Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly June 29

The Moon is in Libra, sign of partnership and balance. The 2nd quarter Moon is a time to push for progress and a square between Sun and Moon leads us to wrestle with pending decisions. Weigh options and the pros and cons especially where love, friendship and partnership are involved. There's no need to rush things today, but looking at things objectively is a good idea. Cooperation and social plans are in favor, but the biggest problem is indecision where you could choose one thing or another. Double booking yourself might be a problem. Virgo and Pisces, team up with someone who has a money making venture or investment idea you can consider. Aries, fairness at home is important today, and so is your closest relationship-does it need some attention? Gemini, you bring the party tonight. The Libra Moon creates the right feeling for meeting new people and first impressions count tonight. Wear pink today.

The Moon is in Libra in harmony with Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter! Today has some of the same Libra themes as yesterday, like weighing pros and cons and making balanced decisions and treating people fairly. However, the stars align a little more fortunately and with more ease. Finding compromise is in the forecast, but the danger is in being too forgiving or giving too much, Look for balance and equal give and take instead. Neptune puts us in rose colored glasses on days like this. Love at first sight happens! But it's easy to overlook problems and faults you shouldn't really ignore. Capricorn, make a business or home/family related decision objectively. Aquarius there is plenty in your favor today-look outside your usual friends and neighborhood for exciting options and opportunities. It's an education and travel related day for you too. Aries, work on communication-that conversation could be easier today and that sale or marketing plan could fall in place with just a little bit of effort. Leo, follow Aries in those same directions and also act on commitments, partnerships and promises. The Moon is void of course from 5:59 pm on, but it's a lucky night with Jupiter as a big supporting player. Just try not to space on a date you made or lose your wallet in the excitement of a good time. Wear light blue.

The Moon is in Scorpio, and Mercury, the planet of communication and commutes is a major player today. This is probably not going to be an easy day with delays and unexpected events likely. The Scorpio Moon favors follow through, loyalty, and depth with everything. Mercury is plagued by a square to Neptune and lies and deceptions create problems. Later Uranus and Mercury challenge each other schedule wise and bring out craziness and the eccentric. Mercury also flirts with Jupiter tonight though which could save the day if only we don't get too excessive and exaggerate or make things bigger than they are. Mercury and Jupiter are also social in Gemini and Aquarius, so make last minute plans, go out and be spontaneous. Close relationships will be the biggest challenge with Venus square to Jupiter near midnight. Some people will feel moody, hang on to grudges and have trouble forgiving. That may be called for in certain situations and in others not worth it. It's a complicated day, as Scorpio is known for. Go beyond the surface of things and be willing to work hard to be honest and work things out. Protect your privacy too. Taurus, check bank accounts and work commitments and make sure things are in order. Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius and Taurus, truth, secrets and matters of privacy might be a problem for you today. Pay attention to what's going on around you. Wear black today.

The Moon is in Scorpio working with Saturn in Virgo. Take things seriously above all. It's not a day to rush or blow things off. Follow through, responsible attitudes, and willingness to look beyond the surface and get to the heart and details of things are all very important today. Venus and Uranus aligned overnight and relationship status changes are also in the air-this can be for better or worse depending on if surprises are good at this point in time. Venus is in Taurus so Taurus all of this is likely to affect you most. Scorpio, you're likely to expect and maybe demand loyalty and follow through with both lovers and friends. Do not cross a Scorpio today! Virgo, get across a serious message. You won't let things slide too easily either. Tonight with the Moon across from Mars, confrontation is in the forecast. It might be best to face up to things today. Scorpio Moon time can be the beginning of long grudges or other hard feelings. If you decide something tonight expect it to stick. Wear dark red.

The Moon is void from 6:03 to 10:10 am, and those hours are meant for simple routines. Set alarms and do other things that help you remember what you need to know or do. Don't push for answers or information this morning until after 10:10. People will need to ease in and have some quiet time to settle down after an overnight of potentially disturbing squares. Stubbornness is in the air! Wrong side of the bed also possible. The Moon opposes Venus in Scorpio and Taurus at 6:03 am which does not help relationship matters this morning at all.
Mercury moves to Cancer at 3:19 pm putting some extra focus on home related matters for the weeks coming up, and also makes you the planner and problem solver, Cancer. Improve communication and get ready to make announcements. Wear white.

The Moon is in Sagittarius for Independence Day, and Sag is a sign that values freedom and seeks adventures! Under a Sagittarius Moon get out of routine, visit new places, and open your mind to new experiences. The downside is that it will be hard to rely on friends and plans will probably change without warning. Tonight the Moon squares Saturn and reliability continues to be a problem. It's the last night of Venus in Taurus for commitments in love. Today looks challenging for a holiday when we just want to be festive. Today's color is red.

The Moon is in Sagittarius until 10:07 pm. Overnight Venus moves to Gemini, a sign that's more flirtatious and fickle in love. Today is an interesting, fun day for meeting new people and doing new things. It's a social and adventurous day, but the Full Moon warmup is on! It will be hard to pin people down today. The Moon is void of course from 3:17 pm until 10:07 pm. The best things are likely to be spontaneous today and tonight. Wear purple.

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