Monday, January 18, 2010

Give a Zodiac Zone Birthday Forecast!

Robin's Zodiac Zone birthday forecasts are available for $20. This birthday greeting is delivered by email or on cd (time permitting) as an mp3 and is similar to the forecast you hear on the radio but unique to your or your friend's birthday this year!  Is Venus in your sign? Is this a good time for relationships or career plans?  How will the the New and Full Moons near your birthday help or hinder? Find out how the planets align for you this year! Forecasts are usually about 5 minutes long and included names of other celebrities who share your date of birth.  It's easy to order them by email at least a week ahead. Email date of birth and name to  Pay with Paypal or by check.

Here's a sample you can preview:
Robin's Zodiac Zone Birthday mp3

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