Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly July 13

The Moon moves from Pisces to Aries at 10:40 am EST. Before that the void of course hours begin at 4:03 am and after a Moon/Uranus conjunction we might feel edgy and unsure early in the day. Take it easy and slow. Don't be pushed into a situation or decision if it feels not quite right. After 10:40, the Aries Moon brings a little bit more confidence and an assertive attitude. Things could get confrontational as the Moon squares Pluto and aligns with Mars in Gemini. A flurry of possibilities is in the forecast. It will be hard to choose just one idea or plan. With the Aries Moon we tend to forge a new path, and we're more likely to rebel than to settle down or do what's expected of us today. We need to give each other some independence, and don't be surprised if people are selfish and seem inconsiderate. Tonight the Sun and Mercury meet in protective Cancer and we'll openly defend those we love and care about. It's also a creative and expressive night, good for rehearsing and working on artistic or home related projects. Wear orange today.

The Moon is in Aries, the initiator and pioneer in the zodiac. When forging new territory we often have to leave something behind or act with our own interests first. Feeling left behind or left out will be common today. Aries doesn't wait, so acting, even on impulse, is in the forecast. Cancer, you're likely to make career moves ahead of anything else, and Leo, you'll move on travel plans and things that take you away from the here and now. Capricorn, after last week's eclipse in your sign, plans may be taking shape quickly, especially if you're moving or making family or room mate changes. The Moon and Venus work together in Aries and Gemini for flirtations and interest in new people. The new and exciting is favored over the old familiar today. Wear red.

The Moon is in Aries until 6:30 pm, and will be void of course from 11:07 am until then. It's a good reason to get an early start. Do important business and take action before the Moon is void of course. After that this is a good day for fun and games, relaxing, socializing, and healthy competition but nothing too serious. The Moon works well with planets in Aquarius making friendship and community important. Don't isolate yourself and reach out to friends who seem to be doing that. Aquarius, Gemini and Aries, friends or family may need to rely on you today. Mercury squares off with the Moon this morning so negotiating may not be easy, and Cancer you may need to lead in a rebellious, rambunctious situation. Virgo, work is important this morning and getting routine things done, especially cleaning old things out and clearing your space, is a god idea this afternoon. Tonight, the Moon moves to Taurus and forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn for serious organizing and figuring out practical plans. It's more of a quiet night in or a work night. It might be hard to rally friends for fun. Wear yellow today.

The Moon is in Taurus and Mercury in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Pisces. All of this brings lots of attention to emotional situations and the people we care about most. Surprises will be common today, and signs like Taurus don't always appreciate the unexpected. Moods will tend to shift quickly, and there's a tug between stubborn resistance and unavoidable change. It is a good day for planting and fishing and other outdoor pastimes. Putting energy into home, the kitchen, and things that make us feel safe and comfortable is favored today. Tonight is Mercury's last night in Cancer so try and resolve a home or family situation. The Moon is working with Saturn in Virgo pushing for more structure and organization. Clean your room, balance your bank account, or just generally do something to get your life together. Libra, make a work or career decision. Scorpio, consider where you want to travel and where else you might want to live. A career opportunity is likely very soon for you and will require change of place! Wear blue today.

The Moon is in Taurus until 10:41 pm. This is a day of transition as Mercury moves to Leo at 7:07 pm. When Mercury moves, it's often best to stay put and play it safe. Minds will change and directions shift after the eclipses on the 21st and August 5th, so things decided now may not turn out as planned. We need to be ready for curve balls and have alternate plans until early September as it all shakes out. Today is a busy and mixed day in the zodiac. Doing routine things, working outside, and avoiding long term decisions is best. It's a farmer's day, and a good day to make music or spend time in the kitchen. Family dinner is a great idea. Take it slow and steady. The Moon is void of course from 4:48 pm to 10:41 pm in harmony with Mercury and Uranus for interesting conversations and chance meetings. Wear pink today.

The Moon is in Gemini and it's Mercury's first day in Leo. Mercury is a show off in Leo and its a very expressive, generous time, a time for big parties and events. The Moon and Mars meet today so it's busy, active and full of potential for confrontation. Conversations may be challenging today, but topics are brought up anyway. Mercury in Leo favors long term problem solving through August 2nd. Attend or be part of a performance today. Open up to meeting new people too. Tonight the Sun and Uranus align for spontaneous creativity and lots of emotional energy-we'll feel strongly and act on emotion! Wear gold.

The Moon is in Gemini until just before midnight, and void of course from 6:12 pm on. Social plans are favored, and shopping, buying cars or bikes and making travel arrangements all make sense. Gemini is the sign of brothers, sisters and the places we grew up so making visits to family is in the forecast. The Moon and Saturn are square in Gemini and Virgo and changes may be hard to adapt to. Persuading someone to make a change may also be difficult. It's a good day to go with the flow and be outgoing. Rethinking things is also in the 4cast as we get ready for a New Moon on Tuesday night. The Gemini Moon is good for brainstorming all possibilities and not getting locked into just one. Wear white today.

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