Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekly February 1

The Moon is in Virgo. Neatness counts.  There's fussy energy in the forecast, but your meticulous eye and attention to detail may pay off. In fact it's a good day for accounting.  Go over the fine points and get the project to perfection even if that means revisiting it again and again.  Virgo and Aries will want to take charge and feel that something is at stake.  Pisces is likely to feel nagged and complained to.  Taurus the perfectionism may drive you out of your mind today.  The Moon is in harmony with Mercury so go forth with projects and plans and pu things on the calendar with solid dates and times. Mercury is still in Capricorn helping us with ambition, job hunting, and organization in general.  Capricorn you may want to pack, arrange, and have things tidy and in order, and you're one of the most favored to be making big future plans now or getting ready for a move.  Tonight the Moon is opposite Uranus and that always stirs the pot with unexpected ingredients.  Could be a little bit more spicy or bitter than you wanted.  Keep some flexibility for last minute situations tonight.  The Moon is void of course from 11:17 pm to 8:42 am. Wear black.

The Moon is waning and meets Saturn in Libra. Making decisions about what stays and what goes is in the forecast. Saturn retrograde is urging that we cut the fat and let go of unproductive situations, relationships and outgrown clothes or habits.  This would be a good day to quit smoking, but on another level you may decide a haircut is in order.  The haircut could be more to simplify your routine than because you think it's more stylish. We're making the practical decision today. You get the idea.  Now Libra Moon time doesn't mean it's easy to make up your mind, in fact being on the fence is natural today. Make lists of pros and cons and listen to advice whether you take it or not.  Analyzing things with the intent of doing something about them is predicted.  The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and nothing but the most sensible will do.  Be fair in your dealings with others.  Tonight, the Libra Moon favors music and the arts and is in harmony with Mars retrograde in Leo so you may get to act the part you dreamed of in the past.  This is very extroverted energy so it should be a good night out. The performers rule the stage but the backstage crew shines too.  Costumes, scenery and makeup! If you're working or at home the creative juices should flow.  Wear light blue.

The Moon is solidly in Libra in harmony with the Sun and Venus in Aquarius! This would have been a great situation for Valentine's Day so act as if!  Love and relationships, friendships and the groups we belong to are important today!  Get involved, make a date, work out a friendship riff, and attend gatherings, parties, fundraisers, or just get people out to lunch together!  It should be easy to connect and make plans.  Libra is the sign of partners, couples and best friends, so be a duo but hang with other cool people together!  Like minds will attract and can really make progress in work situations too! Team up.  Tonight minor disagreements or  misunderstandings could be the result of Libra Moon square to Mercury, but the goal  should be to work out what is most fair to all.  Listen carefully and try not to react quickly to avoid misinterpreting someone. Aries, attention and sensitivity is required in all your close relationships.  Cancer, work something out with a partner and significant other as disagreements are in fact likely for you at home and in love.  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius, you have the best conditions for making a date or just having a great time with friends! Gemini, today is generally lucky for you!  Today's color is pink.

The Moon is void of course from 4:28 to 11:55 am EST. During those hours judgment isn't likely to be spot on so if you can wait on an answer or commitment, after noon time is more of a sure thing.  Use the morning hours for routine work, cleaning and organization.  Write everything down since we're likely to be forgetful too!  Lies and half truths are forecast for the early hours so don't be too gullible. Trust your gut reaction to someone's story.  The Moon moves to Scorpio at 11:55 am.  Focus should kick in.  Scorpio Moon time is relentless and unforgiving so no excuses allowed!  Pay attention to personal matters and keep them private! Nose to the grindstone with work.  In the evening the Moon aligns with Jupiter in Pisces and Mercury in Capricorn keeping spirits lifted and conversation flowing.  Tonight is great for creativity and not bad for love lives.  Cancer and Virgo you should feel good about this!  Scorpio and Capricorn you make a good team today.  Wear dark reds.

The Scorpio Moon squares both Mars and the Sun. Full Moon things from last week are activated again! Today our patience will be tested! Heated situations are activated and answers may not be easy.  Scorpio Moon time is stubborn and compromise and forgiveness will be a struggle.  We may have to wave white flags and agree to disagree.  Otherwise arguments and strong feelings dominate the day.  Mars is retrograde so some of this is old business revisited.  Issues regarding infidelity and other forms of disloyalty come up.  Try not to give anyone reason to doubt or distrust you today.  The Scorpio Moon means we'll dig our heels in and do things our own way. Some sulking or acting out is likely.  Mind your own business today. Taurus will find relationships particularly difficult and Scorpio could be feel similar.  Business may be difficult for Cancer and Cancer and Capricorn will worry or haggle about money.  Tonight should be kept simple. It may be as intense as last week's Full Moon or more so! Wear black.

The Moon is void of course in Scorpio from 11:12 am until 7:03 pm. The Moon squares Venus in two fixed signs so disagreements or just not finding your nearest and dearest in sync continues.  Get routine work done and keep to yourself or at least avoid gossip today.  If you need to make a solid plan do it early in the day.  After 11:12 am it may be hard to make the best decision.  At 7:03 pm the Moon moves to Sagittarius for a much more fun, free spirited night.  That doesn't mean people will be reliable though!  Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn make for an interesting and eclectic combination this afternoon and tonight. Take dreams and fantasies and make them real?! Keep you might flexible enough so that you can take your best offer and not disappoint a friend.  This day should get better as it goes on.  Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo, and some Scorpios get sweet vibes.  Wear purple.

The Sagittarius Moon engages with Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Stay flexible but organized! In other words, have a plan and a system but be willing to adapt that if necessary.  Keep things to scale rather than overdo or exaggerate and avoid disappointment or the word "no".  The Moon and Mars in fire signs dominate the day so there's no holding back or keeping a fire sign down!  Leo, Aries and Sagittarius have emough motivation and spark for all of the zodiac!  Scorpio and Taurus, you must get organized with financial situations even if you really want to have fun with the rest of them.  Last minute plans could go exceedingly well!  Today's color is red.

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