Monday, January 11, 2010


Retrogrades are the big astrological story as a new decade begins.  At a time when we often want to make changes and try new things, the heavens are creating a more favorable atmosphere for old business and urging we push new initiatives off until nearly spring.  All the 're" words apply this month. Regroup, rethink, restructure, reconnect, and re-do.

Mercury retrograde ends on January 15th. That day is particularly tricky so giving ourselves a buffer of at least a day or two is a good idea before putting things in writing, signing important documents, scheduling events, or making significant decisions and major purchases.  The retrograde began on December 26th and was felt as much as a week before that.  As January goes on we will rethink things we decided or committed to since then.  Dates will be rescheduled and we may not be able to follow through on promises and plans we made.  On a more global level, in business and politics, a time of restructuring is here.  Get back to old, unfinished business not only now but through springtime as Mars continues this trend.

Mars is retrograde in Leo until March 10th, 2010. This retrograde which began on December 20th, 2009 is also unfavorable for starting new projects and business, and therefore the first quarter of 2010 starts very slowly.  Some things to avoid during Mars retrograde include new building and construction or starting a business.  Things initiated during a Mars retrograde tend to fizzle or burn out.  Starting a sexual relationship now is risky if you want a long term relationship.  With Mars retrograde in Leo, optimism may be harder to come by and enthusiasm more difficult to muster up.  Pushing, forcing, and manipulating are not likely to produce the desired effects.  This is a better time to attend to unfinished projects and get back to neglected business. Tie up loose ends once Mercury is direct, but if possible wait until sometime after March 10th for major changes and start-ups.  Action will pick up even more in May when Mars goes beyond the Leo degrees he's backtracking now.

Saturn also goes retrograde this week, but the impact is a little bit different. I'll save that one for someday soon. This is enough to ingest for now!  Choose tortoise over the hare for the moment.


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  1. Ugh! We've been struggling with this! Sold our house in Maine and have relocated to Arizona. We need housing and jobs and schools but can't make up our minds. Commit... don't commit... We desperately want to move forward but the heavens are working against us. Please make it stop!!