Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekly December 7

The Moon moves from Leo to Virgo at 2:05 pm EST. The void of course Leo Moon is happy go lucky but makes room for Mercury and Pluto to dominate, and I mean that word in it's full context. Power plays are in the forecast.  Communication involves important conversations that shouldn't be shrugged off. Planning becomes very important.  Serious issues need attention. The hidden emerges and we'll look for some resolution as things we thought we avoided or buried stare us in the face! If you somehow are immune to that meeting of the planets in Capricorn, the Leo Moon just wants to take it easy or work on creative projects this morning.  Who gets what is hard to predict! The Moon to Virgo in the afternoon activates the practical, productive streak in us.  The evening is about work and study, writing and working on finances or even getting holiday cards to chores done.  Wear black today.

It's a 4th quarter Moon in Virgo and today flexibility is key. Problem solving and reconsidering details is in the forecast. Leo and Aquarius will have paperwork or forms to fill out and money matters to consider. Both signs may also consider new employment or leaving their present position now. There's no need to be in a hurry today.  The most practical decisions are favored.  Cancer and Capricorn there's alot of to and from, travel and word to get out. Send invitations or submit a finished project now.  Gemini, work around the house will be very satisfying even if it's a challenge to get things the way you want them.  Sagittarius you are the career oriented one today and need to not lose focus there this week.  If you are not in a career yet, you need to take a leadership role in a group you belong to or with friends now.  There's no need to set things in stone today-get things done and leave some room to change if necessary.  Tonight is the same.  Work takes precedence over social plans. There's a lot of the word "maybe" floating around.  Wear brown.

There's a long void of course Moon from 5:04 am to 5:47 pm. The Moon in Virgo is opposite Uranus in Pisces as it begins, throwing today off balance, increasing the chances of change and surprises and bringing unanticipated news. How we react determines the kind of day ahead.  It's not a good time for big decisions or purchases however we might relax and make simple decisions more easily.  Stay a little bit in guard and don't be pressured today.  The Moon moves to Libra tonight, squares  powerful Pluto and approaches Saturn. So while we may want to relax and be with friends, go out and have fun, there's a serious tone and plenty of reminders about the things we're responsible for.  The more we've fulfilled obligations the better tonight.  Wear gray.

The Moon is in Libra square to Mercury in Capricorn early in the day.  Mercury rules all our plans, conversations, and mental processes.  Decision making and compromise may not be easy today, but if you're willing to be persistent and agreeable it can be done.   Being fair and looking for harmony is favored over pushing your agenda at someone else's expense.  Power plays are in the forecast this week so it may be a struggle to hold your ground.  Half way or no way for Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries today. As the day goes on the Moon harmonizes with Venus and the Sun with Mars giving us energy and creating better feelings between us. Tonight the Sagittarius Sun and Mars in Leo practically assure fun and events are well timed!  It's a generous aspect too.  Wear red.

The Moon is in Libra, void of course after 12:44 pm. Shopping appeals to us and is favored with the Libra Moon, but our best judgment on purchases comes early in the day. Libra rules our appearance, so it's a good day for new clothes, a haircut, or new style. Make your best first impression.  The Moon works with Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun so we'll tend to see the bright side of things, be more forgiving and generous, and open to new people and experiences.  It's a good day for a holiday shopping trip and relaxing or fun times with friends this afternoon. Mixing business with pleasure is better than all business today. Tonight the void of course Moon is good for parties and plans, but be careful of your car keys, wallet and other things since we tend to lose track more easily under these conditions. The Moon moves to Scorpio at 11:31 pm. Wear pink.

The Moon is in Scorpio for the weekend. Scorpio Moon tends to hold on tightly and this weekend may be sentimental. In fact we may long for things to be the way they used to be or to reconnect with lovers and close friends from the past.  The Scorpio Moon works with Mercury for planning, creativity and productivity in general.  Venus in Sagittarius is working for freedom and understanding in love and relationships, but this Scorpio Moon can be jealous and possessive.  Taurus and Scorpio may be feeling some strain in relationship while Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius will tend to go Venus's way and be out mostly to enjoy life and have fun.  Today's color is maroon.

The Scorpio Moon is out of sorts today, square to planets in Aquarius including Neptune which adds to feelings of distrust. Things may seem needlessly difficult and people around us may dig their heels in and refuse to budge. Opinions will be strong, and we won't admit our mistakes very readily.  The fixed signs may have the most difficult time with each other-that's Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.  If you're dealing with those signs today realize that pushing or trying to control things won't get you far.  Taurus may be the exception, but may get the brunt of criticism or act unrealistically.  If you manage a smooth day with no arguments or debates today you may be in the minority!  Easy does it. Wear indigo blue.

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