overreact! Though any sign can experience this!  Be particularly careful with words. We'll be easily angered or hurt and it could all be just misunderstanding!  The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Gemini, and fire and air signs like this socially.  It's a good date night for Aquarius and Gemini as long as there's little chance of arguing with your date!  New relationships will tend to be more fun than long term ones at the moment.  Tonight is flirtatious.  Wear turquoise.

The Moon squares the Sun in Aquarius and Taurus.  It's another potentially stubborn and challenging day.  The fixed sign activity is the reason why! Fixed signs don't budge easily when it comes to opinions, plans, or compromise.  Taurus may find this a challenging day for career and anything involving high visibility roles. Aquarius may find home or family members difficult to deal with.   Scorpio may get a mix of that and Capricorn may feel it at work most.  A challenge can be good and without challenge there's no progress.  Working through things is worth it today! Keep any resolutions or plans temporary and on a trial basis with Mercury still retrograde until the 11th.  A scientific, how to approach works best today. Be methodical. Tonight the Moon approaches Neptune and escaping problems will be very appealing. A good movie or music works well tonight. Wear white.

The Moon moves to Pisces at 5:34 am.  The Pisces Moon is sensitive but also more flexible.   The Moon works well with Mercury retrograde, especially for reconnecting with people who mean alot to us. Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer are likely to experience this.  It's a creative day too, and versatility and ability to improvise counts!  Venus in Gemini and Mars in Leo create a dynamic day socially too!  It's a great day for love and friendship. But, Aries, you might need to carve out some time for yourself and be a little bit less social. Venus and Mars help us understand each other better, especially in romantic or other male/female relationships.  Today's color is green.

The Moon is in Pisces in harmony with the Sun in Taurus. The Moon is square to Venus though which often indicates relationship challenges! Virgo, Pisces and Gemini, the mutable signs, might feel like love is alot of work today.  Taurus should be able to avoid relationship issues more easily.  Play it close to home, stick with good friends. Let the people you love know how you feel. It's a big time of reunions and reconnections with people and places from the past.  The energy is sentimental and also creative and maybe a little bit overly sensitive too. Wear blue today.

The Moon meets both Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces. It's a very mixed day of taking the good with the bad or the uncertain.  There's a spirit of generosity but also a topsy turvy aspect that results in surprises, schedule changes and i some cases upheaval. Be ready to roll with the punches. The Moon is opposite Saturn retrograde in Virgo so we might be critical and even nag about things that happened long ago.  At 5:29 pm the Moon moves to Aries making it easier to move out of emotional waters if necessary.  Wear red today.

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