Saturday, January 2, 2010

Weekly January 4

Today has potential! The Moon is in Virgo and the Sun and Mercury retrograde meet in Capricorn. It's an earth signs' kind of day with plenty to be accomplished and taken care of. It's a great day to finally pull it all together and get organized and back on track after the holidays.  Mercury is retrograde, true, but attending to unfinished business and putting temporary plans in place is favored.  What is not so much in favor is long term commitment.  If you accept or start a new job for example, it may turn out different than you thought. We need to be flexible and that's not really a bad thing. Let go of expectations and try things out. If you're scheduling things, plan snow or rain dates along with the original.  The Sun and Mercury help us act on things we put aside. Marketing plans, restructuring and looking at alternatives to the original idea are all things we can do effectively with Mercury retrograde. If you have a meeting with the boss or a potential employer, present yourself as ambitious, positive, and up for a challenge. This is not a slacker's day.  Tonight the Moon works with Venus, Mercury and the Sun making it a good night for socializing, conversations, decisions that can be altered if necessary, and reconnecting with family or friends.  Wear navy blue today.

There are plenty of adjustments to be made and considered right now. Mercury is retrograde and we just had a lunar eclipse on New Years Eve.  The Moon is in Virgo all day and the most productive time is before 12:24 pm EST.  Words exchanged and plans made now are more reliable than later in the day or evening. Mercury and Venus meet in the early morning helping relationship matters. This also gives us an eye for beauty and detailed work, and so artists, photographers and designers should put some good work in today.  Zero in on the finer points of things.  After that we have a void of course Moon for taking care of simple, routine things, exercising or relaxing.  With the Moon waning in Virgo, it's a god day to start a diet, exercise routine, or other healthy habit.  It's also a favorable time to quit bad habits like smoking.  Virgo is health conscious.  We'll tend to want to help each other out, give time to causes we believe in, and generally get life going in the right direction today.  The Moon is opposite Uranus in the afternoon bringing news, surprises, and making some of us feel a little topsy turvy. Virgo and Virgo rising people may feel that way about relationships and partnerships while Aquarius or Leo may feel out of balance financially or with other business matters.  Take things easy and remember Mercury is retrograde so alot of "this" will shift again in mid January or later.  The Moon moves to Libra at 11:58 pm EST. Wear brown today.

The Moon is in peace loving Libra, but the rest of the zodiac is not on board! The Moon squares Pluto and mercury retrograde bringing up old business and not in the most pleasant or easy way.  Looking for some agreement is in the forecast but will require lots of patience and work.  Keep solutions temporary for now! There's hardly any point in aiming for long term solutions. Restructuring is likely sooner than later.  New information and situations will change things and it's best to not set anything in stone until after January 15th!  Try not to to be disagreeable or add to stressful situations today.   Agree to things on a trial basis or stay undecided under a Libra Moon.  The Moon also meets Saturn, feeling serious, strained or pressured.  Libra you may need to pick up other people's slack.  Aries, you might feel like putting your foot down in relationship matters. We may all realize we have some serious things to take care of or to take responsibility for.  Tonight this weighs on many minds. Talk things over without feeling a need for definite resolution. Bounce ideas around and write down the good ones for future reference.  Relationship problems are heating up tonight. Wear blue.

The Moon is in Libra, sign of harmony and balance. Today is mixed with the Moon squaring Venus and the Sun and working with Mars and Neptune.  Making decisions and commitments is not recommended virtually at all since Neptune has a deceptive, unrealistic influence and the Sun and Moon are not in sync.  Any kind of progress will take a lot of work today.  Mars lends creative, dynamic energy from Leo which can be used to motivate and fire us up. However, we may be best off with one good friend or partner we can trust or collaborate with since relationships in general will complicated or hard to negotiate.  The Moon in Libra wants everything to be ok between us, but Venus in Capricorn challenges that.  There's a struggle between the romantic, idealized vision and reality in love and relationship now. Add to that Mercury and Mars retrograde and it's best to keep things simple and sort of still.  Patience is required again today and tonight. Work on creative projects and vision.  Stick with a best friend.  Wear red.

The Moon moves from Libra to Scorpio at 5 am EST. The Moon works with Pluto and Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Taking a low key but serious attitude toward relationships, especially problems that need solving, is in the forecast.  Very deep feelings are involved here, but using a practical approach is best.  Venus, planet of love, is also in Capricorn, and detaching a little bit and not being extremely emotional will help. Take the clearest most logical perspective possible in whatever you have to deal with.  The Scorpio Moon is also creative and looking for organization.  It's a good day to alphabetize your books or music or to work on a creative project.  It's natural to want some solitude and privacy when the Moon is in Scorpio. It's not a day to push or overreact. Jealousy is often an issue under the Scorpio Moon. Expressing that could trigger something you really don't want to get into though.  Leave things well enough alone. Wear black today.

The Scorpio Moon squares Mars for hot tempers and quick reactions. That's something to watch out for! However the Moon is in harmony with Venus and the Sun in Capricorn easing some tensions especially for those signs and for Libra and Cancer in relationship matters and at home.  Tonight can be a fun night out and is not a bad date night at all as long as there's not baggage or jealousy involved. We tend to be passionate but possessive or to experience that from others affected by the Scorpio Moon.  As far as work and business, our focus should be strong for project and sustained work time. Wear maroon.

The Moon is void of course from 10:02 am to 1:10 pm. Avoid shopping then. It's a good day for a long brunch or sleeping late. The less scheduled today is the better as the Moon moves to Sagittarius a sign that loves unstructured time, field trips, and action.  The Moon squares Jupiter in the morning and it's likely plans should be scaled down. Avoid exaggerations that could be misunderstood or taken too seriously. Saturn and the Moon instigate philosophical conversations late in the day or night.  Wear green today.

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