Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekly October 12

The Moon is in Leo activating fun and competition. With Mercury in Libra and the Leo Moon in harmony, it's a day of friendship and good connections. It's great timing for any kind of gathering, primarily for festive times, sports, and parties, but community and charity benefits are also favored. Mars and Saturn combine forces to motivate us to action. Work toward goals and do something productive that makes you feel good. Taurus, keep in touch with family. Libra, resolve something that didn't go right previously and also spend time with friends. Gemini and Aquarius, create fun and adventures. Aquarius, travel is very appealing not just today but all month long! You need a change of scenery. Today's color is gold.

The Moon in Leo is opposite Jupiter in Aquarius and we tend to think big, spend extravagantly and go over our limits at times like this. Consider whether you can really afford to and if the anwer is yes, enjoy! Cancer, you may have felt very free with money recently and today could be the day to curb spending some. Capricorn, that story may well apply to you too! Leo and Aquarius, today is full of relationship and partnership matters. Try to approach them in a positive but practical way. Venus meets Saturn in Virgo so structuring things more in relationships is in the forecast. That could restrict our freedom, and Pisces you may have a hard time with that. Scorpio, you may feel the pinch in both friendship and love and matters might seem a little heavy or obligations strong. Taurus, you are also involved similarly and may feel the demands in a less than pleasant way. Venus and Mars are in harmony and that will help but only if you're willing to give in and go with traditional roles or conservative views. Tonight the Moon is opposite Neptune and void of course from 9:46 pm for a temporary escape and a little fun. Wear purple today.

Venus moves to Libra, sign of the couple and again relationships are a big priority and focus. That happens at 6:46 pm EST, and with both Mercury and Venus now in Libra fairness, justice and equal division of work and responsibilities is in the forecast this month. Aries, making relationship changes and adjustments is favored now. Libra, decide what you want out of a relationship this fall. The Moon is in Virgo in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn. Finding a reasonable balance is the idea today. We'll tend to have expectations but also some flexibility. Approach the day with a goal in mind. Scorpio, you may want to keep your personal business or individual goals on the dl for now. Wait until you're ready to make things public. Tonight is a good night out for Gemini and Sagittarius. Study is also favored under a Virgo Moon but love and friendship may preoccupy our minds. Wear brown today.

The Moon is in Virgo opposing Uranus and Venus squares Pluto today. Ouch! This may require alot of patience and work. With too much change comes difficult adjustments now, and for some that is facing realities you ignored in late summer or even the last few weeks. People with Pisces Virgo, Libra and Capricorn as Sun, Moon, or rising signs Pisces and Virgo are likely to be hardest hit in relationship situations. And that's alot of us! Requiring things to be perfect and fit a mold is problematic today. It may feel like constant change and readjustment is necessary. Be flexible and have plans b and c to fall back on. We'll have to put work in to make things happen. Wear black today.

The Moon moves to Libra at 8:29 am after less than 15 minutes void of course. Venus continues her work meeting the Moon, just as the Moon is square to Pluto. Relationship reality checks continue. Work involving symmetry and balance may prove challenging too! Venus is the planet of harmony and she's pushing us to work hard and try try again now. Venus in Libra is very much about couples and big adjustments are in the forecast, however on the other hand, this is good for Libra and Aries relationships and is a nice burst of creativity or love for Gemini. The Moon also works with Mars in Leo today activating our social lives. Mars is brand newly in Leo at 11:30 am and is much happier in this sign than in Cancer. Aries, as your ruling planet, this is good for you, and Leo, you'll be busy and need to stay full of energy in the weeks coming up. Tonight the Sun forms a happy trine to Neptune in Aquarius and we see the world through rose colored glasses. Today's color is pink.

The Moon is in Libra meeting Mercury strongly urging peace and harmony and settlements of all kinds today. Working out September's issues is in the forecast and we need to use our fairest, most impartial judgment. Share and divide work and responsibilities equally or with strengths of those involved in mind. Work out legal matters too, even though it's a Saturday, Friday and Monday will still carry this planetary energy for resolution! We'll have a New Moon tomorrow and this is an important time for rethinking things and changing our courses of action. The Moon works with planets in Aquarius too, creating an agreeable, happy feeling. It's a good day for a date, party or wedding. Today's color is light blue.

The New Moon in Libra arrives at 1:30 am and we'll have a Scorpio Moon from 10:23 am on. Between those hours the Moon is void of course so approach new business and relationship issues cautiously. This will be a big day for changing our minds. Get a plan in place, improve your focus and be goal oriented from 10:23 am on into the new week. Mars, Scorpio and Aries ruling planet, is in action today and so we will tend to act assertively or aggressively. Be careful with boundaries and don't forget respect. Otherwise use this Mars energy to move and shake. It's time to get going with important things in the week to come. It may not be a piece of cake but right now work and focus and drive are called for! Taurus, the new moon in Libra is a good time to find work and improve your money situation. Capricorn, it's a career Moon for you! Cancer, improve and repair things and get your home life in order. Libra, this New Moon is one of your best times of the whole year to create a new situation, opportunity, or image for yourself. Wear white today.

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