Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekly January 18th

Jupiter moved to Pisces last night and the Moon is also in the sign of the fish today.  Pisces is artistic, flexible and compassionate.  Knowing our boundaries is very important under the Pisces influence since the nicest of us can be taken advantage of easily.  Venus also changes signs, sliding into Aquarius where she remains emotionally unattached and cool.  It's still a very logical, practical time in love and relationship (versus the hopeless romantic of Venus in Pisces beginning February 11th).  This is a good time for planning a future though and for making decisions as a duo or couple.  Back to the Pisces Moon, it's in harmony with Mercury newly direct in Capricorn and we can blend creativity and logic well.  Clearer communication is in the forecast.  Answer messages and put things in writing or on the calendar more confidently today.  Wear blue.

The Moon is in Pisces and this is the last day of Capricorn birthdays.  It might be hard to get in the swing after a long weekend if you had a holiday Monday.  The Pisces Moon makes us want to take our sweet time, ease in, and work at our own pace.  There are no major angles in the zodiac today, but continuing to improve communication, get on the same page with each other, and re-start things that were put on hold during the holidays and Mercury retrograde time.  With the Moon waxing, we can get projects and plan going.  Pisces Moon is a good time to influence others so sway someone to your side today. Appeal to the heart.  Do creative work, enjoy music and art today.  Tonight the Sun moves to Aquarius at 11:28 pm EST. Wear silver.

The Sun is now in Aquarius and the Moon is void of course from 1:06 am until 1:36 pm. The overnight and morning are unpredictable and possibly accident prone so be careful in any questionable situations or places.  The morning may not be very productive and is not a great time for decisions, but the afternoon kicks in with an Aries Moon in harmony with the Sun and it's game on!  It might suddenly seem like everything that was stuck or postponed is happening at once now.  Tonight the Moon works with Venus in Aquarius for quick decisions, plans and opportunities.  The Moon's activity with Pluto and Saturn may be unsettling though especially if you've been trying to avoid realities.  Be assertive but not too aggressive or headstrong tonight.  Wear red.

The Moon is in Aries, a sign that likes to direct and/or control things. The Moon and Mercury square off for power plays, debates, and battles of words.  Who can outsmart who is the question! Power plays and attempts to be in charge create some conflicts and competitions.  Aries Moon time is competitive in sports and games too.  The Moon works with Mars and muscle becomes an issue as well! In fact in the end being stronger may be easier than trying to be smarter!  Burn some energy today and tonight. Being lazy or bored will only be frustrating.  Tonight make plans and do something! It's a good date night for Leo, Libra or Aquarius.  Wear yellow.

It's an Aries Moon and the first half of the day is best for decisions and motivation until the void of course time hits at 2:47 pm. The afternoon and night are more scattered and potentially very spontaneous and fast paced. Games and competition will be appealing and possibly intense today. Venus and Saturn pull the reigns in where relationships are concerned. Getting some structure around partnerships in either love or buisness is in the forecast. You might be asked to name or define exactly what a relationship is and call it something now.  Venus is in Aquarus and Saturn is in Libra and Leo and Aries are also most likely to experience this. Tonight the party gets crazy! This might be fun or a little out of control! Best not to play with fire literally or otherwise!  The Moon moves to Taurus at 11:39 pm and things get a bit more conservative. Wear pink.

The Taurus Moon puts us in the mood to work at things. Whether the body needs exercise or the mind needs focus, the Moon encourages us to have persistence and determintation.  We won't tend to back down easily. With Jupiter and the Moon in harmony we'll want to do everything on a large scale. Venus and Mars are both out of sync with the Taurus Moon which means lots of effort is required in love and close relationships.  Mercury does help with the negotiation process though, in Capricorn favoring the practical course of action.  Tonight disagreements can happen easily. If someone seems to be in a bad mood, back off to keep the peace or be willing to fight it out.  Today's color is green.

The Moon is in Taurus all day. It's a very stubborn day as Taurus has a reputation for but that's also due to the Sun in Aquarius aligned with Saturn the planet of discipline and structure. Figuring out  our limits and pushing the boundaries is in the forecast. We're not likely to want to back down, compromise or give up. Challenges might even be motivating!  Expect the later hours of the day and night to be newsworthy or unusual.  Take a deep breath before reacting tonight.  The Moon is void of course from 10:03 pm to 6:11 am. Today's color is brown.

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