Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly February 22nd


The Moon is in Gemini square Jupiter and Venus. We'll have to work for what we get today.  Powers of persuasion will be helpful in both personal and business relationships.  Build your story or your argument accordingly!  Issues up for discussion include travel and anything that expands on what currently exists. Whether the cash or support is available is a big factor for Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini and Pisces especially.  In relationships Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo may feel negotiation is needed.  Be tactful with personal problems and don't blow things out of proportion.  Remember today that things are all relative and your obstacle might not be as big as you think.  Virgo and Gemini be aware of how you're viewed by others and work hard for a worthwhile recognition if that's a possibility for you.  Tonight is full of duality. There are two sides to everything and in love and family matters seeing eye to eye may not be easy.  Being willing to live with a truce is easier than struggling to make someone see things your way tonight.  Wear blue.


This morning the Moon will be in Gemini and the Sun in harmony with Pluto. Settling something once and for all is in the forecast early, before 12:29 pm.  State your case or your terms clearly and persuasively.  Surprise factors and turns of events play a part in today's business.  That may include someone being more agreeable or supportive than you expect.  The Moon and Neptune helps us dream up alternate way of doing things. Use your imagination today.  Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus, outcomes may be better than you expect! Ask for what you need.  The Moon is void of course from 12:29 pm to 6:29 pm and we are likely to be unusually indecisive. Consider that a good thing since it's better not to make any big moves this afternoon.  Relaxing, writing, and working creatively is favored and so is just socializing with friends.  The Moon is in Cancer tonight and moodiness is likely as the Moon squares Saturn. We won't be too happy with obligations including having to work or any task that requires discipline.  Fairness issues are a challenge too, and Aries may feel this at home while for Gemini and Sagittarius its more about dividing and sharing money or resources equally. Cancer and Libra may be just plain moody and hard to please.  Wear light blue.

The Cancer Moon is pleased with the planets in Pisces! It's like having a bunch of good friends to support your endeavors for the day!  Venus, the Sun, and Jupiter all in Pisces make it a water sign's day (that's Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio), and as long as you're comfortable with the realm of feelings and emotions you can make the most of this! It's a day for reconciling, empathizing, understanding and in some cases feeling each other's pain. Emotions are enhanced, but with most of the universe in harmony it should be the good stuff more than the bad. If you don't want to feel anything you better hide today! We'll cry at the movies and write love letters and express, in some cases, the depths of our feelings.  It's also a good day for actors to get in character and artists to feel new inspiration.  It'll be hard to be a hard ass today.  Expect tugging on the heartstrings.  Call Mom or someone else in your family that might be feeling forgotten lately.  Tonight is meant for cozy gatherings and family dinners. Wear green.

We start feeling the warm-up to this weekend's Full Moon! Uranus and the Moon meet to startle us out of any Cancer Moon stupor today. Expect the unexpected! It will be hard to anticipate how things will shake out.  With all the emotional energy in the air there could be some drama!  This afternoon the Moon is void of course making it hard to reach solid decisions. It might be best to wait though at the same time some quick thinking and action may be necessary! Try not to make permanent decisions or promises.  The v.o.c Moon lasts from12:48 to 8:08 pm when the Moon shifts to Leo! (weird for Leos like me born on 8-08!) Tonight the Moon meets Mars for explosive fun and over the top energy! Just put it to good use!  If there's a problem it's most likely to be temper tantrums or selfish behavior.  Aries, you're tempted to take big risks!  Leo, you're fired up and everyone better stay out of your way(at least that's how you see it!).  Sagittarius, any grass may seem greener than the one you tread on now and you might be planning your next getaway.  Aquarius, if you've been waiting to see when you'll turn up in this forecast, it's now!  This part of the week activates relationship, commitment, partnership and love.  It might not be all roses but you'll deal with things now.  If it is all roses the chemistry is strong and opposites may attract! Wear red.

The Moon will be full on Sunday night, and deadlines and conclusions are forecast now.  Saturn helps harness our energy from the sign Libra.  Buckle down and get some work done today even though the Leo Moon would rather play.  Find some balance and do both!  Saturn also cuts down on Leo's usual extravagance.  There's a little bit of willpower and structure that helps with diets and other good habits we're trying to stick with.  Still, Leo likes fun and attention and the need to act like a kid wins at some point today.  Today the oldest (Saturn) and the youngest (Leo Moon)L in the family may take charge or need to be the center of attention.  For the rest of us, meet a deadline or expectation, then party! That's the plan.  Wear purple.

The Moon is nearly Full, in Leo today and Virgo tonight. The Moon changes signs at 7:52 pm and is void of course from 3:15 pm until that time.   Avoid shopping then. Take an afternoon nap today! Leo and Virgo especially need the recharge this afternoon!  The Moon is opposing Mercury and Neptune and communication may be very unclear and downright deceitful in some cases. Leo and Aquarius watch out for that in love relationships (love/hate?).  If you've been all fired up and going full steam the Virgo Moon attempts to settle you down tonight. Work to accomplish something worthwhile this weekend from taxes to papers that need writing.  Information overload and questions of truth and accuracy come up today.  It's a good day to blow off some steam at the gym, yoga studio or b-ball court. Choose your sport or game! Wear navy blue.

The Moon is Full in Virgo at 11:38 am EST. The Moon is opposite Jupiter and the Sun in conjunction! Jupiter and the Sun together push for freedom and fun, generosity and creativity from the sign Pisces!  The Virgo Moon can be discriminating and critical, but the Sun/Jupiter conjunction balances this out with an "everything's going to be ok" message. Though this Full Moon is bound to bring unexpected news and surprises, it should be fairly easy to adjust accordingly.  Be agreeable and go with the flow and you'll feel better. Balking and trying to control things won't get you far, but Virgo might try and Libra might feel crazy in the head with all that's happening.  Aries and Libra, taking care of yourself is extra important for you during this Full Moon when you're a bit vulnerable to whatever is going around.  This can be an awesome day if you don't get too worked up about what's happening with or without you.  Today's color is white!

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