Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly May 17

The Moon is in Cancer, sign of home, family, and strong intuition. We'll be very sensitive to the people and situations surrounding us today. Cancer often reacts by retracting, like a crab into it's shell. It's a day of mixed messages and feelings though as Venus squares Jupiter and the Sun works well with that same planet!  On such a Jupiter day, the urge to expand our horizons will be strong!  Jupiter is in Pisces and Venus in Gemini, so in love and relationship the key words are grow and change. Get out of a stuck place, put some effort in, and let a relationship adapt. Stuck, stagnant situations are the enemy with Venus and Jupiter in mutable signs that favor change and flexibility.  The Sun in Taurus harmonizes with Jupiter tonight, helping us make solid, confident decisions and just plain feel good!  Tonight is about generosity and warm sentiments.  See what's important, trust your instincts, and make people you love and care about a priority.  Wear blue.

The Moon is in Cancer until 5:08 pm EST.  Today is full of astrological activity, but Saturn starts and ends the "party" so let's focus on the planet of discipline and challenge.  Saturn is retrograde in Virgo, squaring Venus before sunrise.  Responsibility to each other is important with this aspect. Is it time to take a good, clear look at whether you're treating your partner as an equal and whether you're putting enough effort in? Saturn comes down hard on us if we don't learn the lessons as they're presented.  Take an objective look at relationship issues. Saturn is urging maturity and simultaneously pushing us to cut ties if things can't be worked out.  The action is in Virgo and Gemini, mutable signs, so again change and flexibility are called for.  After many other aspects with the Cancer Moon today, Leo Moon arrives at 5:08 pm (short void Moon from 4:35 pm til then).  With the optimistic Leo Moon, we have Venus working with dreamy, romantic Neptune in the air signs.  Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra enjoy this though it may be an escape from reality for a while!  Saturn weighs in again, with a happy trine to the Taurus Sun.  Organizing and arranging and other practical steps will feel especially good to the earth signs tonight!  Balance between work and enjoyment is perfect tonight if you can manage both.   If not, air and fire signs should play, watch movies, and take a break from reality while earth and water find a sense of accomplishment without overexertion!  Wear purple.

The Moon is in Leo square to Mercury in Taurus overnight.  Wake up call is likely to include disagreements and plans that are difficult to change.  If a schedule change is necessary or an inevitable cancellation starts the day, it will be hard to adjust to everyone's satisfaction.  There's lots of fixed sign energy as the Sun in Taurus squares Neptune in Aquarius.  Ideals are likely to be challenged!   Being stuck in a way of thinking or too rigid and unwilling to let go could be a big problem today!  Relationships are also frustrated by Venus squaring Uranus, planet of chaos and rebellion!  There will be plenty to keep us busy and challenged and it might not be easy to come by, but an easygoing attitude will help.  The Moon in Leo buoys what could otherwise be an overwhelming day.  Tonight Venus moves to Cancer at 9:04 pm, which is nice for Cancer and also helps Pisces attract new love!  Wear yellow.

The Moon is in Leo until 7:58 pm.  The Moon meets Mars, active and assertive. Dynamic performances, both athletic and artistic, are the positive effect! The negative effect is too much conflict or aggression. Aquarius might experience that in relationships and Capricorn should be careful with partnership and financial negotiations that could lead to problems.  The Moon is opposing Neptune. Avoid being unrealistic or overly optimistic and take the proper steps or actions today.  In the evening the Taurus Sun aligns with Uranus in Pisces before moving into Gemini at 11:34 pm.  Taurus, surprises and the unexpected are likely especially for you!  Taurus and Leo are once again in the middle of alot of the action tonight.  Try not to be too stubborn, but do be persistent! It's a fine line!  It's probably a better night to stay close to home and keep things chill or get organized and do simple chores. Gemini birthdays begin late night.  The Moon moves to Virgo at 7:58 pm.  Wear black.

The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Mercury and Pluto. We should have some much needed flexibility and the ability to get things done without too much interference today.  Things that need to be rethought or rescheduled post Mercury retrograde will be dealt with in the next couple of days.  All the day's dominant energy is in earth signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo, and a practical, hands-on, willing attitude is called for.  It's not a bad day socially either.  Go with the flow.  Have productive conversations.  Leo and Aquarius, deal with business efficiently.  Gemini, make sure things are done at home and talk to housemates and family members if things need to be solved or resolved.  Sagittarius, make a career move. It's a good day for you to interview or pursue a lead.  Today's color is brown.

The Moon is in Virgo until 10:50 pm EST.  Meeting Saturn retrograde and opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, this Moon has an attitude!  Trying to reconcile things is in the forecast and solutions may not come easily.  Try to find consensus and middle ground.  Practical stances are favored over any emotional decisions or drama which will only drive us crazy!  There's a certain chance for unexpected drama however. The ability to relax and roll with the punches is valuable today!  Get things done. Realize there's alot of scattered energy and nervousness in the air and be sensitive to it.  It's a good day for yoga and other relaxing, recharging physical workouts.  Yard work is also a good use of earth sign Moon time.  The Moon moves to Libra at 10:50 and the later part of the night is more social and potentially fun.  Wear lavender.

The Moon is in Libra, sign of justice and balance.  Actions between the Moon, Pluto and Venus indicate a need to act in everyone's best interest and be fair above all!  Try to be impartial, objective and willing to negotiate.  Relationship issues are in the forefront and we need to have a realistic, calm attitude toward resolving things.  We'll tend to keep score and want things divided evenly.  Venus opposes Pluto in Cancer and Capricorn and those signs along with Libra experience all of this most directly.  Scorpio may be quiet about things but is biding her time and concerned with the same matters.  Wear blue today.

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