Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekly December 21

Today is the Winter Solstice, falling exactly at 12:47 pm EST as the Sun shifts to Capricorn.  Capricorn is sort of like Father Time, ruled by Saturn the planet of wisdom.  Also, time shifts now as daylight begins to return slowly.  A slow, patient approach is a good idea today with a long void of course Moon from 7:53 am to 6:42 pm.  Don't allow yourself to be rushed or pushed.  There's lots of Aquarius energy with the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter in a massive conjunction there.  While Aquarius is outgoing,  there's a tendency to daydream and wish and possibly escape the realities that bother us now.  Try not to act on impulse and to stay rational even if daydreams pull you in.  The Moon is in harmony with Venus and simple adventures and interactions with friends are a happy way to spend the day.  Major decisions are not recommended. Buy yourself time-like a month!  Tonight Venus and the Sun brighten our outlook and the Pisces Moon begins a sentimental journey through the holiday week.  Reconnections with friends work well tonight.  It will be hard to focus on tasks.  Music and dancing are good for the soul tonight! Wear light blue.


The Moon is in Pisces uncomplicated by angles with other planets.  Pisces Moon time is not the most highly motivated but it's meant to be a mellow day.  Relax into things that have to be done and do them in your own time. It's a very good day to be on vacation and take things easy.  In these days just preceding Mercury and Mars retrogrades leave plenty of room to change your mind.  It's not a very reliable time for commitment.  Be flexible and expect to make some schedule changes in the days coming up.  Capricorn, Mercury will retrograde in your sign so you're best off penciling things in and replying with an "I'll get back to ya".  On the other hand, it's a great time to really reconnect with family and friends from the past. Sagittarius, you need to be especially careful with money and spending.  You may need to make more gift exchanges and returns this year.  Tonight, for all signs,  is about close friends and smaller gatherings where you know everyone in the room! Wear green today.

The Moon is in Pisces working with Mercury in Capricorn adding a little bit more structure. Planning, preparing, and reconnecting with each other is in the forecast.  Make flexible plans knowing that mercury's retrograde may change things.  It starts officially on Saturday the 26th but we're feeling it now.  Also, get ready by making backups of files, spoies of important papers, and lists of things you can't forget to do.  Slow and easygoing is the best approach, but Mercury helps us organize and get things done on our own time table today.  Tonight is a little bit chaotic as the Moon meets Uranus. This is a monthly occurence that can feel like a Full Moon and Pisces is a very sensitive sign for the Moon, so be careful with feelings and watch out for overindulgence.  Drinks can catch up with us quickly and emotional situations can be exaggerated on a night like this.  Friends may show up unexpectedly too! Wear blue today.

The Moon is void of course from 3:09 to 6:39 am. The strange, unusual and dreams states are particularly activated then. It's also a time to watch out for anything at all that could be unnerving, overly emotional, or accidental.  If you're partying late this week, be forewarned! The Moon moves to Aries for today and all of Christmas.  Today is spontaneous and full of energy!  It will be busy and fast paced and with the Sun meeting Pluto also highly philosophical and ambitious. Father Time is an appropriate symbol fot the Sun/Pluto meeting which adds a serious air and a feeling of respectful for elders.  A dose of maturity will be called for in some situations and avoiding the impulse of an Aries Moon might be a good idea if you're making a first impression or dealing with authority figures.  Relationships may be difficult with the Moon opposite Saturn and square to Venus.  A good talk with someone you consider wise or experienced may enlighten or clarify things.  Libra and Aries tread lightly in close relationships.  Libra, for you that means family interactions too.  Capricorn, it's a powerful Sun sign day!  Tonight, the Aries Moon lends itself to last minute plans, fireside talks, and lots of lights and sparkle!  Just remember to give respect where it's due.  Wear red.

Merry Christmas! The Moon is in Aries, and Venus moves into Capricorn. This is the last day before Mercury is officially retrograde for a few weeks, also in Capricorn.  Aside from being a holiday, today is very much about leadership.  Aries is the pioneer, leading us in new directions, and being willing to lead or learn is helpful today.  The Sun square to Saturn can bring up issues with parents and other authorities.  Trying to compromise or see the whole picture may not be easy. The Aries effect sometimes makes it hard to see beyond our own needs, so selfish or self centered-ness will be evident in certain situations.  Aries and Capricorn, there's alot of planetary energy in your signs, so you're likely to be a the center of all kinds of things.  Libra, you're also related as one of the 3 cardinal signs and are affected too.  Keeping the peace and a balance of power is today's challenge.  If you can do that, the Aries Moon can be fun and it's a good night for sports and games.  It's an active day so do more than sit around and eat! Aries Moon likes to play! Wear white.

Mercury retrograde begins officially at 9:26 am though we'ver been experiencing the effects for over a week now.  The Moon squares Mercury in Aries and Capricorn overnight which makes power struggles likely. Both signs like to be in charge and to do things  without interference.  The boss may be difficult to deal with if you have to work today.  Miscommunication increases for all signs, and we also have a void of course Moon to contend with until 3:26 pm. It's not a day to have to rely on good judgement and there's a combination of stubbornness and impulsivity that makes today less than rational.  Tonight the Moon is in harmony with Venus and the Moon is in Taurus which is nicer generally.  Venus newly in Capricorn is practical in love, favors earth signs and also Cancers in long term relationships.  That helps a little bit Cancer since Mercury retrograde is also impacting your marriage or love life in a confusing way for a few weeks here.  Expect ups and downs and one day to be fine and the next to be dramatic.  Scorpio and Taurus old friends and ex lovers play a part in your life again during this retrograde. You may find yourself longing to return to the past.  Wear pink.

Just to catch up, Mercury is now retrograde in Capricorn until mid January, and Venus is in that same sign.  Capricorn likes organization and a rational point of view, and those things may be hard to come by during these weeks.  This affects Cancer,Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn relationships and social lives and Sagittarius and Gemini with business and financial dealings, Leo with usual routine and habits, and Aries with career and who ever you consider to be the boss.  Libra will need to work hard or relax about relationships at home and that includes both family and other roommates.  All of us need to leave room to change our minds about moves we make now.  It's not a good time for promises or definite expectations. It's best if you don't have to start a new job or sign legal papers, and it's best not to get married or form a new business partnership.  Put off things that can wait, but if great opportunities come along instead of passing on them just realize they will probably turn out different than you expect. Sometimes that's in your favor.  The Moon is in Taurus and it's a day of rearranging both furniture and plans.  Putting things back together is in the forecast.  Simple decisions should seem easy as the Moon and Sun cooperate.  Physical work and workouts are favored. With Mercury retrograde get back with old friends and back to good habits you slipped up on lately.  Wear blue.

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