Monday, November 2, 2009

Taurus Full Moon Sign by Sign

Taurus-Changing your appearance perhaps? This is a good chance to draw MORE attention your way.  Love and relationship and family issues are all difficult and sticky. Little chance for compromise so you may have to go your own way and deal with the backlash. 

Gemini-Brewing news. It's your news, isn't it? You may not be ready to divulge your plans or dreams quite yet. Speaking of dreams, yours are very active at this Full Moon time. Work is more challenging than usual and you may feel a  little down for the count.

Cancer-Friends have news and plans. You decide whether to take part and how much to be involved. Dinner with friends is a good plan. You often entertain, but this week going out suits your schedule and energy level. Let someone else take care of things.

Leo-This Full Moon spotlights Lions and Lionesses so well! Be up for a challenge that puts you front and center. Assume everyone's eyes are on you and take full advantage of opportunities that may come by surprise!

Virgo-The Full Moon shines light on things we may not have noticed or thought of, and the Taurus Full Moon can open your mind to travel and other uncharted territory. Don't rule anything out. Focus on learning and studies that can take you places.

Libra-The Full Moon is opposite Venus and that may be too unbalanced or stubborn for your liking. Deal with financial things rather than letting them slide. This can be a good time to settle something if only the other party is willing to meet you half way. It's going to require some work and your powers of persuasion.

Scorpio-This is quite the challenging Full Moon for Scorpio's long term relationships.  A make or break conversation or event is in your midst.  How much will you dig your heels in? You could be too possessive or be expecting too much of someone equally stubborn.  The boss may be asking alot of you on the other hand. Take it easier in personal relationships, but show your ability to meet a challenge at school or work.

Sagittarius-Taurus Full Moon instigates your excessive side, so you may be prone to overeating or even overwork!  Indulging the sense appeals to you today. You might be using pleasure to mask your real feelings though. Battles in the workplace may be no win situations, so let go and don't try to control things.  Work off stress with a run or a punching bag!

Capricorn-The Taurus Full Moon puts you in your element, and you'll tend to be more positive than others. The Moon hits a lucky spot in your chart though you have to put some energy in and reach out for what you want. Make things happen! Friendship, field trips and fun. recommended.

Aquarius-The Full Moon centers on family news and the place you call home. Things are likely to be a little bit more tense and hard to negotiate in relationships and with housemates, or everyone might just be feeling out of sorts or unwell. A little tlc and comfort food could go a long way!  If you 're looking for a new home you may hit the jackpot this week! Chicken soup recommended for you!

Pisces-This Full Moon heats up news with your friends and family. You may suddenly feel called upon to visit and get back in better touch.  Reaching out is important this week, both in personal and professional matters. Pisces students will feel the work pile up. Leo may be a good influence on you. Whatever happens, try not to overreact since that will just trigger other people around you. When someone else can't go with the flow, go your own way.

Aries-Full Moon in Taurus means money matters-alot! Take care of financial matters, score a new client or new work. Strive to increase cash flow. Some Aries will find that rebate or a little windfall comes at the perfect time! If you're owed, ask for the settlement now and be persistent. Mars in Leo urges you to take some time out for play too, but business comes first early this week. Aim for some balance.

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