Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh No Not Again!

More on the retrogrades...Saturn joins the party today, January 13th and will be retrograde until May 28th.  Saturn retrograde in Libra from now until April 7th strongly relates to couples and is a less than romantic influence.  Relationships, including other one on one partnerships, become more about obligation than fun generally.  Saturn delivers lessons and requires plenty of hard work.  Sometimes Saturn retrograde is about learning to say no and stick up for ourselves.  Create boundaries.  Decide what's good for yourself, and then maybe you can determine whether your current relationship or partnership serves and suits you well.

From April 7th to May 28th, Saturn retrograde revisits Virgo bringing up challenges from last fall, particularly October. This period is meant for tying up loose ends and reevaluating commitments we made.  Virgo is the sign of service to others and Saturn is limitations and obligations, so if you've taken on more than you bargained for it will be evident this spring! 

In general, Saturn retrograde will impact 1 to 4 degrees of Libra-whether that's your Moon, Sun or rising sign, and those with Moon, Sun or rising signs in the last degree or two (toward the end) of Virgo.  Establishing boundaries and knowing our own limits is the key to stability during a Saturn retrograde, which occurs for about 5 months. Life can't be put on hold and that's not the point of Saturn retrograde. It's about preparing for the next challenge, letting go of what doesn't work anymore, and figuring out how much you can actually manage without overdoing it. 

Saturn rules structures, authority of all kinds, wisdom and experience, challenges, the elderly, antiques, health concerns, teeth and bones, ambitions, depression, past sadness or regrets, and restrictions.  Saturn could be represented by a sword, cutting away what's outgrown, or by heavy baggage on the shoulders, representing the burdens we take on and learn to manage or leave behind. 

While Saturn and Mars are both in retrograde together, from January 13th to March 10th of 2010, it's best to proceed very slowly and say no to any opportunity that may mean more work if the anticipated money or recognition is not an absolute certainty!  Consider putting start-ups or construction, for example a business endeavor or a renovation, until spring.  New initiatives now are likely to prove frustrating, time consuming, full of delays, and work without reward. Returning to old business and projects is more satisfying for this period of the year.

With all the retrograde action we're getting this winter, something a friend said recently rings in my mind. Responding to a comment I made about "being like old times" she said "Oh no, it's like new times!"  The temptation to go back, to regress, even to rekindle might be extra potent early this year, but you can never really go back because circumstances and people are always changing.  My astrological advice is to review the past, try to finish up unresolved business, but without trying to go back and recreate something.  It's not likely to work!  If you reconnect with a friend or lover, go with the intention of making the experience something new.  There's a reason why it didn't work in the first place so why repeat that?  If you return to a place, college or a job, you have to do it differently or you will be just as dissatisfied as you were the last time.  Use Saturn's retrograde like the scythe the Roman god Saturn carries, and cut away what's overgrown and full of weeds, from bad habits to unhealthy relationships.  The scythe can be used to harvest what grows and is beneficial, and that is ultimately the goal.

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