Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekly November 16th

It's a Scorpio New Moon along with Mercury newly in Sagittarius giving us good reasons to change our minds today.  The New Moon is square to Neptune so make certain you're acting on honest and accurate information.  There's some deception in the air, so hesitate if your gut says something is not quite right.  Generally though, this New Moon can help improve our focus and get to the depths of matters.  Mercury now in Sagittarius favors an open minded attitude.  The need for freedom is strong, and in relationships where one person feels suffocated breaking free is in the forecast this month.  Entertain new ideas and plans today and reconsider what you once thought you couldn't manage.  Get organized around plans including travel, education and marketing your work.  The Moon is void of course from 2:14 pm, New Moon time exactly, but tonight take a relaxed but productive attitude. Settle into a project that may take a while to complete.  Brainstorm and rethink anything in your world that seems to be holding you back and turn over a new leaf.  Wear white today.

The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 12:22 am and meets Mercury before sunrise.  Open your mind to new possibilities! Now is all about change including breaking patterns, removing roadblocks and refreshing what's stale or static.  We're riding the wave of yesterday's New Moon, and it's got plenty of strength to push us forward!  It's a great time to send college applications or reach out for travel abroad since Sagittarius is the sign of travel and higher education.  Some of us will make a huge philosophical shift now. Explore schools of thought, belief systems, and anything that promotes personal growth.  Some couples will find there are big challenges this season as Venus in Scorpio can be too restrictive at a a time when Sagittarius energy is rushing in, making us crave the new and exciting or just want more freedom in general.  Tonight is full of energy so whether you need motivation or have a party night planned, there's plenty of enthusiasm to go around.  Let the fire signs take the lead-Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.  Wear red today.

The Moon is in Sagittarius. The more we can be out of usual routines, trying and learning new things, the better! It's a good day for field trips, more extended travel, and fun! The Moon works with Mars in Leo for a very festive and active attitude.  Jupiter chimes in with good luck and connections between people.  Stagnancy is the enemy, so do what you have to to get out of a rut or stuck place.  Keep an open mind and don't rule anything out just because it doesn't fit your old or current way of thinking.  We're meant to broaden our perspectives this week.  The Moon and Uranus have a very changeable effect on the night.  If you're too structured or have certain expectations you may be disappointed.  Going with the flow will be easiest.  The Moon is void of course from 9:46 pm EST until 10 am Thursday and we need to be very wary and careful during those hours.  Don't take unnecessary risks.  Wear purple today.

The Moon is in Capricorn from 10 am on.Venus and Mars formed a square overnight which can be hard on male/female relationships.  Girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives may not see eye to eye this morning and everyone is likely to feel stubborn about personal situations.  We may have to agree to disagree today.  The Moon meets Pluto this afternoon and also squares Saturn. These two planets bring up the tough stuff. If you desperately need structure and a reality check this may help you out, but for many of us it will just feel like overwork or a big burden.  The more we can be productive and show results the better.  Act with ambition and clear goals in mind.  Tonight is the same! It's a work night and a time to get things done. Get a jump on holiday plans and catch up with things you've let slide.  Wear gray today.

The Moon is in Capricorn setting us up for ambitious activity.  The conditions are right for progress, organizing and structuring.  Capricorn is a sign of doing things rather than complaining about what isn't going right.  Take a step toward one of your goals today or if you're ready, finalize something significant!  The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Scorpio which isn't bad for relationships, but don't expect alot in terms of sympathy or heart to heart talks. These signs are on the emotionally reserved side most of the time.  The Capricorn Moon definitely encourages effort and work but tonight is nice for social plans too.   Keep plans simple. Wear green today.

The Moon is in Capricorn for a productive Saturday. Work, repairs, cleaning, and organizing are favored today.  Reacting to last minute changes is in the forecast too, and quick problem solving can be done if necessary! These are the Sun's last  hours in Scorpio, and Sagittarius birthdays begin this year at 11:22 pm EST.  Use this day to finish or make progress toward goals.  It might feel like all business. The Moon moves to Aquarius at 10:11 pm, putting us more in the mood to  get out and being with people tonight.  Wear blue.

The Moon is in Aquarius and the Sun in Sagittarius and our spirits should be brighter if the Capricorn Moon made us feel overworked or burdened.  It's a good day for fun, but Saturn still helps with our work ethic if that's what needs to be done.  Taking an impartial view with friends or problems is a good idea today while getting overly emotional is not.  The Moon works with Mercury in Sagittarius for an open mind and expanding point of view.  It's a good day to get advice or help from friends while at the same time thinking for ourselves and making decisions based on all possible options.  Get out of any patterns and break the boredom cycle if that's been a problem!  Try something new or go somewhere interesting.  Wear turquoise today.

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