Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekly March 29th

The Moon is Full in Libra tonight.  Libra is the sign of all partners and couples so it's an event filled Full Moon for relationships.  The Moon meets Saturn and is square to Pluto creating many challenges. The need for discipline and self control is strong.  You might have to bite the bullet and confront something less than pleasant. Running away from problems now only means revisiting them as Saturn points out now. It's also a time of defining relationships.  This can go either way since Saturn is harsh, but Venus and Neptune align in Aries and Aquarius, which is romantic and nice especially for newer relationships.  The more work a relationship requires the harder this Full Moon is likely to be.  The Moon is Full at 10:25 pm.  Love is in the air, but it might be complicated tonight.  Best friends are in favor and three may feel like a crowd. Even in difficult situations keep third parties out of the picture and deal one on one. Wear lavender.

The Moon is in Libra with no aspects to other planets or the Sun.  Trying to clear out complex situations is a good idea while the Full Moon just begins to wane a little.  Deciding is not Libra's strength but it could feel very good to get off the fence with something today and just take one path or the other.  Weigh out pros and cons without over thinking if possible!  Most of yesterday's forecast continues today and tonight.  With the Moon opposing Venus and Mercury in the next 24 hours there's alot to be negotiated and relationship matters remain in the forefront of it all. Wear pink.

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 8:41 am after just a short void of course.  The Moon opposite Venus and Mercury in Aries prompts us to speak our minds and take action even if it puts us on opposing sides with an important person or party.  Venus planet of love is active today, also moving to Taurus this afternoon. That may in fact create a little bit more stability in love lives.  Venus in Taurus will also give us the urge to redecorate and spring clean, making spaces feel and look beautiful and functional-both!  Tonight Mercury and Neptune are in harmony with creative ideas and vision! Brainstorm possibilities and try things out!  Wear maroon today.

The Moon is in Scorpio, a deep, thoughtful, often complex sign. With the Moon in harmony with Jupiter we'll tend to do things on a large scale and think out of the box.  Jupiter in Pisces is flexible and creative.  Scorpio is generally a less flexible sign, but today's influence is to break out of patterns and rigid ways of doing things.  If you're hanging on to some resentment, see if you can  open your mind and let it go now.  The Moon waning helps us break bad habits, and Scorpio Moon time will help if you need to obsess about something good rather than something destructive.  Re create a situation, look for answers and solve mysteries.  Wear indigo blue.

The Moon is void of course from 8:54 am to 12:52 pm. This is the first day this week with a long void of course Moon. It's better to take it slow, put off big decisions or spending and stick with usual routines.  People will need privacy and a chance to focus and accomplish simple but necessary tasks.  If you don't have to work, let the creative energies flow and take your time today.  The Moon moves to adventurous Sagittarius in the afternoon and a road trip or other excursion could be fun and much needed! Get out of a rut late today and get a new point or view or change of scene.  Mercury moves to Taurus, making you the problem solver and giver of advice for a few weeks, Taurus! It's also a good time for you to plan and have important conversations.  Aries, it's a better time for you to do business and financial work.  Scorpio, negotiating relationships is in the forecast for you, and Leo, you are very much in the spotlight with career a high priority now.  Wear purple.

The Moon is in Sagittarius for spontaneity. Having too many or rigid plans is problematic.  Let go of the outcomes and try to go with the flow.  A couple of squares means a certain amount of work to get everyone with the program. Take an adventurous approach and let people go their own way without too much interference. Wear red today.

The Moon is in Sagittarius for the day and then moves to Capricorn in the evening. The earlier part of the day is meant for fun and exploring!  Keep plans somewhat flexible to make the most of last mintue opportunities! It's a good day for a road trip or other adventure.  Venus and Pluto align in Taurus and Capricorn forwarding earth sign relationships....Taurus, Virgo too.  The Moon in Capricorn at night urges organization and a good work ethic. It's a study night.  Wear green.

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