Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly March 8th

The Moon is void of course in Sagittarius from 6:14 am to 12:13 pm EST.  If you can take the morning slow that's probably ideal.  A very serious Capricorn Moon kicks in urging a productive couple of days.  A business like attitude is a good idea. Put your best foot forward and show your ability especially in any stressful situation or where organization is required.  The Moon squares both Saturn and Venus so all kinds of situations from relationships to work require lots of effort!  Aries, Libra and Capricorn host these planets and the Moon so may feel this most!  Tonight the Moon meets Pluto in a head on serious conjunction.  Things that have been put aside have to be faced.  Great ideas can come out of this too though!  Pluto dredges up the hidden or buried and Saturn stirs up old business.  Moving out of a bad phase or habit is possible with a strong attitude.  Capricorn and Cancer, Libra and Aries deal with relationships. Sagittarius and Gemini face a work or money challenge and form a plan.  Wear brown.

The Moon is in Capricorn. Taking a hard look at realities is in the forecast.  Good plans of action are necessary and striving for success is worthwhile.  Organization and structure count today, and Capricorn and Taurus may be the ones to make it happen.  Venus is opposite Saturn and love and relationship challenges continue.  All signs may feel this but Libra and Aries host these planets while Gemini and Sagittarius might be dealing in delicate friendship or romantic situations too.  All partners and couples feel a pinch of stress as these two planets oppose. The best case scenario is you get a new plan in place for dealing with whatever needs to be done.  It could be a big day for breakups that have been in the works.  Today is not about sugar coating things.  The Moon works with Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces for rational and creative planning and solutions to problems.  Blend structure and art and balance things out.  Tonight is about talking, making decisions, allowing for some flexibility and creating a time line or other course of action.  Socially it's a decent night if your work is done! Wear green.

Mars stations direct mid day today! This is great news for Leo and Aries who may have been most impacted since December.  Mars direct helps all of us go ahead with plans and renew physical energy!  Mars will spend a couple of months retracing steps in Leo, and this benefits people in education and the performing arts, both Leo ruled! Aries, your luck should improve as spring comes! Plus you have Venus in your sign so this is an active, energized time!  The Moon is in Capricorn and moves void of course at 4:59 pm EST. The Moon and Sun work together for decision making and general confidence today!  Pisces and Capricorn like this!  Tonight the Moon is void which does help us relax, and the Moon and Uranus combine for brainstorms and creativity!  Don't expect things to go on schedule or as routine matter though! Tonight has some surprises.  Be a little bit careful and don't be taken off guard. The Moon moves to Aquarius 42 minutes after midnight EST.  Wear blue.

The Moon is in Aquarius opposite Mars and in harmony with Saturn in Libra. Mars is now direct so looking for some agreement in stubborn situations is a good idea, finally.  This action is in fixed signs who don't want to give up ideals or vision so concessions will be necessary on all sides in order to make things work.  No one gets all of their own way today.  Saturn throws in some structure to help with organization and time lines once again. It's a better time to launch new projects and to be scheduling things.  Build on something you started then abandoned late last year.  Venus is a major player too, working from Aries with the Aquarius Moon urging us to form new relationships and friendships.  Venus is out of sync with Pluto though, and work relationships, long term complicated alliances, and other romantic entanglements may be difficult.  New, fresh relationships are favored over the ones with baggage attached.  Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini have spring fever while Venus is in Aries!  Leo, distant places and new experiences and  interests call to you! Libra, this is a good social day or night.  Tonight is good for getting out and connecting with people. It's an extrovert's night.  Wear turquoise blue.

The Moon is free of any entanglements and in Aquarius for one of those no complications days! Aquarius is the sign of vision and friendship so act accordingly. Keep things fun and drama free.  At work, teaming and collaborating or mixing business with pleasure is good. Doing something with a best friend is favored day or night.  With the Moon sailing smoothly, take advantage of Mars in Leo now moving forward after a long retrograde and get something that was stuck or on hold moving again.  An don't forget about that Venus in Aries spring fever, and make a date! New love is in the stars now.  Wear pink.

The Moon squares Neptune and then moves void of course from 7:57 am to 1:43 pm, in Aquarius.  Those hours could be confusing and it's better not to make big decisions. It's a good day to sleep late and take your time.  Save shopping and important conversations for the afternoon or night.  At 1:43 pm the Moon moves to Pisces, a sensitive place in the zodiac.  Romance, the arts, music, and films are a good way to spend your time.  The Pisces Moon works with Pluto and may bring up deep, strong feelings.  Love and romance is very emotional tonight.  Be aware of other people's feelings.  Wear green.

The Pisces Moon meets Jupiter and the Sun meets Mercury in that same sign.  It's a highly emergized, emotional day.  Most of this should be good as long as you don't have a problem with people expressing their feelings.  The Sun and Mercury spark intense conversations and declarations of love or interest. The Moon/Jupiter conjunction is generous and creative as well as very tuned in and empathetic.  Today has the potential to be cathartic and could inspire a song or piece of art or deepen a relationship.  It's a day for an open heart.  Reconsider a direction before tomorrow's New Moon and prepare for fresh starts. Wear light blue.

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