Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly October 26

The Moon is in Aquarius for forward thinking, planning and logical decisions.  Mars is opposite the Moon activating our connections with people and our communities.  Determining how giving and involved we can be is in the forecast.  Questioning whether our personal and professional connections are in our best interests or not will be natural this week.  Acting in self interests versus doing for the greater good or for our friends is also something to be pondered and decided upon today and tomorrow.  The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Libra favoring a very outgoing, open minded attitude and helping us make new friends, enjoy good times, and even fall in love. Libra and Gemini are favored most for falling in love right now, and Aries, this is good for the relationships you're already committed to.  Wear bright blue today.

The Moon is in Aquarius meeting Jupiter for good fortune, favoring actions we take today.  Educational plans, group efforts, and business or personal connections we establish now are in particular favor.  It's a good day for expansion, exploring, and learning.  Aquarius is worldly and takes a global and community oriented view.  Consider and decide how to be involved and connect with something bigger.  Capricorn and Sagittarius, you might consider this in business and marketing while Aries, the actual friendships and alliances you make are top priority.  Taurus, this is very good for your career and other important roles but you must have an open mind!  The Moon also meets Neptune tonight and Aquarius and Libra should be tapping into a wealth of creativity!  Libra, it's also a good night for friendship and romance.  Leo, stay realistic about your close relationships and don't live under an illusion that someone tries to create.  Base your judgments on what you know to be true and what patterns you've seen in the past.  We all have to be careful about being too trusting tonight. However, it's socially fun and creatively inspired!  Wear pink.

The Moon moves to Pisces after a short void of course, at 3:45 am and Mercury moves to Scorpio at 6:08 am EST.  Mercury in Scorpio for the next few weeks helps with concentration, solving puzzles, finding permanent solutions and making decisions.  However, Scorpio is not the most open communicator so it may be harder to get to know people well and we'll tend to be private with secrets and information.  It's a less extroverted time than Mercury in Libra and some people will withdraw, hide or otherwise disappear for a while.  The Pisces Moon today is compassionate and expressive.   We'll tend to feel each other's pain, sympathize and maybe commiserate.  Emotions are strongly activated and it might be a sad song sort of day.  The upside is that we'll want to give and help out.  Tonight Mercury and Pluto align in Scorpio and Capricorn helping us have sensible conversations and make plans.  Jupiter and Venus also harmonize which is good for social events and to some extent our love lives, favoring Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini most.  Wear light blue.

The Moon is in Pisces and Saturn makes a major move into Libra! Virgo, this is pretty big news for you since Saturn has visited, tormented and pushed your buttons for two years now!  Saturn is the planet of maturity, responsibility, ambition and also depression. Saturn wants us to be challenged and grow but not without the pains associated.  If you're in your late 20s you may be getting into your Saturn return time when all of that hits like a ton of bricks!  If you're a Libra or have Libra rising or in your first house (the self), Saturn's visit may bring responsibilities, opportunity, and some hard decisions for the next two years. Ask your Virgo friends what the last two years were like and you'll get some ideas about what's in store.  The Pisces Moon is about going with the flow today, but the Sun squares Mars in two fixed signs, Scorpio and Leo.  The downside is stubbornness and the upside is persistence.  I recommend persistence, so try again and try hard to make something work.  Long term decisions may be hard to reach but are worth aiming for.  It's another very creative day too, and we may need to leave people to their own quiet pursuits and work.  Tonight is focused and serious, but if you do go out you'll see people drown their sorrows and overindulge.  Know your limits with everything, including emotional boundaries.  Wear black.

The Moon moves to Aries at 1:56 pm after just one hour void of course. The morning may feel like a lazy or slow start and there's a certain amount of chaos likely. Changes of plans and last minute adjustments will be necessary in many situations.  This afternoon the need to get things done and  in some cases a sense of urgency kicks in.  We are also warming up for a Full Moon now. Deal with end of the month reports and in fact, go ahead and initiate new business, Friday or not! This afternoon's motto is "there's no time like the present". Take an ambitious attitude or a bold step.  Expect some power struggles about who should be in charge and who knows best.  This is truest for Cancer and Scorpio in the workplace and for Capricorn at home.  Aries, make your best move and keep your image in mind because it's likely you're in the spotlight.  Ease into the day and then take in on full force.  Tonight under an Aries Moon, we may work or party but we go all the way either way. Games and sporting events will be extra competitive and intense.  Wear red.

Saturday (Happy Halloween!)
The Aries Moon is in harmony with Mars for a wild and festive Halloween! We'll tend to play hard and with Mars involved safety is an issue. The Moon in fire sign Aries makes it a good night for a bonfire, campfire, or barbeque but be extra careful around heat and flames!  In sports and games, wear yoru crash helmet!  Aries rules the head.  The Moon is almost Full, and headaches may be triggered this weekend too.  Aries Moon time costumes should include reds, yellows and oranges, hats and other headpieces. Today's color is orange.

The Moon is Full in Taurus tomorrow afternoon so we are right on the brink.  The Moon is in Aries until 7:44 pm and void of course all day.  It's a day to take it easy or do fun things, but it's not a day to make big decisions. We'll tend to be impulsive and maybe reckless.  Mars and Mercury form a square creating a very stubborn, headstrong attitude and the Moon opposite Venus isn't easy on relationships.  Today might be a good day to lay low, avoid issues, and above all, take your time.   The Taurus Moon tonight is a little bit more grounded, productive and sensible but the Full Moon feeling may prevail and make it impossible to think! Prepare in any way you can for what looks like a tough, bull headed Monday.  Wear yellow today.

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