Friday, February 26, 2010

Full Moon in Virgo Sunday February 28th

A Full Moon in Virgo is particular, fussy and discriminating. With information overload and questions of accuracy and truth, this may not be such a bad thing as the month ends.  Ask questions and clarify things.  Communication is a big issue on the Full Moon weekend this month!  Go ahead and distrust a situation that doesn't feel right.  However, trying to control things is a waste of energy since the Full Moon opposite Uranus guarantees the unexpected and Jupiter and the Sun reassure outcomes to a great degree!  Virgo has trouble going with the flow, but planets in Pisces encourage us to do exactly that!  Pay attention to details but don't sweat changes of plan and schedule.  Avoid senseless mistakes and make sure what you say is really what they heard! It's a good idea to back up words with emails and emails with phone calls if anything important is in the balance!  The Sun and Jupiter provide a fun, creative, caring clash of energies in Pisces to go along with Sunday's Full Moon! Find something to celebrate about! 

Virgo-Try to relax and let the universe take over.
Libra-Don't burn the candle at both ends. Burn off anxiety with a workout or just rest.
Scorpio-Friends may need you. Take a little chance on someone.
Sagittarius-Career situations have two sides. Make sure you're projecting what you want the world to see. Brighten your room or home.
Capricorn-Branch out and seek something new.
Aquarius-Money matters turn to your favor with a good effort. Reap what you've sown.
Pisces-Spectacular as long as your partner isn't driving you nuts.
Aries-Dream big! Do healthy things.
Taurus-Big career move is very possible. Stay in contact with friends. Make a wish. Get a lucky break.
Gemini- You've got the spotlight on you. Look good and face the competition.
Cancer-Stay in touch with family. Expect interesting news.  Communicate clearly! and Listen.
Leo-Money! The news could be very good in this department! Do your taxes. Invest/work/ profit!

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