Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly November 23

The Moon is in Aquarius across from Mars in Leo. Venus in Scorpio squares both the Moon and Jupiter. Chances are we'll be very sensitive and prone to easy upset.  Be careful where feelings are concerned since this is not a very forgiving kind of day.  Personal relationships will be most difficult, while on the other hand the Moon and Jupiter brings luck, vision and maybe even profit! Work and study can be productive and a sense of accomplishment will feel really good.  Use intellect and objectivity as much as possible. It's emotional situations that will be troublesome today.  Tonight the Moon and Neptune meet and then the Moon is void of course from 10:35 pm to 11:07 am. These are not reliable hours in any way! Actions count much more than words. See it before you believe it.  Aquarius, there's a big focus on your sign today in relationships and career, all of which may be challenging and require alot of energy. But luck is on your side. Scorpio, you and Aquarius have a similar day in store.  Leo, love and family relationships are tense or sensitive and you have to decide whether it's worth bringing up problems or issues.  Sagittarius, it's a busy day of communication, study, making sure the details are right, and getting to where you have to be on time.  Wear light blue.

A void of course Moon this morning is great if you can take your time and not so good otherwise! Confusion or disorganization is likely.  The Sun and Saturn in Libra and Sagittarius push for some focus and clarity.  Don't give up  if things aren't just right immediately.  The Moon moves to Pisces at 11:07 am and is in harmony with Pluto helping us blend creative and practical tasks.  Good advice can go a long way in sensitive situations today.  Try to find that middle, comfortable ground, some understanding and a practical but not harsh point of view. Avoid judging people if you can, or at least keep those thoughts to yourself.  The Moon and Sun square at 2nd quarter Moon time, 4:39 pm EST. We're supposed to be making progress but the Pisces Moon isn't exactly known for motivation.  Force yourself to do something, anything, rather than complain or procrastinate.  Emotional talks may be too much tonight.  Wear green.

The Pisces Moon sets us up for reunions with friends and family, but at the same time for anxiety where things don't feel quite right.  The Moon and Mercury make important conversations difficult or stressful.  Schedules, meet ups, and other things are likely to get mixed up or misunderstood.  Mercury in Sagittarius can be overly honest and not everyone can handle that right now. Take it easy and don't create unnecessary stress.  Venus and Uranus align and surprise reconnections take place tonight! Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn this is most likely for you!  Tonight experience music, art, theater or even a movie.  Try not to let anything boil over or otherwise get too intense.  Wear blue.

The Moon is in Pisces for most of Thanksgiving Day. Today is very changeable including plans, travel, and moods.  Be flexible and do your best to fit in to other people's plans or wants.  Unusual and surprising news is in the forecast and how we react is key.  There may be times where stepping back and taking a calm point of view is helpful. Keep expectations simple and go with the flow.  Family news could be very interesting, and Libra and Sagittarius may make announcements.  Mars in Leo and Mercury in Sagittarius team up to keep things entertaining and fun! It's a good day for games, jokes and stories, and the lighter the better.  Venus and Neptune create some uncertainly in personal relationships especially for Scorpio. Taurus, you're most likely to be unrealistic either about your love life or your direction this week.  The Moon moves to Aries at 10:10 pm and the party rages late if you want it to.  Games get competitive.  Wear red.

The Moon is in Aries opposite Saturn creating plenty of tension and potentially difficulties. Challenges surrounding fairness, relationships, and demands versus independence are likely.  The Sun in Sagittarius pushes for more freedom versus structure or being tied down.  It's a good day to let go of expectations and give your friends, family, and significant others space.  Aries Moon can be selfish and temperamental but can also give us lots of courage and energy. Today is a mix of those things. Taurus you'll have alot going on in your head. Aries, you could come on too strong with people close to you or you may get the brunt of some criticism. Scorpio, the holiday may have taken it's toll on you by now and down time could be very good if not absolutely necessary! Tonight, impulse takes over! Wear black.

The Moon is in Aries, but more in harmony with planets in Sagittarius and Aquarius.  Today is full of energy and has plenty of potential for fun and games.  Some of yesterday's stress may be left over but balanced out some by more positive interactions and friendships.  Being active and doing things is favored over sitting around.  The Moon is void of course from 6:32 pm on.  Shop or make decisions before that time. Wear maroon today.

The Moon moves to Taurus at 5:34 am and Mercury in Jupiter are in harmony today.  Taurus Moon brings us back to earth if the Aries Moon was out of bounds or out of control.  Regrets over things done without thinking or money spent too readily sets in for some.  It's a day for getting back to basics, getting some work done or working out if you skipped the weekend.  Taurus is body conscious but also has a tendency to indulge, and finding some moderation is a good idea early this week.  Mercury and Jupiter help with studies, business, and open, relatively honest conversation.  We might not get into deep emotional subjects easily, but if something needs to be aired out gently but clearly this is a decent time.  Rearranging and organizing is also well timed.  Wear yellow.

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