Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekly November 9

The Moon is in Leo across the zodiac from Jupiter. Some of last week's challenges are reactivated today as planets in the fixed signs are once again dominating.  Mercury in Scorpio brings out strong opinions and reluctance to have honest discussions.  It may be hard to do business or reach agreements, but the Leo Moon is looking for fun. Do something interesting, enter a competition, get silly, and break the tension.  Learning new material, rehearsing, and performing are in the 4cast, and will require effort and concentration.  If you're trying to change someone's mind it's probably not worth bothering, but alot of us will state our opinions whether other people want to hear them or not.  Virgo, you get the urge to speak your mind.  Taurus is one sign that may not want to listen-especially to girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands or wives.  Tonight the Moon and Neptune form a square at 9:43 pm then the Moon is void of course until 8:30 am tomorrow. The evening is full of illusions. Artists and magicians might like this, but most of us need to avoid being gullible and unrealistic. Wear purple today.

The Moon moves to Virgo at 8:30 am and during the void of course time before that disorganization could be a problem.  At 11:11 am the Moon and Pluto align and it's good to be realistic, productive and somewhat flexible with plans and schedules.  Rework something.  Pisces and Virgo consider that in your close partnerships and friendships.  The Sun and Jupiter form a square in Scorpio and Aquarius and it make take a village or at least a team to work out a good solution.  Some people will air out their personal problems in hopes someone can help out.  The fixed signs also include Leo and Taurus and those 4 signs have been very active and facing challenges through last week's Full Moon and this week.  The trend continues.  The idea is to not give up, but to be open to different ways of approaching problems, especially in relationships, at home and with career possibilities.  This afternoon the Moon and Venus work together in Virgo and Scorpio for a positive influence on friendship and love. Taurus and  Cancer may feel willing to see another side of the story.  Tonight is good for personal conversations and time with close friends.  Virgo Moon time is also for study, writing, and working out budgets. Go over financial details tonight.  Wear navy blue.

The Moon is in Virgo. Mercury and Uranus bring surprises as early as wake up time. Working in Pisces and Scorpio, these two planets stir up feelings. You may hear from a long lost friend or hear news from a family member.  It's an emotional day, and it might be best to step back before reacting too strongly or too quickly.  Figuring out how we really feel is part of the plan today.  The Sun and Moon align which helps out and makes us more decisive, particularly tonight.  Expect shake ups and unusual events ( as much as it's possible to expect the unexpected!). Curve balls are in the forecast and with Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius hosting the action we're all likely to get the direct or indirect effect.  Make well thought out decisions. Move slowly and methodically. Wear black.

The Moon is void of course in Virgo for the first part of the day. Move slowly, check appointment times, and try to stay organized.  This morning can be spacey and forgetful.  It's a good morning to mix work and fun and take things slow. Don't assume anything is set in stone. This week is full of changes and adjustments.  The Moon moves to Libra at 12:22 pm and meets Saturn at 2:53 pm. We'll tend to act only on what we feel well advised and sure about.  There's a definite urge to make some progress, keep things fair, and re-assign responsibilities.  Someone needs to be the mediator and guide the group, and Capricorn you might take on that role.  Libra, the day may seem all too serious in your eyes.  Leo and Aquarius can be good impartial friends and consultants.  Tonight, we have some Libra duality.  Attempt something ambitious, or let things sit for a while and see how you feel tomorrow.  Appearances count alot under the Libra Moon. Wear lavender.

The Moon is in Libra, in harmony with Mars and Jupiter. Bring friendships into balance and start new partnerships now under Jupiter's optimistic influence.  Mars in Leo favors creative partners and team efforts are also well timed.  Join a group, try a new activity, or bring a friend along to a class, team, or place you enjoy.   Above all, don't isolate yourself! Today is about getting together and finding what we have in common.  Libra, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius get the good vibes most directly.  Tonight going out and having fun is a must!  If you have to work, a social, friendly attitude will help and you might even connect with someone who becomes your newest best friend.  Wear pink today.

The Moon is in Libra, void of course from 6:10 am to 5:24 pm. The Moon and Neptune align for social plans, but it's not a great day for a big purchase and our judgment will be fuzzy in general. It's a good day to get lost for a while, wander, daydream, and do creative work that doesn't require alot of attention to specifics.  It's a musical, theatrical day, but a hard day to rehearse your lines.  We'll tend to be forgetful but improvising is favored.  The Sun and Uranus gear up for surprises and changes of plans tonight. Tonight is more energetic though. The Moon moves to Scorpio at 5:24 pm. Just don't cross a friend or lover.  We won't be very forgiving.  Wear maroon today.

The Moon is in Scorpio and we may need to tread lightly. Scorpio Moon time can be heavy and serious and Mercury changes signs today which can stir things up.  With Mercury in Sagittarius we'll crave freedom of thought and action and can break out of old patterns in the next few weeks. Not the next Mercury retrograde begins on December 26th which is not a bad time of year for it if you ask me! What it does mean though is that last minute shopping is not recommended. Buy technical and expensive or unreturnable things by December 18th or so.  The Moon meets Venus in Scorpio today which favors committed lovers though possessiveness increases.  So do love affairs on the sly! In the evening a couple of squares challenge us to stay focused. The truth may be hard to come by tonight.  The need for privacy and space is strong.  Wear red today.

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