Monday, March 15, 2010

New Moon in Pisces

Prepare for a Pisces New Moon launch at 5:01 pm EST, March 15th, 2010.

The Pisces New Moon is understanding, changeable, fertile, romantic, artistic, vulnerable, emotive, expressive, adaptable, generous.

Sign by Sign

Pisces-Alter your appearance, make positive changes. Announce your plans, steer in a new direction.

Aries-Dream, create, take care of your mental health, set boundaries, get lots of rest, make plans.

Taurus-Friendship and social plans, wishes and hopes. Friendship may turn to romance.

Gemini-Try on a new role for size. Seek opportunity and look worthy of the part.

Cancer-Travel is appealing, but a new book may take you on the adventure you need. Explore.

Leo-Allow yourself to benefit from someone's generosity and support. Improvement in finances.

Virgo-Relationship and partnerships change and become more beneficial.

Libra-Get in a new flow of routine, work and healthy habits. Improve relationships with colleagues.

Scorpio-New love, busy social calendar. General feeling of luck and surprises.

Sagittarius-Beautify your home, spring clean literally and in family/home relationships. Refresh things.

Capricorn-Announce your plans. Market your product or skills. Get the word out. Receive interesting news.

Aquarius-Seek new work or take a step up. Improve your financial outlook. Combine art and profit.

This poll is on for a couple of more days. You can vote every day for your Portland favorites.  Thanks!
Happy New Moon! Robin Ivy

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