Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly March 15

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In Julius Caesar we were cautioned to  beware this date, The Ides Of March. The heavens seem to be cooperating today though, with a sympathetic and creative New Moon in Pisces and other planetary conjunctions which tend to bring things together.  Reconsider or change a course of action and aim for success. Pisces is very adaptable. Take advantage of flexibility and versatile ways of thinking or accomplishing.  The Moon, Mercury and Uranus combine in Pisces for interesting and unusual turns in our plans and relationships. Pisces is one of the zodiac's romantics and Mercury rules communication.  We'll tend to be very expressive about how we feel and what we need. Emotional chemistry is highly charged at this time this year too, and we'll want to spend time with and befriend or fall in love with people who really understand us and share our experience.  Our creative "children", meaning projects of art, music, and invention are very important this week. Set aside time to nurture and work on  your pet projects.  Flashes of inspiration and new muses arrive under these conditions in the heavens.  Pisces also rules the feet so new shoes make sense now! The New Moon is at 5:01 pm. The Moon is void of course from 8:01 pm on. Wear white today.

The Moon is in Aries as of 2:30 am EST. The day is highly energized with Mars in Leo working with the Moon. It's fire sign energy all the way! Dynamic, full of change and newness. The desire for action, activity, and to move on things is strong!  Saturn is across the zodiac reminding us to weigh the pros and cons and not be too Aries-impulsive.  However, making a move is favored over keeping things static.  Explore a new possibility, forge a new and original path now.  Who's in charge is in question today as the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. Power struggles are likely. Pisces, you are favored for any change this week and also to work on financial matters and new employment this week.  Aries, you need to be at least "co-captain" and should be feeling very confident and maybe lucky too.  Libra, you may find alot of what's happening hard to understand or digest.  Capricorn, give attention to things at home and with family this week.  Leo, just go with this flow and energy. It suits you whatever you're up to.  Wear red.

St. Patty's Day. Astrologically though, green would be a stretch. We have a fiery Aries Moon at work, meeting Venus planet of love, urging us further into new relationships.  It's also a good time to spring clean and beautify your surroundings.  The Sun meets Uranus in Pisces for lightning flashes of ideas and inspiration, and maybe making us impulsive about change.  Mercury moves to Aries, further fueling new ideas and spurring us to announce our plans publicly and boldly. It's a daring time!  Mercury in Aries for a few weeks is very much about taking initiative.  Tonight Mercury and Mars are in harmony and big plans are discussed! Leo and Aries are highly likely to have new directions and the urge to move, travel and take important actions and adventures! People will be easily excited tonight.  Arguments may happen but should pass quickly.  Wear yellow with your green.

The Moon is void of course in Aries from 7:38 am to 12:29 pm EST. Wait out the morning if something significant is pending. The Taurus Moon will help us take more cautious action, even if it's just a purchase you're making.  Mercury is also opposite Saturn putting some restrictions on plans. There may be delays and road blocks literally or otherwise. Think things out thoroughly.  In the afternoon the Taurus Moon squares Mars in Leo and if you can put together the best of different opinions and ways of doing things, the result is great and progressive.  These are stubborn signs though so you have to be willing to work through it.  Tonight a practical, hand on approach is favored.  Be constructive. Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn will need to feel productive!  If you're going to be lazy get it over with in the morning. Wear brown.

The Taurus Moon is in harmony with Jupiter. We'll want to do things on a large scale! Bigger will seem better and indulging will feel like a good idea. Jupiter is in Pisces so we'll also feel things strongly including empathy and generosity.  Know your boundaries since some of us can be taken advantage of more easily or overspend.  Otherwise, just enjoy! It's a good day to do outdoor things, feel productive, indulge the senses, and connect with understanding friends.  Taurus likes a simple approach.  Scorpio, it's a good relationship day for you.  Leo, today you could get significant recognition for what you do well. Wear green.

The Sun moves to Aries at 1:32 EST, which is the equinox and official arrival of spring! It's a powerful day in the zodiac with lots of activity including the Gemini Moon in harmony with Mars and the Sun at night. Mercury squares Pluto early in Aries and Capricorn, and again we compete for power and the strongest voice in the matter.  Reorganization may be necessary even if you'd rather not. Today it's an advantage to be outgoing, we'll tend to speak our minds and express ourselves.  Gemini is the zodiac's communicator, and the Moon moves to that sign tonight at 8:28 pm.  The afternoon contains a void of course Moon from 3:40 until then. Those hours are best for sticking with routine, relaxing and just having fun over doing anything too important or serious.  It's a party night but if you're shy or tired it could be overwhelming. Wear light blue.

The Gemini Moon and the first full day of spring combine with some Mars and Mercury energy continuing to really activate everything! Moving fast and talking up a storm is in the forecast.  Sell your ideas or product today.  Make connections that can help you professionally or even just for friendship.  Like minds attract on days like this. The Aries Sun directly opposes Saturn which is very father-like and potentially authoritarian.  Don't be surprised if you have to answer for your actions or to a superior today. Having an answer ready or being able to show your productivity or organization will help. Get things in order just in case.  The Moon squares Jupiter in Pisces and change may be hard to adjust to, but change is big in the forecast now so work on adapting and seeing the bright side and advantages.  Wear yellow.

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