Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekly July 6

The Moon is nearly Full in Capricorn, a sign of authority, structure, and ambitions. Today appears to be full of challenge. The Moon meets Pluto and opposes Mercury. We need to be willing to take on serious business. Closing a deal, making a business agreement, bringing opposite forces together to accomplish something of significance, and finding realistic compromises are all recommended. The Full Moon brings closure and deadlines and it's best not to resist that out of fear or lack of confidence. Mars in Taurus is square to Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius and fixed signs (you two plus Leo and Scorpio) may have the most trouble believing and making changes this week, but this Full Moon is meant to bring us back to reality and ground us to follow our most important goals and ambitions. Try not to be lazy or avoid things and work with the Full Moon. Tonight under a Full Moon consider how to be more successful, profitable, and secure in your place in this world. Saturn rules Capricorn, sign of the Full Moon and lunar eclipse we experience Tuesday morning at sunrise, and Saturn is the voice of experience and wisdom. This one could be a deal maker or breaker. Act with serious intention. Listen to wise advice. Cancer, it's a whopper of an eclipse affecting your close partners, marriage and other committed relationships. Capricorn, bring something to conclusion successfully if you put the work in. Taurus, it's time to think big and beyond today and expand your world view. Virgo, as the 3rd earth sign in this forecast, follow Taurus and Capricorn and really make something happen for yourself. This Full Moon is in your "house" of friends, romance and fortune. Wear green today.

The Full Moon and lunar eclipse are exact at 5:21 am. This eclipse impacts Capricorn and Cancer most and will be followed by a solar eclipse on the 21st affecting us in a similar way and hitting the same two signs most directly. Mars is at a sextile to Uranus shortly before the eclipse, exacerbating the shake ups and creating some turmoil. If you desperately need a change, you might love this energy that disturbs the status quo. Because of Mars and Uranus activity, Taurus, Aries and Pisces, and Aquarius might feel rocked just as much as Capricorn and Cancer, the eclipse's targeted signs. A Capricorn eclipse is like an earthquake and can involve tearing down structures to put new ones in place, or it might mean finding structure is needed in places its been lacking. The Moon and eclipse have the energy of Saturn at a trine from Virgo, really pushing for maturity, acting on ambitions, and moving out of destructive or useless patterns. Whatever today brings, take it seriously. It's a great time to create success for ourselves and get wisdom and advice from older or more experienced people who can help us. It's a builder's Full Moon, and that can be a metaphor for any kind of "building". Set cornerstones or finish the project. If today is a conclusion, it's also a time of setting the course for what's next. Leo, consider this Full Moon a time of restructuring your routine and balance of work and free time. How do you want to use your energy productively now? Aquarius, this is an introspective Full Moon and you may be more in the planning stage this month and ready to act in August instead. Libra, this is a good time to resolve things with family, find a new home, and deal with the people you live with in a constructive way Wear white today.

The Moon is void of course, still in Full Moon sign Capricorn from 5:43 to 11:03 am. Th early part of the day is meant for taking action, ending procrastination, and moving on things related to business, home, and productivity in general. Even with the void of course Moon, it's probably better not to wait on things this morning. Get things in writing though and jot down important names, contact info, or big ideas before they slip away. The Moon moves to Aquarius at 11:03 am. Aquarius is the visionary in the zodiac, and after a Full Moon and with the effects of an eclise in action and another in two weeks, this is a day of planning for changes happening now or looming in the near future. Use right and left brain together to make decisions, to create, and to plan. Don't leave out logic! Aquarius is an objective air sign with a scientific mind. In relationships, Venus is working with this Moon, from Gemini, to help us meet and connect with the right people at the right time. Virgo and Taurus you may notice this professionally, while Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, this may take shape as romance. Pisces, home is where your heart is today and you might need some down time after a holiday weekend and Full Moon. Wear turquoise blue today.

The Moon is in Aquarius, a forward thinking sign. At 3:09 am EST the Sun in Cancer aligns with Saturn in Virgo reminding us to stay persistent and goal oriented. The Full Moon and eclipse earlier in the week were very much about structure and discipline, tearing down to rebuild, and acting with intention rather than letting things just happen to us. Find the places you can control and direct and work in a positive way. Working for successes and achieving goals is favored now. If the eclipse brought unforeseen events, see how you can work with them instead of using them as excuses. Put an end to delays today. The Aquarius Moon is about community and friendship. Join a group or make a new friend and find places where you belong. Tonight, be with people you have something strongly in common with. Libra and Aries, it's a social night. Virgo, find something to work on and make technical upgrades. Capricorn, a solid purchase you've been putting off may be worthwhile now. Wear blue today.

The Moon remains in Aquarius until 11:44 pm EST. It's a very Aquarian day as the Moon , Jupiter and Neptune all meet between the 5 am and 3 pm hours! Opening your self to new and different experiences is very appealing on days like this. It's a great time to break out of routines, break bad habits, and follow new paths. Join groups you really belong to, meet new friends, brainstorm, daydream, and think big with the intention of acting on the best ideas today. Aquarius is both fixed and rebellious, which may seem like a contradiction, but changes you make with an Aquarius Moon are likely to be both out of the ordinary and lasting. Think out of the bos and show your originality. The planets are working for artists, inventors, and visionaries. Sagittarius, project an interesing and unique message and broadcast is loudly! Taurus, these planets align for yoru career and the image you project to the world! Consider how you want to be seen, in the most favorable light. Leo, love and relationship are the major focus of Aquarus Moon and planets and today should be a beneficial influence. Cancer, financially and in partnership, legal matters, and joint ventures, Jupiter puts you in favor, but be wary of whom you team up with and trust. Tonight the Moon squares Mars in Taurus and we'll be stubborn about our opinions and resist change, Taurus and Aquarius especially. Today's color is purple.

The Pisces Moon lasts through the weekend and Mars moves to Gemini at 10:56 pm on Saturday. Both signs are mutable, meaning changeable, adaptable, fickle, and yielding. This is a good time to be persuasive, convince someone to make a move, or win someone to your side at least temporarily. Saturday take news and messages seriously and pay attention to details and fine print as Saturn aligns with Mercury. This is especially true in business and family matters. The Moon is square to Venus Saturday, and Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius love lives may be full of mixed messages. Stay flexible and don't get too attached to plans with one person. Sunday's color is light blue.

Sunday the Moon opposes Saturn which can be nagging and dissatisfied. As the day goes on, Mercury and the Sun align with the Moon. Cancer likes this! Cancer visiting family, friends, and making road trips are in favor this weekend. As always when the Moon is in Pisces, know your limits and boundaries or things can get out of hand. Emotional hangovers are common on weekends like this. Saturday's color is green. Sunday's color is light blue.

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