Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly December 14

The Moon moves to Sagittarius in harmony with Saturn in Libra. Getting organized around educational and social plans is in the forecast. It's a good day to apply for school or get an acceptance, register for classes or plan an event or gathering.  Scheduling travel also makes sense today.  The Sagittarius Moon's free spirit is given a little structure and we'll tend to commit to things we penciled in as possibilities.  We're just a week from the degrees Mercury will retrace so it's better to commit now than after the 20th.  The Sun is also in Sagittarius aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius for good luck! Sagittarius is the archer so take aim at something you've been hoping for.  Gemini, love and partnerships are favored. Capricorn, this could be an important planning day.  Aries, your future plans can benefit from a step you take or contact you make today or tomorrow. Wear purple today.

The Moon and Venus are close in Sagittarius, working well with Mars in Leo for a fiery, active day.  Motivation should come easily but if not team up with Sagittarius, Aries or Leo and work together.  Today is fun and competitive favoring games and sports. Both Leo and Sagittarius instigate, and breaking out of ruts and routines is in the forecast.  Fire signs should feel fortunate and willing to take a chance.  Aquarius, your relationships and friendships are in the forefront, and making new friends and other social plans is on the agenda for you.  Libra, family relationships and communication can improve now with a little effort.  Venus and Mars getting along is generally good for love and relationship and right now favors Aquarius, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius most.  Saturn square to Pluto is today's difficulty and Capricorn and Libra and those with Libra or Capricorn rising or Moon signs are most affected.  This can be a harsh reality check and a message you haven't been taking care of things you're responsible for.  If you're about 27-30 years old this applies as part of your Saturn return time and you might be feeling the heat in cycles. Thew New Moon tomorrow means reconsider things and decide if a change of course is what you need. Wear red today.

The New Moon in Sagittarius at 7:02 am brings both lessons and opportunities this week.The Moon and Jupiter, Sagittarius's planetary ruler are working tightly together to open our minds to new experience and help us find ways to put our talents to good use. If there's a downside it's excessiveness.  Overindulgence is something to be reevaluated now.  The New Moon gies us a chance to trim the fat a little and adopt new habits, healthier attitudes, and a better attitude.  Sagittarius is a sign of honesty and facing fears is in the forecast. For some it'll be a time to stop running and escaping. That's where some of those Sagittarius lessons come into play! There's a long void of course Moon so shopping is one thing you may want to wait on, or save all receipts if you shop before 5:30 pm. Today is generous and, for Sagittarius and Aquarius especially, good fortune and lucky turns of events are likely.  Set goals and intentions and aim like the archer!  Tonight really put plans into action, stop procrastinating, and maybe go out and have some fun if other things are in order.  Remember Mercury retrograde is coming up quickly and now is a better time for big decicions, expensive purchases and progress in general. From 5:32 pm on, the Moon is in Capricorn meeting Pluto pushing us to accomplish and produce some results. Today's color is white.

The Moon is in Capricorn, and this is a day to take action, show organization, and really get things done.  Venus and Mars also work together favoring our interactions with each other and increasing mutual understanding. More than this even, Mars and Venus create chemistry and attraction, especially for Leo and Sagittarius.  It's a great day to make a date or let someone know how you feel.  It's fun and full of energy and not overly emotional or too sentimental.  Balance work and play.  Today is meant to be simple, to the point, spontaneous and productive both.  Tonight is a date night or time to party if work is accomplished first! Wear pink!

The Moon and Mercury meet in Capricorn for organization and planning.  Today is the last day I recommend shopping for expensive or unreturnable items. Mercury retrogrades on the 26th but we are into the shadow degrees the planet will retrace.  Decide, take action, and have important conversations today before 3:07 pm if possible. The Moon moves void of course then.  How much we can get done will determine alot about our stress levels. Business accomplished by the end of the day is well timed.  The Moon and Uranus are ready to stir things up late in the day with changes, conflicts of interests and unanticipated events.  Tonight things could get a little bit crazier than expected.  If you're working late, stick to usual routines and take precautions and back up everything. We should all back up files and have systems for remembering where we put or file things now.  Wear black.

The Moon is in Aquarius from 5:38 am through the weekend.  Aquarius Moon time will be creative, but unanticipated changes may be hard to deal with or adjust to.  Venus and Uranus are out of sync in Sagittarius and Pisces and relationship problems will be stubborn. Status changes are increased and we'll probably hear of break ups more than get togethers this weekend.  Don't let your friends down now. We need to know we belong as the Moon and Saturn align, and partners and best friends need to be able to rely on each other.  Let someone know you are there if they need you.  Try not to back out of plans.  Big gatherings and parties are favored with the Moon in the sign of community and friends.  Wear bright blue.

Mars retrograde begins and we are in the shadow of Mercury retrograde. Reversals of all kinds become more likely and it's good if we can slow down, take off some pressure, and go with the flow.  Back up all your files and check ahead for any potential changes of time or other plans.  Double check dates and avoid missing appointments or engagements.  The Moon is in Aquarius directly opposite Mars causing conflicts of interest, debates, and the feeling of being on opposite sides.  Friendship situations might seem to require we take sides too.  Today could be uncomfortable that way. Aquarius is a loyal, fixed sign so choosing a side seems unnatural.  We may have more trouble understanding each other than usual. Aquarius and Leo may notice this alot, and Aries this is your ruling planet in the place of luck, love and creativity in your chart, so if you feel like things are going against you, take a step back and don't force it.  Luckily Venus and Jupiter help balance things out with some optimism and generosity.  Go where you feel accepted. Avoid conflicts and resist the temptation to argue.  Wear silver.

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