Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekly December 28

Thanks for 10 years! Robins Zodiac Zone's original site went up in July of 1999 and in the year 2000 moved to and became a feature on WCYY Alternative Mornings! The radio forecast will be 10 in May of 2010. I'm going to have a party! Not to be planned until after Mercury retrograde though-right. Peace!

Mercury and Mars are retrograde so expect the last days of the year and the beginning of a new decade to be slow moving.  Act in that same sort of way, methodically and logically.  Returning to the past, healing old wounds, revisiting alll kinds of business and returning to activities and projects you left behind are in the forecast for a few weeks ahead.  There's no need to be in a hurry and we shouldn't let others push or rush us. The Moon is in Taurus and today is about pacing. Venus and Pluto meet in Capricorn which is a reality check in love and relationship.  In love we'll tend to gravitate toward safe and secure over new and adventurous.  It's a time of settling in and maybe reverting to old patterns, for better or not.  There'll be a focus on the practical like dividing of repsonsibilities, getting finances in order and just managing life together.  It might seem kind of boring or stagnant to some but to others could be grounding.  Today has a number of aspects between Moon and planets and  a void of course Moon from 12:34 to 8:13 pm. It will be hard to follow a schedule or rely on plans.  Taurus and Scorpio in particualr may have a difficult time with this and for Scorpio the commute or travel is likely to be affected.  Cancer there's a lot of relationship goings on right now, possibly more than you want to handle and Mercury retrograde is going to encourage you to shake things out by the end of January or so.  Many of us will be attending to old business or shaky decisions or actions we took around September of this year when Mercury had his last retrograde.  The Moon moves to Gemini tonight and debates are likely.  It will be hard to get away from discussions we'd like to avoid and from the overly talkative too.  Wear yellow.

The Moon is in busy, mentally active Gemini.  It's a day to work and think smart and it's best not to over analyze.  Gemini sometimes has trouble with this, but getting to the point and doing what has to be done would be a good idea today.  Make sure decisions have some flexibility with Mercury retrograde now.  We need to be able to change our minds or our course easily when new information surfaces.  Things scheduled now are more likely to be cancelled or postponed. Pencil in plans.  It's not a good time to make announcements or break news. Wait until mid January if possible.  Work behind the scenes today.  Venus the planet of love is active in Capricorn now, and today Venus and taskmaster Saturn form a square. We might find love and relationship to be just alot of work now.  Nagging and making demands or ultimatums is in the forecast but it's not really a good idea now.  It's just what's likely.  Saturn in Libra is affecting many couples and will be for a good long while.  So yeah, relationships will seem restrictive and less fun on days that Saturn is involved with Venus.  The best we can do is try to appease, avoid drama and be fair.  We are warming up for a Full Moon on Thursday, New Year's Eve, and it's positioned to be very emotional and oppositional. Anxiety is likely. Do things to de-stress. Tonight is social and also good for study and mental tasks.  Wear white.

Gemini Moon is in harmony with Mars in Leo. Now Mars is retrograde, and though we talk about it less than Mercury retro, it does have an effect. Our energy levels, physical stamina, and all that is masculine is ruled by Mars. In Leo, performers and entertainers of all kinds relate.  If it feels like you need to change your stage persona or how you represent in the public eye, you may be considering this well into the new year, possibly trying out new things. Mars is the rock star planet, and in Leo is very flamboyant and expressive. Try on a costume and see what fits this winter.  Today is very much about entertaining and humor, storytelling, showing off, and trying to recreate something. It's a natural time to revert to what's worked in the past. Learning new material may be slow or difficult now. The Moon is void of course from 3:29 to 9:25 pm, then moves to Cancer.  Tonight is ruled by what feels secure and comfortable. The Moon is nearly Full. Wear light blue today.

On the last day and night of the year and decade the Moon is Full with a lunar eclipse in a sentimental sign, Cancer, and Mercury is retrograde across the zodiac in Capricorn. Venus and Pluto also oppose this Full Moon, a Blue Moon. Though eclipses tend to force rapid change, there's more looking back than ahead as the new decade begins.  In fact, the year is meant to start very slowly and might even seem uneventful or static. We need to be patient right now.  Lunar eclipses often relate to the girls and women in our lives, and with this one you migh reestablish a relationship. Cancer is the sign of Mothers and home and relates to our ancestors too. The Full Moon is defiant and oppositional, extreme and emotional. It's a very sentimental, sensitive, and defensive day.  It's not a good day to confront issues or push matters.  Home and family are Cancer's domain, and staying close to home is favored over major travel and friends more than large parties.  Expect to hear from long lost friends, relatives, and people you've cared alot about even if you've lost touch.  The Moon opposes Mercury retrograde overnight and we have to choose our words and our battles very carefully. Misunderstandings are highly likely. Today's color is silver.

The Moon is void of course from 10:43 am to 9:41 pm EST. As far as bad judgment calls, today takes a Mercury retrograde prize so move very deliberately or not at all!  The first day of the year and decade is best for rest, relaxation, routine, and reconnecting.  Try not to start new things, make promises, or have important conversations.  Mercury is just opposite the just past Full Moon on a lunar eclipse! It's like an astrological bender!  Don't believe or be persuaded to make a decision you're not 100% ready for.  This is a very changeable and unpredictable day. Stay in the safety zone in every situation. More Full Moon eclipse news is likely and sure to be unusual.  Cancer and Capricorn, relationships and your place in the world are in flux and if you can hold on a decision until after January 15th, do that! The Moon to Leo tonight will relieve some of the Full Moon pressure.  Wear purple today.

The Moon is in Leo, relatively uncomplicated or affected by other planets today. Leo Moon time is meant for fun, socializing and practicing or performing.  The Moon and Saturn dance a little bit, but Saturn is reserved helping organize that fiery Leo energy.  Aside from Leo Moon, we're still adjusting or in transition with this week's eclipse and Full Moon and Mercury and Mars retrograde. As much as possible keep things simple and impermanent now. Mercury is retrograde until January 15th. Make plans you can change if need be, avoid commitments you can't get out of easily.  Make time for fun today and tonight. Wear gold.

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  1. Congrats on 10 years. Nice to have you carrying on the zodiac tradition in greater-Portland.

    I'm old enough to remember the days of the Cosmic Muffin on 'BLM. I look forward to the daily forecasts on 'CYY on my way to work, and usually try to stop by and get the "week at a glance," here.

    Happy new year and may 2010 be a great one astrologically.