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Weekly February 15

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The universe is full of conjunctions right now-that's a meeting of heavenly bodies!  This puts alot of things in sync and is a good time to focus your energies, get on the same page with someone, clarify things, and bring it all together! If there's a downside it may feel one sided.  The conjunctions have been happening in Aquarius and Pisces, and after last night's Moon meeting with Jupiter today should feel optimistic. We're riding the wave of Saturday night's Aquarius New Moon, so it's a favorable time to take action, put plans in place and go forward with changes.  Aquarius is the sign of global and collaborative energy, friendship and community. Finding a group you belong with is a great idea today, so attend a meeting or practice and consider joining.  A new group of friends or coworkers can refresh your social life.  Expand upon the people you know and network or hang out with.  We have two more conjunctions tomorrow, but for today two sets of planets play tag team. Venus and Pluto stir things up in love and instigate creativity, from the signs Pisces and Capricorn.  Gently face even a challenging relationship situation and try to resolve it.  Write a dark plot or unrequited love song.  Capricorn may get the urge to write while Scorpio has the urge to create other art, most likely related to love and real life.  Mars and Saturn fire things up in Libra and Leo, urging organization of self and other activities and we get back to old friends and previous projects.   That may include something you'd rather not deal with, but you might find it's not so bad after all!  For Cancer that means money and business.  Tonight, the Pisces Moon is a little bit lazy and says go with the flow.  Wear green today.

Two more meetings in Pisces rule this day! A  Jupiter/Venus collision is happy happy joy joy so I hope you get the best of that!  To work with it, be open hearted, creative, and unselfish.  Pisces is a giving and forgiving sign and today our capacity for generosity and love has a chance to grow!  This meeting doesn't happen often, so aim for healing and soothing and resolution now.  In love this favors Virgo, Pisces and Scorpios who are newly in love.  Taurus this is a good time to renew a friendship and get back in touch with someone you care about.  The Moon and Uranus also meet and this is unpredictable and part of a common monthly cycle, so feel patterns repeat.  Allow things to be up in the air and don't push an agenda.  Capricorn, family relationships are affected and Sagittarius, things may be topsy turvy at home.  Sometimes it's a good surprise so hope for that!  The Moon starts out in Pisces, is void of course from 9:32 am and then moves to Aries at 7:30 pm EST.  Don't rush things or try too hard today.  Schedules may not go as planned.  Tonight is full of action and motivation!  It's Fat Tuesday too and parties get crazy under the Aries Moon!  Sagittarius and Gemini are party people tonight! Wear red.

The Aries Moon lights a fire under us, and after last Saturday's New Moon, new initiatives and projects are favored.  It's a good day to start new work or a marketing campaign, especially for Aquarius or Pisces.  For Leo travel is favored during this part of the week, and the lion can also pioneer a new plan and unite people around a great idea.  Gemini is also a group leader under this Aries Moon, so look to those two to motivate the team.  The Moon and Saturn retrograde are opposed in Aries and Libra and fairness and equality are issues along with relationship matters that need to be revisited.  It's likely to feel like there's a lot going on and at a fast pace.  Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer, as the cardinal signs you may be most challenged by today's events.  Tonight the Moon and Mercury favor studies and problem solving, but it's also a decent night out with social vibes in Aries and Aquarius.  Wear yellow today.

The Sun changes signs at 1:38 pm when this year's Pisces birthdays begin. This is the day we call the "cusp" of Aquarius and Pisces.  It also marks the last third of the winter season!  The Moon is in Aries favoring everything fresh and new.  Neptune in Aquarius aligns with the Moon for quick escapes and spontaneous fun! It's a day to move and make things happen, but there's also a day dreamy aspect at work.  The Moon is void of course from 10:53 pm until 5:55 am EST. When the Moon is void of course we could be impulsive and we may need to think or react quickly.  Keep your wits about you late night.  Aquarius, wild ideas are in the forecast for you!  Pisces, the Sun in your sun tends to brighten your outlook and opportunities!  Taurus your connections with other people are important to your career now and it's also a day to focus on friendship and good times.  Wear white.

The Moon is in Taurus as of 5:55 am, in harmony with the Sun in Pisces this morning!  The alignment of Moon and Sun tends to give us confidence and helps us express ourselves.  Today has a stubborn streak as Mars retrograde weighs in from Leo. Opinions will be strong especially when dealing with solutions to long standing problems.  There's a question of how to approach things today.  Try to listen rather that think you're automatically right.  All in all this is a good day for getting things accomplished. Hands on work and exercise are favored under the Taurus Moon.  Tonight the Moon and Jupiter create a nice atmosphere for friendly gatherings where food is involved.  The vibe is generous and warm.  Leo is in the spotlight. Aquarius's house is a good place to gather.  Cancer, reach out to or be helpful to your friends.  Wear turquoise blue.

The Moon is in Taurus in harmony with Venus but square to Mercury.  Negotiating is in the forecast, especially in close relationships.  Making sure communication is clear and reciprocal will help! Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs and the tendency might be to shut out someone else's feelings or ideas.  Keeping two strong personalities apart is not a bad idea. Pisces may work well together with Taurus or Scorpio for example.  Scorpio or Aquarius and Taurus may be at odds though.  It's an earth sign day so whether you need to shop, clean the house, or get a good workout in, doing something worthwhile will feel good!  Taurus is a sign that loves the kitchen and cooking, baking, and entertaining are favored! Wear green.

The Moon is void of course from 7:16 am to 1:47 pm so it's a good day to sleep late, clean the house or do other routine things in the early hours.  Avoid shopping and any big decisions then.  Sunday brunch is very much in favor!  The Moon moves to Gemini for studies, writing and other mental work at 1:47 pm EST.  Tonight get motivated for a project, paper or pay the bills with Saturn and Mars urging us to take action on anything overdue.  No more procrastinating!  The Moon and Sun form a square and we need to pay attention to feelings as well as logic.  See if you can get the head and heart to work together tonight.  Wear yellow.

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