Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekly January 25th

The Moon is in Gemini from 6:11 am on for a busy day with a mostly positive attitude!  The Moon works with Saturn in Libra and Venus and the Sun in Aquarius, all air signs.  Air signs relate to the mind so using intellect and good communication is favored.  Whatever your agenda today, speak clearly and try to emphasize the bright side.  Optimism and intelligence win over naysayers!  We'll appreciate sound advice and should give that if we feel informed and confident enough to help.  Make decisions based on logic over emotion.  Make a list of pros and cons to get a clear picture.  It's a good day for writers and reporters since Gemini is a sign of words and messengers.  The Moon's square to Jupiter cautions against exaggeration and overly ambitious plans.  Keep things reasonable and to scale.  A little bit of drama works to make a point, but don't go over the top with that.  Tonight the Moon and Venus create the atmosphere for study groups and just plain socializing.  It's a talkative night and the comedians and showoffs in the group will be on a roll!  Gemini and Aquarius get the best out of today.  Virgo career plans may fall into place.  Aries is the wordsmith of the day.  Wear blue.

The Gemini Moon favors smart moves today.  Take action that's been well planned and thought out.  The Moon works with Mars retrograde and unfinished projects take precedence over brand new ones. Go back and finish a piece of work, especially a written document or story, a media related project or a marketing plan that didn't quite go public.  Create invitations and contact potential clients, guests, or contractors.  Return your messages, even old ones you hadn't responded to in a timely way. This part of the month is full of opportunities if you are willing to make contact and ask the right questions.  Tonight ranges from unpredictable to chaotic and can be very creative if you don't have to follow a template or instructions.  Attention span may be very short though!  Leo is the social butterfly and best friend or supporter tonight.  Taurus, you probably don't want to pass up a business opportunity, and keep your eyes open so you don't miss one!  Capricorn, keep focus on work and your workout plan too.  Wear gold.

The Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer at 9:01 am after being void of course overnight.  The overnight hours are shaky and unpredictable so be careful and avoid decisions or shopping online!  Venus is opposite Mars and relationship problems activate big time this time of the week and month.  We are warming up for the Full Moon now, and with the Moon in Cancer we're likely to be defensive and emotional if any little thing sets us off!  Pluto in Capricorn opposes the Moon practically assuring that things we want to avoid will be right in our faces.  Today could be quite confrontational, especially for Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius and Leo.  Libra you're not out of the woods either, and Saturn in your sign squares the Moon making both family and career issues heat up.  Do things to help other people lighten up or ease the burden today.  Jupiter throws in some compassion from Pisces and friendship should be easier than love or work relationships.  Wear light blue today.

The heat is really on with a Leo Full Moon pending, Saturday at 1:18 am EST. The Moon is in Cancer, opposite Mercury, really affecting plans and communication. Just when you thought something was a done deal, there's a new crimp or issue to adjust to and sort out.  Could be that things planned during the retrograde become impossible to follow through with now.  Try to ease disappointment by suggesting plan B and most importantly do not slight anyone today!  It's a day of grudges and sensitivities.  You might also notice more that usual the number of co-workers not at their desks or posts.  It's a physical or mental health day, and sick kids may be more common than usual too.  It's a big day for nurturing and parenting and trying to make people feel better in general!  Care giving types, get ready to put alot of energy out!  Take it easy as much as possible. Save over spending.  Eat or cook comfort food.  Take refuge at home or with people you feel like family with.   Tonight, the Moon and Uranus stir things up which can be creative at best and bring strange news too.  It's an emotional night and the Moon is close to Full!  Wear white.

The Moon is in Leo, Full tonight (tomorrow technically) at 1:18 am.  The Sun is opposite Mars today really activating everything!  Leo and Aquarius host this action and the Full Moon too!  Nothing will be calm, quiet or without debate!  Energy between friends and lovers is likely to heat up and range from anger to passion, possibly both!  It's a very fiery and competitive day too.  Big bursts of energy are in the forecast, and directing strong feelings and emotions in positive directions is one of the challenges!  Don't tangle with a Leo, Aquarius, or Aries today! They will win!  The Moon and Saturn engage and sharp wit and a need for structure are both evident.  Take nothing for granted and try to be reliable tonight. Let friends or family know if you appreciate them.  It's a good night for memorizing and rehearsing or performing.  The Moon is Full and meets Mars after midnight so situations can escalate quickly.  Avoid any situation that could get violent or out of hand.  Take people's words and emotions seriously.  There's very persistent and intense energy in the air!  Aries, Cancer and Capricorn take no chances with money or gambling.  Taurus, keep your focus close to home and don't be surprised if there are some big issues or outbursts there.  Wear purple.

We're in the Full Moon zone today. The Moon remains in Leo opposite the Sun and Venus and in conjunction with Mars. Venus and Mars activate matters in our love lives and other close relationships. All this opposite energy in Leo and Aquarius is stubborn but also persistent.  Compromise will be difficult. Opposites may attract if you can complement each other and make up for what each other need or lack. The attraction is more of a stretch than the tension though.  Mars makes us edgy and impatient, but with Mars retrograde near the Full Moon it may be old business and whether anything can be done to resolve that will vary from situation to situation. Patience will be hard to come by. Make the most of a Leo Full Moon with performances, parties, creative pursuits and fun and games with kids (or like kids!). Ripples of last month's lunar eclipse are felt too so changes that didn't quite kick in while Mercury was retrograde are up for another chance now.  Today's color is red.

The Moon is void of course from 1:27 to 8:23 am and then in Virgo. The Moon is opposite Jupiter and Saturn squares Pluto which is more of a story! The Moon is now waning and Saturn urges us to cut ties with whatever is worn out, not working, or negative in any way. Saturn is retrograde really pushing us to take care of old business and put outgrown habits or situations to rest.  Virgo Moon says take a practical approach. More than most Sundays it may feel important to take care of something once and for all or to just take amore serious approach to work or studies.  It's been an intense Full Moon time for many, and today is full of nervous energy. Try to relax into solutions and make changes without looking back. Wear navy blue.

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