Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly March 1st

Turn the page to a new month and a waning Moon now in Virgo until 7:32 pm. We are still in the wake of yesterday's Full Moon so climaxes and conclusions continue.  Act with best judgment before 12:38 pm EST when the Moon moves void of course until evening.  The Moon is opposite Venus and Uranus in Pisces and Mercury changes signs, all pointing toward shift, change and flow in new directions.  This may mean separating from someone or something you love and some of what happens today will be unlike what we expect.  The need to be flexible with each other is very strong!  Ultimatums should be avoided!  This afternoon do productive but relaxing chores or physical workouts.  Virgo has nervous anxiety and you might feel it in the belly or brain!  Tonight the Moon moves to Libra, is in harmony with Mars and approaches Saturn.  This can kick your butt if you're avoiding or slacking.  The Moon and Mars also combine for good times socially.  Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius might like tonight's events most!  Wear lavender today.

The Moon is in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn and meeting Saturn, the zodiac's disciplinarian.  We might not like some of this! Today is about facing facts and realities, and in some cases that will mean dredging up the past.  Saturn is relentless in asking that we cut ties with what's not serving us anymore-that includes people, habits, and other circumstances too.  It's not easy even when you're eliminating something destructive! With the Moon waning though, it's a getting rid of time!  Take a deep breath, look at the positive side and leave a bad relationship.  Aries and Libra, this is especially true for you now.  Virgo and Pisces, this may have to do with business partnership or someone you're always giving or lending to with no repayment.  Cancer, home and family situations are up for some negotiation or rethinking now.  Tonight the Libra Moon makes it a good night for a date or time with a best friend.  Mercury now in Pisces is sympathetic and sensitive to change. Understand others' decisions even if you don't agree.  Pisces you may be have alot in flux and up for consideration.  Gemini, it's a big time for career changes and making sure you present yourself in the best light possible. Wear gray.

The Libra Moon works with Neptune in Aquarius relaxing things a bit today.  The energy for friendships, collaboration, and socializing warms up more than yesterday when personal and business concerns may have weighed heavily.  Take a look around and say hello to someone new, have lunch with a friend or a bunch, and establish collegial relationships too.  It's also a good day for imagination, forward thinking, and vision.  Finding people who complement your strengths is a good idea!  The Moon is void of course from 3:44 pm until 9:11 pm Est then moves to Scorpio. The night feels more intense than the day, and relationships are particularly likely to heat up as the Moon squares Mars and Venus meets Uranus.  Tread somewhat lightly unless you're up for a real confrontation tonight.  If something's been brewing and hasn't peaked, tonight the conditions are right for a big explosion of almost any kind.  Wear maroon.

The Moon is in Scorpio in a happy flow with Pisces planets including Jupiter and Venus. This helps our outlook, inspires, and lends some focus.  Scorpio Moon is very passionate and Pisces a romantic sign. Relationships, especially new ones, flourish under these conditions.  It's a good day or evening for a date.  Taurus and Virgo are favored in long term relationships while Cancer and Scorpio enjoy new romances but everyone can benefit from the happy vibes.  When the Moon is in Scorpio we tend to like our privacy, so don't pry or take it personally if a friend doesn't feel like hanging out or telling you their secrets.  Some alone time might be welcome, especially to work on creative or business projects.  Mercury and Pluto align in Pisces and Capricorn helping us move forward with plans and talk things out.  Tonight the Moon, Jupiter, and the Sun favor expansion plans.  There's a spirit of generosity, willingness to collaborate and learn, and general optimism.  Keep an open mind.  Opportunity knocks for Gemini and Pisces.  Cancer may feel luckier than usual.  Leo, the financial outlook seems to be improving!  Aquarius, seek business expansion and a piece of the spotlight too! You look very deserving this week.  Wear indigo blue.

so on first pass I left out Friday! does this mean we should skip it this week? let's see.

The Scorpio Moon squares Neptune in Aquarius and connects well with Venus in Pisces. Love and attraction are piqued but may be unrealistic or deceptive.  Scorpio Moon isn't necessarily honest and open and could be playing games! Taurus is one sign that needs to watch out for this! Aquarius, you may want to play a different role today and change someone's opinion of you.  Scorpio you might be feeling possessive or overly attached, especially where romantic interests are concerned.  It is a creative day though so channel energy into art, music, writing, and making things beautiful!  It's not a very good day for a business deal even thought there's no void Moon until 11:36 pm EST. Neptune puts the truth in question and the Scorpio Moon tends to hide real feelings. Unless it's an opinion and then it may be communicated loudly and clearly!  Today can be great or a bit tricky.  Trust your psychic side or an intuitive hit from a friend.  Capricorn and Cancer that goes for you especially. Wear black today.

The Moon moves to fiery Sagittarius at 2:36 am and is in harmony with Mars and Saturn early on.  This helps light a fire for what we need to do. Take care of promises and obligations you've made with a smile and a sense of adventure. Be in the moment. A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down easier as they say.  If you're free and clear of responsibilities, it's a great day to hang out, play hard, travel and get out of your usual routine.  The night brings two squares in the zodiac and it might be hard to agree on things.  Sagittarius and Pisces may want to change things up at the last minute.  One tricky thing tonight is the urge to bail on plans for a better offer, which probably will not go over well or be easy to explain.  It might be best to make last minute plans anyway.  Leo, Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries will probably like the Sag Moon best.  Wear red.

Venus makes her move to Aries today favoring new love like spring fever!  Venus and Mars retrograde in Leo harmonize rekindling, especially past, relationships.  Aries and Leo are most involved in this along with Sagittarius. The Moon is in Sagittarius for spontaneous good times!  Make a date with someone you used to hang out with and feel that chemistry again.  Mercury and Jupiter favor creative and potentially profitable endeavors with a big meeting in Pisces tonight!  This is like the tale of teaching the people to fish rather than merely feeding them one meal.  Learn to cast your own nets!   Wear purple today.

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