Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekly October 5

The Moon is void of course in Aries until 12:33 pm EST after making last contact with Mars in Cancer. Those are two very different forces and the Mars energy can easily put us out of sorts especially with family members or other people we live with. It's best not to bother confronting issues this morning. It's likely to be just aggravating and unproductive. Ease into the day and choose routine over new projects or business. The Moon moves to Taurus and works with Pluto in Capricorn this afternoon. Get back to reality and productively work or solve problems. Long term plans and promises can be made this afternoon or night. Taurus Moon gives us a more determined, stick to it attitude. After the Full Moon we had Saturday/Sunday, it's a good time to clear out the cobwebs, accept the way things are and move forward. Full Moons shed light and some of us will finally get the gist of things that have been unclear or unrealistic, like relationships for Scorpio, Taurus, Aries or Libra, or an important opportuntiy for Leo or Cancer. Tonight, tackle something that requires determination. Wear blue today.

The Moon is in Taurus. After a month of Mercury retrograde followed by a Full Moon, it may finally seem right to make a long term decision. Moves we make today have far reaching implications and promises will be hard to break. Act with commitment in mind and make sure you're agreeing to something you really want. Taurus Moon time is also good for creating products, hands on work, and outdoor activities. This is a good time to plant for spring (I'll be planting my garlic cloves for certain). Don't be surprised if you're hungry all the time and indulge more than usual. Taurus Moon likes the senses to be happy and a feeling of fullness. It's not the best day to start a diet, but it is a good day to start exercise since you're likely to stick with it and Taurus is a physical earth sign. Movement, dance, yoga, and even the gym is Taurus domain. Tonight the Moon is square to Jupiter and we won't like to compromise especially if that involves scaling things down or going on any kind of "diet" be that financial or physical. We'll tend to have a hard time being just plain practical. Wear green today.

The Moon is in Taurus solidly until 1:19 pm and then void of course until 5:46 pm. Because the Moon and Mercury work together, it's a good morning to resolve something that went wrong or didn't pan out during late August or September. Second tries are in the forecast for today, and this time we have a better chance of getting it right. If someone is being unrealistic you might have to set them straight once and for all this morning. Taurus and Aquarius may be out of sorts with each other or with Leo or Scorpio, their opposing signs. Virgo, important opportunities are likely to present themselves and you have to keep an open mind and be willing to travel or learn new things if you are to take full advantage. At 5:46 the Moon moves to Gemini, the signs of writers and sales people. It's a good night to write a paper or entertain clients and mix study with socializing or business with pleasure. Mercury and Saturn meet overnight so plans suddenly come together and we need to really structure and organize around what needs to be accomplished. Wear yellow today.

Virgo/Gemini day! Both signs are ruled by Mercury, and that planet met Saturn at 2:34 am, practically demanding we structure ourselves and organize plans. This is like a big step into sensible, mature world for some people and will hit like a ton of bricks if you've been slacking off. It's time to stop the talk and take some action. Sagittarius, this happens in your career and public life sector so you might feel alot of pressure. Virgo and Virgo rising people this is about your sense of self and what you have to accomplish. Pisces, you and your partner or partners have to make some plans and refigure things and meet challenge head on. Cancer and Gemini, family obligations and events may well be part of this. The Gemini Moon is in harmony with the Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius, so although there is pressure there is also optimism in the air today. We'll tend to be full of ideas and plans. Pick the best to act on. It's a good day to learn something or to have a serious conversation. Wear turquoise today.

The Moon is in Gemini until 9:48 pm. This is a big day to do all kinds of business and also a common day for tests and trainings and conferences to be scheduled. The heavens look kind of hectic too, and travel may be delayed and full of frustrations as we head into Columbus Day weekend in the USA. Gemini is the sign of travel and commutes and plenty of squares and oppositions indicate it will be a challenge to get going, be on time, and get there smoothly. Take your time since on days like this there tends to be too much rushing and a great deal of nervous energy. Tonight, Venus in Virgo is opposite Uranus creating plenty of chaos in love and relationship. Expect lots of news and status changes in the wake of Mercury retrograde and the Full Moon earlier this week. At 9:48 pm the Moon moves to Cancer and Mercury moves to Libra at 11:45 pm. Tonight could be complicated and is very changeable at least. Today's color is black.

The Moon is in Cancer, sign of home and hearth, the kitchen and comfort food. Cook up a storm to cure everyone's ills today. With the Sun and Jupiter aligned in air signs Libra and Aquarius, the weekend is not all about family and making ourselves comfortable. There's also an adventurous and very outgoing streak, and that makes travel and new interests appealing too. Mercury is square to Pluto so conversations may be extra intense. There's a little bit of everything in store today. Find some balance between your comfort zone and the exciting and new. Expect to get defensive reactions if you tread into uncomfortable topics. Wear blue today.

The Moon is in Cancer until after midnight. The Moon and Sun square pushing for progress and for fairness. Divide and share responsibilities to everyone's liking this week. Negotiating home and family matters is in the forecast. If you haven't called or visited Mom in a while (or another family member who expects that), it might be the day to reconnect. The emotional waters are churning too and today has surprises in store, for Taurus, Pisces and Virgo among your friends and lovers and for Gemini this could mean sudden need to take the lead as well as impulse purchases or other unexpected spending. Tonight the Moon and Mars meet putting some of us i vulnerable moods but firing up others for fun and wild times. Cancer, you get a little of both! Aries, be careful not to get involved in family arguements needlessly. Scorpio, something is very likely to put you out of sorts. Today's color is red.

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