Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekly November 30

The Moon is in Taurus tangling with Mars in Leo. These are very different energies, but working on long term plans and solving longstanding problems is worthwhile.  Solutions and compromises may not come easily but good things take patience and compromise sometimes.  Leo and Taurus are two signs that challenge each other for progress and growth.  Getting past some blocks and stubborn points of view is in the forecast as a result.  Squares dominate the whole day, so we have to work for what we want, and Mercury and Uranus say we also have to think on our feet and act on inspiration.  A-ha moments hit and everything can suddenly shift, especially in terms of how we think.  Be willing to change your perspective and listen to other opinions.  Tonight, Taurus and Pisces may question which direction is up, and Aquarius will bring up ideas you hadn't thought of.  Keep open minds but don't act without thought and consideration.  Full Moon warm up is in full swing tonight so we might get nervous or motivated about things that are due now.  Wear green today.

New calendar page! December! And the last month of the decade begins!  The Moon is full at 2:30 am tomorrow, so the urge to get important things accomplished kicks in.  After a very short void of course, the Moon moves to Gemini at 9:23 am. This busy, multi-tasker of a Moon sign also brings anxious feelings, hyperactivity, and a jump in metabolism.  The Moon opposes Venus early and debates start the day.  We may hear alot of crazy, unrealistic or exaggerated talk today.  Take things with a grain of salt and move on.  It's not really worth discussing unless you're ready to act or deal.  Big talkers, show offs, and con artists are at work!  Venus moves to Sagittarius at 5:03 pm and we have no energy for possessiveness, restrictions or jealousy.  Tonight is abut social plans, friendships and mixing business with pleasure if you have to work.  The Moon and Saturn work together and we can structure ourselves just enough but not too much if work or studying needs to be done.  It's a day and night for bouncing from one thing to another, taking on lots of little projects or trying not to be distracted so you can finish one thing on time this week.  Be ready for informati0on overload and an excess of nervous energy as the Full Moon arrives overnight. Wear red.

The Moon is Full in Gemini urging us to open up to new perspectives, be less stubborn or stuck, and be willing to learn.  Gemini is a sign of the mind and intelligence, and with a Full Moon our brains work overtime.  If you're awake all night with anxiety or anticipation, you are certainly not alone!  It's a time to reconsider and analyze what's been going on and see if a change of course makes sense.  Change is unsettling especially if you've been focused or set on one way of living or doing things.  This Full Moon brings an opportunity, but will you be too nervous to make the shift?  We're talking philosophies of life and learning here, so it's not small stuff.  Also, Mars from Leo pushes hard for a new attitude and more creative approaches.  The Full Moon is a complete extrovert this month, so everything is up for discussion and personal issues may be widely broadcast.  Realizing there is more than one truth, more than one story is in the forecast for all.  Taurus and Scorpio, this Full Moon is about financial matters, work, and related changes that can't be avoided.  Aries and Libra, conclusions to courses of study, media campaigns, and news of all kinds comes with this Full Moon.  Gemini and Leo you should be right in your element but if big things are happening, your nerves may be on overload.  Tonight is off balance and it may seem like the world is full of crazy manics.  Wear white today.

The Gemini Moon is void of course this morning and just past full.  This is not a good morning for big decisions and even small choices might feel difficult.   The Full Moon brings deadlines but it's not good to be pressed for an answer before 11 am today. Buy yourself time.  Do routine things, clean up but don't unintentionally hide things in the process. At 11 am EST the Moon moves to Cancer and we're better off facing things than doing the Cancer crab sidestep.  People may seem defensive or we may feel we have to protect our own best interests.  The evening is affected by Saturn in Libra square to the Moon and we revisit what's fair.  Can you share rather than hoarding? From needing all the attention to sharing the chores at home, issues of what's equal and just come up for resolution.  Falling back into our own little worlds or our own dramas is likely but if you're aware of that possibility you might be able to come out of your shell.  Everyone will need a comfort zone tonight.  Wear light blue.

The Moon is in Cancer and that can mean mood swings.  It's our nature to protect the people and things we care about and look for the most secure course of action today.  People will tend to retreat if threatened and may avoid problems and issues.  You'll notice people hiding out or missing from their usual posts.  Venus and Saturn start us off this morning by emphasizing relationships and once again fairness.  Divide responsibilities and make agreements you can live by.  Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra are most directly impacted in relationship, but many of us will experience this in different ways this week.  Venus in Sagittarius is looking for some space and freedom and an open mind, so this may be the day to talk about loosening things up a little bit, seeing other people, dating more casually, or redefining a long term relationship. Today may seem a little bit selfish or self indulgent and we might just have to allow that and let it go.  Mercury's last hours in Sagittarius are a chance to open your mind, open up options. Wear pink today.

The Moon is void of course from 12:08 am to 12:07 pm and then in Leo for the rest of the weekend. Overnight events may be strange or surprising with Uranus involved.  We'll tend to witness out of the ordinary events including ghost sightings and other supernatural occurrences.  The Leo Moon is in harmony with Saturn and structure mixed with creativity is in the forecast for the afternoon and night.  An art opening or opening night at the theater would be perfectly timed.  At 12:24 pm Mercury moves to Capricorn, the sign of the next Mercury retrograde phase which begins on December 26th officially and unofficially about a week prior to that.  Mercury aims for organization, getting paperwork, legal settlements, and ambitious tasks done days before Christmas, not after.  Make lists of what has to be done and check things off one by one for the next two weeks.  The Moon and Venus harmonize for a fun night out.  Leo Moon time inspires performances and enhances party atmospheres.  Wear gold.

The Leo Moon continues into Monday. Today is about festivities, shopping, sports and games.  The Moon meets Mars for competition and we might try to outdo each other in many ways.  The Moon and Sun in Sagittarius complement each other happily.  Adventures are appealing.  Boredom is out of favor.  Do something, anything! Dress up, put up holidya decorations, have an impromptu party or go out and be entertained.  Wear purple.  

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