Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekly June 29

The Moon is in Libra, and Venus, planet of love and of Libra sets the day's priorities. Doing the fair thing is most important with the Moon in the sign of justice and balance. Finding compromise and consensus and dealing with one on one relationships is in the forecast, and it's a good day to work at resolving feelings and conflicts. Venus aligns with the Moon and Jupiter for best outcomes. With all of these planets in air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, use logic and make sure your actions are well thought out, not purely emotional or impulsive. The Libra Moon is in harmony with Mercury helping conversations, meetings, and new introductions. Gemini and Libra, meeting interesting new friends is in the forecast, and Aries you may consider really partnering up with someone, either personally or professionally. Aquarius, look ahead and look outside your usual surroundings for possible interests, travel, or educational pursuits. The Moon is void of course from 10:53 pm on. Wear light blue.

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 6:56 am. Once again, Venus is in action in harmony with Neptune but square to Uranus. Relationships are very changeable today! Venus in Gemini is fickle and flirtatious. Neptune and Venus create an air of romance, and Uranus provides the surprise element. Sudden attractions, changes of relationship status, and idealizing love is in the forecast today. It could be exciting and a little bit dangerous. Between eclipses, pushes in one direction or another, unexpectedly, is more likely than usual, and with a Scorpio Moon, jealousy and affairs are triggered too! Tonight, the Sun and Moon square for a feeling of indecision and two equally strong pulls, affecting Leo and Scorpio, and also Taurus and Aquarius in love and relationships as well as career priorities. The Scorpio Moon is intense and it's a good idea not to take things too lightly. Feel sure of what you're about to do or hold off. Next week's eclipse is set to potentially change everything once again. Give space and privacy as much as possible today. Wear maroon (dark red).

The Scorpio Moon says concentration is the key today. Focus on one thing and get it done or understand it fully. Skimming the surface or faking will probably not work well. Get deeply into a project or conversation. Scorpio can be private and reclusive, but lying will create problems as the Moon and Saturn align. Saturn says face up to whatever it is and deal with things completely as much as possible. With work, dive right in and accomplish things since we have next week's Full Moon deadlines coming up. The Moon in Scorpio and Saturn in Virgo urge focus on health and organization. Structure something to suit you better. Scorpio and Capricorn, collaborate on this for yourself or to help friends. Aquarius, today is about seriously getting things in order for yourself. But we all need to remember that the best laid plans will include plans B and C since rapid change happens in the weeks coming up. Wear black today.

The Moon is void from 6:54 am to 4:10 pm in Scorpio. After some overnight squares and with mercury opposite Jupiter, there's a tendency to get up on the wrong side of the bed and be out of sorts. The day could be moody, but in some situations the pressure will be off compared to yesterday. Stick with simple routines and try not to make major decisions with the void of course Moon. Shopping should probably be postponed too. Mercury opposes Jupiter in Aquarius and Leo, and those signs among others will struggle for best possible outcomes, especially where things need to be talked out and negotiated. Keeping it simple and not being too extravagant looks like the best plan for now. Aries and Libra, get routine things done and work out, eat right and try to feel healthy. Scorpio, take things easy and don't pressure yourself too much today. Taurus, relationships with your most important players will be potentially difficult through the afternoon, and it's not a good day to make promises you won't keep. Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo, friendship and fun are in the forecast as the Moon moves to Sagittarius at 4:10 pm EST. Sagittarius Moon time favors independence and adventure, so don't expect too much in terms of commitment. This can be a fun night if you're free of worries and don't have too many people to please. Wear purple today.

This is a very unpredictable day as Venus changes signs and the Moon cruises Sagittarius. It's better to wait things out in many situations now with a lunar eclipse coming on Tuesday, and the planet of love moving to Cancer tonight at 9:28 pm. Today we have to really watch out for deception and avoid the tendency to be less than honest. Mercury opposes Neptune and the truth is elusive, but Sagittarius Moon insists on the real deal. Venus moves to Cancer tonight at 9:28 pm, and Aquarius and Gemini you should take advantage of the hours before that to make a date or show your interest in someone. Capricorn, the Sagittarius Moon brings up questions and you may reevaluate your philosophies of life today. Cancer, Venus moving into your sign helps you attract what you want and need in the weeks coming up. The Moon opposes Mars tonight stimulating arguments and confrontation. Play it on the safe side tonight. Words may be your worst enemy so choose them carefully. Wear green.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, a sign that like travel and new experiences. Today the Moon works with Jupiter in Aquarius to open our eyes to possibilities and the world beyond. Saturn says take care of any obligations early in the day, then go out and find an adventure. Trying new foods, getting out of usual routines, and exploring is favored. Venus is opposite Pluto in Cancer and Capricorn so some of us will deal with the harsh realities of relationships. Tonight don't expect things to run on time and keep plans flexible. We're likely to have to change expectations tonight. Wear red.

The Moon moves to Capricorn at 4:08 am and meets Pluto early in the day. Moon and Pluto together stir things up and bring the hidden to the surface. Things you were hoping to put off or ignore rear their heads today. Confront problems honestly and tend to the business at hand. Mercury is moving too, to Virgo, where the planet of communication looks at alternatives. We're encouraged to look at the most practical of plans now and act before Mercury retrograde on September 7th. In fact for more than a week prior to that it's a good idea not to take important steps. Tonight is the beginning of a planning and organizational phase, and the eclipse coming on Wednesday will give everything a big push. Have plans B and C ready to roll as situations change now. For example, if you're a Scorpio, the changes you're already expecting around your home and family life will probably turn out different that you've planned! Gemini, financial and legal matters take a turn this week. Aquarius and Leo, you experience this eclipse very personally and big changes that continue a trend from last August and February are in the works. Look for a blog on this here soon. Wear gray on Sunday.

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