Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly October 19

The Moon is in Scorpio and serious business is on the agenda.  The Moon squares Jupiter in Aquarius and with two fixed signs involved opinions will be hard to change.  Strong personalities will find it hard to reach agreements, yet there's an urge to expand and make important decisions.  Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius are most directly involved while Leo and Sagittarius may also be key players.  If someone seems secretive or underhanded today, trust your instincts. Scorpio Moon time is a good time to dig for information and solve a mystery, but is also a time when we're likely to hide things. Passion, affairs, jealousy, and possessiveness are topics of interest, and it's not uncommon to obsess more during Scorpio Moon time.  Be aware that we all feel things more deeply, including anger, since Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars, the aggressor.  Allow people their privacy.  Scorpio and Aquarius, there's important business to be taken care of, and Taurus your relationship may be frustrating or puzzling today.  Leo, it's a career day so make the most of it and let someone know you are up for a new challenge.  Sagittarius may need time to think, so give him or her space.  Wear maroon.

The Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius at 4:48 pm. The first half of the day may be intense. If it's quiet it may feel tense. Scorpio Moon is a time of holding things in and it could feel like the calm before a storm.  Questioning, wondering and waiting is in the forecast for this morning and early afternoon.  Saturn encourages practical, well thought out decisions. Ask lots of clarifying questions before committing to anything and don't be overly trusting today.  The Moon moves to adventurous, more spontaneous Sagittarius at 4:48 pm after a short void of course Moon beginning just before 3 pm.  Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony tonight making compromise easier.  Great ideas, big plans, and solutions are in the forecast!  Mercury is in Libra urging equality and justice.  Mars in Leo is also a player tonight pushing for healthy competition. Aries and Leo, enter a contest or compete for a title!  Libra, go for forgiveness and resolve problems.  It's also a good night to explore travel plans, travel, or dig into a topic of your own choosing for a project or personal interest.  Wear purple.

The Moon is in Sagittarius in harmony with Venus in Libra.  It's a social, outgoing day made for travel, exploring, and sharing philosophies and ideas.  It's a good day to be out of the office or on some kind of field trip or excursion.  Approach the day with a sense of adventure and seek opportunities.  Venus in Libra is about couples and partners, but Sagittarius pushes for independence so finding that happy medium is a good idea today.  It's not a good day to be possessive or too protective. Give each other freedom and space.  Refresh things in any way! There's an urge to try new things this week.  Tonight there's a streak of luck in the air and Sagittarius, Leo, and Libra get the best of it!  Capricorn, act on ideas and don't let go of a dream.  Gemini, it's a day for romance and fun, but don't let possessiveness or distrust get in the way.  Live for the moment.  Wear red.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, optimistic, fun and free spirited.  Avoid putting restrictions and boundaries on people close to you. We will tend to break those rules and do what we want regardless today.  The Moon is in harmony with planets in Aquarius and Libra, so being social and making business connections is favored.  It's also a good day for a date as long as there are no big expectations.  Get to know new places and faces rather than rely on the everyday routines.  Today is meant for expansion, excitement, and learning new, interesting things.  It's a good day for a field trip, gathering, or conference as long as it's not boring.  Go out of your way to find something new and get out of your comfort zone!  It's the last night of Libra birthdays and the Sun will move to Scorpio overnight.  Tonight, above all, have fun and do your own thing.  Don't try to force things or have too rigid an expectation.  Today's color is green.

The Moon moves to Capricorn at 2:40 am and the Sun moves to Scorpio at 2:43. There's a big shift in energy here and that Sagittarius free spirit is squelched some.  Today is very business-like and potentially has a serious tone.  Don't shrug things off or act without thought.  The Moon and Pluto meet and we're required to deal, otherwise the same things crop up again and again and in some cases get bigger or worse.  Be willing to face someone, talk about something that's been pushed aside or under the rug, and try not to be overly emotional about it.  Big ambitions, the kind that scare you a little, are in the forecast too, and Aries, career decisions should be taken very seriously while Capricorn, your personal life and ambitions may be in conflict. Cancer, relationship and partnership reality checks may be necessary today.  With planets affecting your house and family, October is a good time to set things straight and aim for solutions and peace.  Pisces, take care or or advise your friends and work out friendship matters.  Wear black.

The Moon is in Capricorn and it's a good weekend for catching up and getting things done.  Being productive is in the forecast. The Sun and Pluto work in Scorpio and Capricorn to push us ahead, help us organize, and also help us deal with difficulties.  Today is not all fun and games for most, but it is a good day for working things out, repairing, and dealing with unfinished business.  Tonight Mercury and Neptune encourage all social plans, dates and good conversation that's not too too serious.  Get work done early and enjoy the night.  Wear yellow.

It's a 2nd quarter Moon and progress is called for today!  The Capricorn Moon is made for accomplishments and work put in early will be well worth it today.  Don't procrastinate!  The Moon works with Saturn for organization and attention to detail as well as a mature attitude.  Put your game face on and deal with challenging work or situations early in the day.  The Moon moves to Aquarius at 3:08 pm EST and squares the Scorpio Sun tonight.  The Aquarius Moon works if you have social plans or a group meeting, but tonight there's a very stubborn streak in the air and Taurus and Scorpio are two signs that may butt heads or feel disagreeable.   Aquarius, you may feel too challenged especially if career matters are weighing on your mind.  Libra should be in the mood to have fun.  Wear blue today.

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