Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekly March 22

The Moon is in Gemini in harmony with Neptune and Venus. The world really can be viewed with rose colored glasses as the planets of imagination and romance work!  Gemini can be a sign of slight of hand, illusion and other magic and today magicians and also con artists can play their game effectively!  It's fun but full of tricks so be careful what you believe!  At best today has the spring fever aspect of Venus in Aries, and we can meet very interesting people and witness exciting events and performances. However, we can also be schmoozed or fooled.  Take things lightly and know who to trust.  The Moon also squares Uranus adding to the surprise factor and indicating unexpected changes of heart, mind, and plans.  News from brothers and sisters and very old friends comes from out of the blue, especially for Aries and Gemini.  Tonight Mars and Saturn align in Leo and Libra, and the two sides to everything becomes very evident.  These two planets can really stir things up and frustration is one of the results.  Try not to judge each other too harshly.  Harness some creative energy and try to make something worthy from it.  Weigh the pros and cons of decisions carefully as Saturn encourages maturity and wisdom.  The Moon is void of course from 9:49 pm to 2:16 am. Wear blue.

The Moon moved to Cancer overnight.  The Moon squares Saturn in Libra which can be very challenging especially for partners of any kind.  New feels better than old now, and cutting ties may be necessary in many situations. Saturn is retrograde and has bee urging us to deal with longstanding issues once and for all.  The Moon also squares the Sun making it hard to feel confident with our decisions. Cancer, Aries and Libra host this action and may feel it most in relationships involving commitment, but any sign may get the same effect.  Determining which relationships and situations benefit us and which only continue to depress us or drag us down is in the forecast on and off all month long.  Cancer Moon time makes us very sensitive to the environment around us and we may take on other people's problems or drama too. Knowing whether you're helping or only enabling a situation will be helpful!  The Moon is also opposite Pluto bringing up all kinds of things we'd rather not deal with, some of that having to do with administrations and organizations, but also with matters of home and family.  Cancer won't be the only sign wanting to crawl back in his shell today!  Take care of each other without getting overly emotionally involved if possible! Err on the conservative side with action and decisions. Wear white.

The Cancer Moon harmonizes with Jupiter in Pisces at sunrise, setting the tone for the day.  It's a chameleon's day in a sense and if you can adapt, try on a new role, and go with the flow it will be best!  Both signs are of the water element;  emotional, creative, and sensitive.   Jupiter helps us seek expansion, and is generous, artistic, and fertile in the sign Pisces. It's a good day for planting, fishing and other things that bring growth, prosperity and plenty.  Taking a saving versus spending approach is a good idea too. Start a bank account or other smart investment plan now.  In relationships, the Moon squares Venus in Aries and seeing eye to eye will come with only hard work and possibly with a price.  Water and fire sign types may not mix well today.  Sagittarius, Leo and Aries, you'll resent anyone who tries to put that energetic, outgoing fire out. Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, take note.  Wear light blue today.

The Moon is void from :39 past midnight to 5:39 am EST, then in Leo until Saturday morning.  The Leo Moon works well with Saturn and the Sun and meets Mars.  We'll take a serious attitude about follow through and get down to business this morning with the intention of having lots of fun as the weekend begins.  Do the responsible thing or learn something new this morning.  The Moon and Mars meeting in Leo is combustible, full of action, competition and activity in general. It's not a day to slack off!  Mars just came off a retrograde so getting going on old business and things that had been put off is a good idea.  Performers experience dynamic new levels on days like this!  It's also a good day to rehearse, improvise and interact.  Today is social, assertive and outgoing and the shy may feel left out.
Scorpio big career things are likely and could be a mixed bag.  Leo, you are supercharged and it will be hard to keep up with you. Do not cross a Leo or Aries today!  You want those two on your team.  Cancer, finances are precarious today. Careful what you spend on! Capricorn, be very cautious with any business arrangement.  Virgo, there's too much going on in your head today so shut off for a while and let someone else do the worrying.  Get a workout in instead-you too, Pisces!  Wear gold.

This is a great day astrologically with a Leo Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries in harmony! Start new things! It's a fire sign's day, full of energy, social plans, creativity, and fun.  For some signs it's even a good day to get business done.  Sagittarius joins the other two fire signs in feeling lucky and inspired!  Taurus, for you the energy is also inspiration but it may be more introverted, something you work on solo or want to keep for yourself for a while.  Scorpio, making a work change makes sense now and so does trying on a new role or responsibility, mostly career related.  It's a good night for a party and Taurus or Capricorn makes a good host for house parties while Libra, Leo, and Aries really need to get out and have fun!  Wear red today.

Moon to Virgo. Work on practical matters, outdoor plans, simple shopping, and finances.   Virgo Moon time is made for the details. Socially, again, keep things simple and easy.  It's more of a night for dinner with family or friends than it is for big events. We are warming up for a Monday Full Moon so tensions may run higher than usual. Today's color is navy blue.

The Virgo Moon is opposite Jupiter in Pisces. Scaling back may be necessary. Take reasonable and practical actions and stay flexible as much as possible.  The Moon is nearly Full and we may notice perfectionism in ourselves and judgments or criticism from other people.   All of yesterday's favored activities go for today as well. The urge to get organized is strong.  Taurus and Capricorn thirst for socializing and adventures! Wear brown.
Virgo Moon

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