Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekly November 2

The Moon is Full in Taurus at 2:14 pm EST. Squares and oppositions mean sharp edges dominate the day.  Mars in Leo squares the Full Moon for a stubborn edge and impulsiveness.  Emotional states are heightened today, so if you're mad you're really angry and if your mind is set on something you won't want to budge or accommodate someone else.  Mercury is opposite the Moon making compromise hard to reach, especially for Taurus and Scorpio, two signs that are most likely to feel at odds with the whole world during Full Moon time.  The Taurus Full Moon is especially  concerned with security, comfort, and a feeling of well being.  Those things might not seem to come easily today.  Many of us will have to confront uncomfortable issues and people we don't see eye to eye with.  Taurus and Scorpio are likely to feel insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, and general opposition.  Leo, career challenges and real opportunities come up now so you are one of the lucky ones! But finding balance between responsibilities at home and moving yourself forward and into the spotlight may be the sticky point of this Full Moon.  Aquarius, you may experience something similar especially if you have the demands of a long term relationship conflicting with other opportunities.  Tonight, Venus and Neptune smooth out or at least put a band aid on relationship problems, and it can be a really nice night for a date or time with friends.  Aquarius, Aries, Libra and Sagittarius get the best of this.  During this Full Moon not much is up for negotiation. You're all in or all out.  Wear gold today.

The Moon starts out in Taurus, sign of this Full Moon. All our senses and emotions are intensified and that can go either way! Jupiter squares the Moon further exaggerating everything and pushing us to learn, grow, and expand.  This morning you might be expected to leave your comfort zone and attempt something new.  Anxiety will be high this morning so even if you're not experiencing that, you'll notice in other people.  Feeling off balance, weighed down, and full moon hangover-ish is likely.  The Moon squares Neptune in Aquarius at 1:04 pm and trust is an issue as is continued stubborn resistance.  The Moon is void of course from then until 11:53 pm, so the afternoon and night are not very reliable for decisions, but can be very social.  We'll tend to let our guard down, but be wary of wolves in sheep's clothes! In other words, don't be fooled.  Tonight, avoid big decisions, do relaxing, comfortable things, work out and burn off physical energy! It's not a bad night out as long as you're not taking any risks.  Play it safe. Moon to Gemini at 11:53 pm EST.  Wear green.

The Moon is in Gemini, a sign that activates the brain. Going in circles and rethinking everything is not uncommon under a Gemini Moon.  The Moon works with Saturn making us want to organize our thoughts and ideas, weigh pros and cons, and understand things better.  Mars harmonizes with the Moon for big gatherings, social or business events, conferences, parties and any kind of meet and greet.  Make a good connection with someone.  Virgo, make a career connection.  Taurus, this could be a good day for a job interview or application.  Libra, look outside your usual boundaries for opportunities or send out college applications.  That is in fact a good idea for any sign.  Capricorn, meet a deadline or due date you missed today, and also do something to get healthier or more fit!  Scorpio is most likely to be hiding something or trying to keep a secret today and halfway through this month.  Tonight is good for going out and not bad for writing or study.  Wear yellow today.

The Moon is in Gemini and the Sun meets Mercury in Scorpio.  These two signs couldn't be more different, however both are working our brains, our ability to express ourselves, and our creativity.  Other than the fact it looks chaotic and busy, this is an optimistic day when we are favored to solve problems, air out our feelings, and connect with like minded people.  Writers, musicians, professors, and media specialists or sales people all benefit from the outgoing energy.  It's a good day to write or to speak, which ever is the best outlet or wherever your talent lies.  Aries, that goes for you and it's a good day to send resumes or make a sales pitch.  Pisces, attend to personal and family relationships. It's also a good day for travel for you!  Tonight the Gemini Moon is in harmony with Neptune and Venus favoring all social plans or mixing business with fun! The Moon is void of course from 10:47 pm to 2:42 am. Wear blue today.

The Moon moves to Cancer and struggles with Pluto in Capricorn and with Saturn in Libra! Today is full of antagonism and moods.  Whether Saturn is piling on responsibilities or Pluto is forcing you to face realities or the past, there's plenty going on to stir things up.  It might not be easy to see the brighter side of things.  Take things seriously and don't shrug off responsibilities. Fairness issues may come into question too.  Long standing injustices will be confronted today, and it won't be simple or a quick fix if that happens.  Wisdom and the voice of experience may not be easy to hear but should be paid attention to.  Tonight is Venus's last night in Libra and the planet of love works to pair up the single and attract some opposites together.  Wear black today.

The Moon is in Cancer, but today is a little brighter as the Moon works with the Sun and Mercury.  It's easier to talk and negotiate even if there's tension or moodiness.  Cancer and Scorpio are the dominant forces today and both are psychic, intuitive, feeling signs.  Our instincts should be on! Trust your own good judgment and don't go against what you feel.  Make your best decisions or shop before 5:26 pm when the Moon moves void of course. Venus moves into Scorpio at 7:23 pm activating passion but also secrets in our love lives.  Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer, you make friends easily while Venus is in Scorpio this month.  Tonight forward until December 1st, relationships are likely to intensify one way or the other.  Possessiveness becomes an issue.  Wear indigo blue.

The Moon moves to Leo at 5:23 am. Fun and competition is in the forecast and it's a good day for performances whether you're on stage or in the audience! Mercury in Scorpio is square to Jupiter so considering how generous or extragant to be or how much to cut back is up for discussion.  Travel plans may be impacted by stress or delays since Mercury is the planet of commutes.  Don't ignore car problems now! The Moon and Mars meet in Leo tonight making us want to extend weekend fun as long as possible.  It's a good Sunday night for a party or other gathering.  Wear orange today.

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