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Sagittarius is the zodiac's philosopher and sign of higher education, and today the Moon in Sag works with the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in Aquarius. The attitude is in the moment but with an eye toward the future.   Instead of acting completely spontaneously, consider the next most likely occurrence in a chain of events.  Sagittarius Moon time is adventurous and planning your next big journey or embarking on one is favored. We will tend to romanticize situations. Just be aware that rose colored glasses may paint a picture a little bit rosier than reality today.  Venus and Neptune meet which in some cases will be surreal, escapist, or a little bit deceptive but can also be romantic and fun.  Keep things somewhat light and avoid trusting so much you could get hurt or be fooled.  The Moon and Uranus keep us on our toes and create a topsy-turvy effect.  It may seem like things are happening fast! Discuss your dreams and plans with someone and "choose your own adventure" tonight.  The Moon is void of course from 11:58 pm on.  Be low key after that time.  Gemini, relationships and other news and surprises activate.  Sagittarius, conversations and other communications are important and hopefully inspire you today!  Aquarius, friendship and love knocking on the door may distract you from work!  Leo, you're all good with the Sagittarius/Aquarius energy of the day!  Wear pink.

The Moon is in Capricorn square to Saturn and meeting Pluto. After what appears to be a happy, free spirited Monday, realities set in.  Focus on ambitions and be practical.  If you've blown off responsibilities the effects will be obvious.  There's no real ducking from work and answering for actions.  Saturn will in some cases bring up past problems for resolution or reconsideration.  The Capricorn Moon isn't very sympathetic, so save sob stories for another day.  It's meant to be an unemotional day full of productivity and planning.  Cancer you may be dealing with skeletons out of the closet, especially in relationships.  Capricorn, it's a just plain serious day and career and your image need to be considered in all you do.  Scorpio, serious news or conversations dominate your sign for a day or two.  You may really have to think things over seriously before final decisions.  Tonight and later in the day Jupiter helps attitudes some and lends an air of generosity.  Tonight aim for both creative and useful in work and studies.  Wear gray.

The Capricorn Moon continues in the spirit of productivity and ambition.  Again, we can avoid the inevitable. Dealing with situations calmly and sensibly is the best plan.  Dramatics will not be likely to get you far.  Mercury moves to Aquarius around 4 am EST for a few weeks stay, and a logical, scientific mindset may shed new light.  Mercury is friendly and outgoing while not getting too close for comfort now.  It's a good time to meet new people, chat and become acquainted. It's also prime time for envisioning and drawing up new plans.  This is a really good day to get through a pile of work and check off the to do list.  Tonight is better for work or study, but some relaxed fun where nothing big is at stake is also a decent plan.  Virgo may be feeling the need to connect with friends and do something fun.  Pisces is also a good friend to call on or involve.  Today's color is brown.

Venus moves to Pisces at 7:10 am. Venus in Pisces until March 7th helps us negotiate the waters of change with people we care about.  Shifts in relationships and friendships go more easily. We tend to be more forgiving but also more sensitive.  It's a time of enhanced intuition, romance, artistic sensibility and beauty.  Pisces Venus is the power of attraction and to work with Venus look your best, consider changes in your appearance and turn on the charm!  Scorpio, Venus helps you attract new friends and relationships and Virgo, the relationship you are in is favored to deepen or just enjoy good times!  There's a long void of course Capricorn Moon today from 7:38 am to 6:24 pm. Get routine work done and avoid important decisions including major purchases.  The Moon moves to Aquarius at 6:24 pm and meets Mercury tonight.  Solid plans fall into place and group meetings can result in long term action!  Tonight is good for experimenting, scientific thinking and tasks that require memory and attention to details.  It's also a good night out! Wear turquoise today.

The Moon is in Aquarius, the zodiac's architect and engineer. Figuring out how to work something is in the forecast.  Aquarius Moon time is good for logical thinking and Saturn weighs in from Libra with even more mental energy.  Group and community efforts are favored. Team up rather than trying to do it all yourself now.  The Moon is opposite Mars retrograde in Leo which tests our patience and ability to compromise. That may impact personal situations more than work, and creative differences and tension are the result.  Leo and Aquarius are in the middle of that action!  Aries it may affect love and friendship for you as well.  Tonight Mercury is in harmony with Saturn and those of you working or studying may come up with solutions that seemed elusive.  Socially it's a  mixed night with a friendly Aquarius Moon making acquaintances easier to be with. Any complicated relationship situation could be easily exacerbated!  On this day and night before the New Moon we should also reconsider anything that's not working well and prepare for fresh starts. Turn things over in your mind and sleep on it. Wear blue.

The New Moon in Aquarius arrives tonight at 9:51 pm. This is a big day for planning and rethinking. Get ready for new things and tie up loose ends if the timing is right.  Being free and clear of any aggravation or unfinished business will feel great! Aquarius brings in that air energy so think of a breath of fresh air or that deepest breath of the day or even a cool, much needed breeze on a hot day.  That's the goal of tonight's New Moon! Aquarius is the sign of friendships and community. You might finally join a group or class you've been drawn to or clear out a friendship that's become more of a problem than a plus.  With Mercury opposite Mars everything is up for discussion! Arguments and debates are likely . Try to keep them productive rather than engage in useless complaining.  Gemini, Aries Leo, Aquarius and Virgo may notice this most but it can certainly affect all of us! Neptune is very close to the New Moon so be careful of illusions and deception.  Act on what you know is true without a doubt! Avoid deciding anything that seems a little cloudy or uncertain.  The Moon is void of course from 11:33 pm EST  until morning. Wear white today.

The Moon moves to Pisces at 7:23 am EST and meets Venus there this afternoon and Jupiter tonight! Subconscious wishes come into play!  It's Valentine's Day and Venus is in a good spot for romance!  Jupiter is luck and generosity!  Even Valentine skeptics may find that today is pleasurable! If not in love, creativity, friendship and good times in general are favored.  It's not a good day to have to get work done!  The Sun and Neptune also create an air of romance and fantasy in the sign Aquarius!  The universe is in harmony today with a big concentration in Aquarius and Pisces which is also good for Virgo and Leo in love and Libra and Scorpio social and love lives!  Be decadent, have fun, don't get caught up in what you think should be and instead pursue what you love and wish for!  It's also a good day for music, films, and the arts! It's not a red day! Wear pink!

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