Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Full Moon Time

Full Moon in Leo January 30th 1:18 am

In the sign of heart and spine, the sign of courage and creativity, I've been feeling like this Full Moon would pack an intense emotional wallop! I'm a Leo though, so could I be projecting? That's always a possibility but I was really basing my prediction on the proximity of Mars retrograde in Leo and the opposing energy of Venus in Aquarius.  Even if you're not an astrologer or a follower of the stars, the words opposition and retrograde give you a clue.  If you're a fan of mythology, you know that Mars is the warrior, an aggressive force.  Mars is masculine and Venus feminine and when the two stand on opposite sides with their arms crossed in the fixed manner of Leo and Aquarius, relationship issues are not easy to resolve.  In this particular month, with Mars retrograde, old and unfinished business is the ultimate trigger so if you're going through a rocky stage, a divorce, or a make or break time, unresolved matters are the enemy.

It's a white hot Moon, fueling anger but also passions.  Jealousy, flirtations, infidelity, and strong undeniable feelings drive alot of activity as the Moon burns bright.  Mars near the Full Moon lends an air of competition, and we'll tend to do whatever is necessary to win the heart and attention of the one we desire.  At the same time, we'll stand far opposite the partner we take issue with. Realities we haven't faced up to become impossible to ignore.  Leo and Aquarius are most impacted in long term relationships, while Aries and Libra may be dealing with the same issues with significant others particularly since Saturn retrograde in Libra is also impacting the Leo Moon.  Conclusions reached during this Full Moon are serious and lasting. The Sun in Aquarius urges us to balance the heart with the mind and some visions beyond the moment.  Saturn pushes for some structure and definition around strong emotional heart-strong decisions.  The heart is a muscle, and Leo is forceful not passive and can be enormously brave and giving in love.  Determining what's really good for us in love and relationship is part of this Full Moon, and some of us will take big steps to resolving or confirming strong feelings, whether that means establishing commitment to or independence from another.  Oppositions. Extremes. Things are likely to be polarized in one direction or the other.

Other Full Moon effects include career matters and mature responsibilities for Scorpio, one sign most likely to be struggling for independence and some recognition.  Sagittarius and Gemini may need to break free more than other signs and find this to be a Full Moon of opportunity and worldly experiences.   For Virgo and Pisces some down time could be beneficial as this Full Moon can overwhelm with health issues or generally being overextended and trying to meet too many work obligations.  Remember the heart and spine are Leo ruled and vulnerable at this time.  Capricorn and Cancer should be vigilant with money, legal, and employment matters, aiming for successful negotiations and keeping balanced accounts.  Taurus, home life could be turbulent and opinions very strong and stubborn between members of the same household, from family to room mates.  Different living arrangements may come out of this period.  Full Moons illuminate the problems so we can see more clearly and Saturn adds a big dose of reality this month.

Now that we've aired out all the serious stuff, let's not ignore how much fun a Leo Moon instigates!  It's a great Full Moon to be single or dating and not in the relationship burdened by obligations or too many responsibilities. Parties, performances and events can only benefit from that Leo shine. Think bold, bright, creative, sparkly, outrageous, and brilliant. Adorn dramatically. Showcase your abilities. Be the strongest or the brightest with the Moon in the sign of the Sun, our solar system's biggest star. Act the part!


  1. I work in Fort Lauderdale. The town is gearing up for Pro/Super Bowls - all I can think about is how this full moon is going to be perfect for all of the parties/activities that are planned!

  2. Robin, you hit the nail with one swing & drilled it thru on this one!Our family is in such turmoil right now with my married eldest son, his wife, daughter & a slut on the side. I hope to God he realizes what he could lose if he continues that relationship.I would SO like to talk to you.