Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekly January 11

The Moon is in Sagittarius, a sign that prefers not to be told what to do.  Putting emphasis on independence is in the forecast, and today is for seekers of truth and adventure.  One sign ahead, the Sun and Mercury retrograde meet in Capricorn. We'll tend to say things we wish we'd expressed long ago, and there's a tendency to be just out with it, less concerned with someone else's reaction and more about doing ourselves justice.  Capricorn has the ability to emotionally detach and a practical stance is likely.  "This is just how it is" fits today, however, Mercury is retrograde so make sure you're clearly understood and say only what you're certain you really mean!  Tonight the Moon is in harmony with Mars retrograde in Leo and we'll want to DO what we wish we'd done in the past.  Retroactive action is in the forecast all day and night. Some will look for retribution too so be aware!  It's a good day or night for learning things, especially the "how to" part and how things work, but we might not want to take advice or get too much help.  DIY.  The past comes back to haunt or for resolution now.  Mercury is retrograde until Friday.  Wear yellow.

The Moon is in Sagittarius forming a square to Uranus in Pisces. These are two very changeable signs and today is unpredictable.  Be ready for most anything and be careful what you believe. The Moon is involved with Neptune which is creative but deceiving.  It's all about illusion which is nice for artists and magicians and might lend a romantic air to travels and plans.  But in business and personal dealings things may be glazed over or twisted to fit what someone thinks you want or expect.  Ask lots of questions and be cautious about what you agree to.  Tonight the Moon and Jupiter align provoking interesting conversations and sparking some motivation to learn and seek new opportunities. On the other hand things may be exaggerated and overblown.  If something seems too good or overly exaggerated today it probably is.  After Friday our judgments should be clearer and new information will surface so be patient if possible.  The Moon is void of course from 9:43 pm to 11:54 then movving to the sign of the Goat. Wear gray today.

The Moon is in Capricorn, and Saturn stations retrograde putting 3 planets retrograde at once!  Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, is about discipline, rules, structure, and challenges.  Saturn retrograde in Libra and later Virgo lasts until May 28th.  We don't focus on Saturn's retrograde as much as Mercury for example,  however, Saturn retrograde can make us feel insecure and unsure about what's realistic and manageable.  Libra and Virgo and those with these rising signs will be affected directly, and if you're in Saturn return time-closing in on age 30, you may feel like you're regressing or act out repression or depression. Technically this is a better time to attend to only old business and have very good boundaries and think three times before taking on new responsibilities.  A very slow approach with everything is best right now.  Today and tonight are a total mix! The zodiac is very busy and it's likely you'll feel there's alot to take care of, particularly things left unfinished, overdue or owed (money, time or anything).  We might not like today's obligations much, but we're likely to buckle down and fulfill them with the Moon in a sign of responsibility and structure.  The Moon and Mercury retrograde bring up the past in many possible ways-people, situations, places, mail, and news.  Tonight, spontaneous ideas and plans may work out, especially for Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Wear black today.

Today is about reconsideration and rethinking things on the last day of the lunar cycle with Mercury, Mars and Saturn retrograde!  The Moon is in Capricorn and keeping things structured and routine is the best plan.  Reorganizing and making backups, from files to plans, is favored. Save any new business until at least Sunday or Monday.  If you're considering a big change, get plans in order now. Pencil in dates and agree to get back to people next week. This goes for both personal and business endeavors.  Capricorn, Mercury has been retrograde in your sign and finally with a New Moon tomorrow you can wipe the slate clean if necessary!  Libra and Leo, you also host retrograde planets and may feel the pull to attend to unfinished business, but move cautiously.  This is a good day to regroup or recuperate. Process information at your own pace and don't be rushed.  Tonight the Moon and Uranus create that unpredictable atmosphere that seems to come and go with frequency these days.  Stay aware and on top of your game.  Wear blue.

The New Moon in Capricorn arrives with a solar eclipse at 2:11 am EST.  This is followed by the Moon's meeting with Venus at 4:02 am and then the Moon is void of course until 12:17 pm.  It's an eventful day astrologically but in our personal lives it's best to keep things simple, routine, and non committal.  Mercury stations direct at 11:52 am, ending the retrograde but moving just as slowly as you can is a good plan for the day!  Use careful judgment and keep some flexibility. This would make a better vacation than business day.  The Moon and Venus help with practical relationship matters and the organizing of chores, errands, or even simple, fun date plans.  It's not a day to take too much on.  The New Moon will fuel the days ahead anyway, so take your time.  The solar eclipse is a push and it may seem to come too fast if change or news come your way.  Solar eclipse relate to men in our lives who may leave or return now, along with Capricorns and Cancers who are also most involved in changes.  Keep the day light, attend to what has to be done and save the rest for later. Information could be very confusing today and our communication skills may be tested!  Wear white.

The Moon is in Aquarius and Mercury is direct! It should feel like a new day and is a better time for a new chapter than 1-1-10 was. If you feel like it, make a resolution for yourself today!  Mars and Saturn are retrograde and I won't talk about this often because they will stay that way for months and don't involve the communication and transportation problems as much as Mercury (we hope!).  During this time though, I'd put off building and restoration plans until March if possible.  Mars does slow and frustrate us with a retrograde in Leo.  Feeling less optimistic than usual might be the most common symptom, especially for fire signs.  Getting back to the Aquarius Moon, this is a time for vision and beginnings, joining groups and getting behind causes you believe in.  Today has a rebellious streak as the Moon opposes Mars and for Aries, Leo and Aquarius in particular it could mean arguments, debates or problems between couples and partners.  We are still re-doing and going over old business in many circumstances, yet this is a good day to start cleaning things or clearing things up.  Wear light blue.

The Moon meets Neptune for a daydreamy atmosphere. It might be hard to get motivated unless it's for creative work.  Artists, photographers, musicians and those who create atmospheres and illusions will like this most!  Jupiter moves into Pisces after 13 months in Aquarius. In Pisces, Jupiter is compassionate and also artistic and expressive.  Jupiter in Pisces is a blog worthy topic so I'll get back to that more in a new post soon.  Today is great for relaxing or working with and for others.  If you have business to do don't assume anyting is as it appears on the surface. Wear green

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